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What’s The 3 Day Tuna Diet for Weight Loss: Plan, Recipes, Before and After

What is the tuna diet?

Everyone wants to look great and every single woman deliriously looks for some kind of a compliment on how great she looks. So, they start diet hunting everywhere. Nowadays, weight loss journeys and diet crazes are more than enough to help you pick the right choice for you. While some diets are well-balanced and allow you to eat a large variety of food choices; others are restricted and induce some kind of starvation.  But, who can properly function on an empty stomach and a rumbling tummy. We need to eat. And, we need to eat food that can make us feel full and last for couple of hours on low calorie snacks. One can think about Abs diet food list that are loved by those who wish to look very attractive. But, this kind of diet does complement the weight loss food with a working out routine.  As for fad diet examples, one can think of the detox smoothie diet or the HMR diet plan.

Among those crazy and wild diets comes the tuna diet. This system can be a good one, especially for those who want to keep their muscle mass while losing weight. Reviews and results of this system are a big strength for such a system. When you follow this system, one thing that is for sure is that you will not feel hungry. Whether you are having a tuna salad or a canned tuna sandwich, you are surely full. So, the tuna diet is a system that lets you eat as much as six meals a day and you will have to follow it for a period of three days.

This is a diet that was developed by someone who wants you to stay in shape and lose weight fast. It was formulated by a bodybuilder and coach striving to put you on the right tract. This is a system that allows you to have tuna and expects you to drink a lot of water. You would end up taking in up to two quarts of water every single day! Make sure you are drinking a lot of water to compensate for the high protein intake you are having while consuming a large amount of tuna.

The 3 day tuna diet: guidelines

Now that you know about this re-surfacing diet, you ought to know more about it and how to follow it properly. Here is what you need to know about this system.

  • This diet is a diet to be followed for a short period of time.
  • It will help you lose some water that is stored in your body. So, for those who do have an excess of water or are bothered by water retention; this system could help them out. The way it does is that when you eat carbs, some get stored as glycogen in your body and would trap water along. Think of it as such, every gram of stored carb would store with it 3 grams of water. When you star burning these stores, water will also get released. This will lead to water reduction and hence, will help you lose weight as in pounds lost.
  • This diet is a fad diet that is low in calories. You will end up stocking up on tuna and water.
  • This diet does not allow any changes to it. You will have to abide by its choices and restrictions.
  • This diet is a great system and is healthy. Tuna contains omega-3 that helps boosting your mental functions and fight off obesity.
  • Tuna is a low calorie food. It is purely made of proteins. So, if you are a person who endorses a low carb diet, tuna is your friend. In that case, you might want to try off these three days of dieting.

The tuna diet plan

Here is what a tuna diet plan will look like.

An example:

Breakfast: you can have some coffee with water and even tea. You cannot add any sugar or honey to your drinks. You can also have half a grapefruit. You are allowed to juice it if you want. You can also have one slice of bread with peanut butter

Lunch: is a black coffee or water or tea with half a can of tuna (in water) and one dry toast.

Dinner: is the same allowed drinks with tuna, and dry bread.

When you follow such a diet, you can get creative with your tuna, you can have it in many ways as a salad. Also, such a plan will make your life very simple. No need to cook anything and spend hours preparing your meals. All you need to do is open up a can of tuna and add a few ingredients to it

The tuna diet recipes

Now that you know about the tuna diet, here are some recipes that you can use for your diet.

  • The Tuna Patty: for those of you who like to have some kinds of fancy meals, having a tuna patty is your answer. This tasty meal will take about 15 minutes to get ready and will only have about 180 calories in it. You will need two cans of tuna, a third of a celery stalk, half a cup of red pepper, a third a cup of breadcrumbs, some chives, one small spoon of dill, one big spoon of parsley, two small spoons of Dijon mustard, two eggs, one small spoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper.
  • The tuna salad: this is a great simple recipe that takes just a few minutes to prepare. You will need one can of tuna in water, a third of a cup of cranberries, half an apple, two big spoons of mayonnaise, one onion chopped, some salt, and lemon juice for dressing.
  • Quinoa and tuna casserole: this is a good meal that can bring a lot on content. You will need a can of tuna in water, two third of a cup of Greek yogurt, a third of a cup of chicken broth, one small poon of garlic paste, five big spoons of oregano, one cup of quinoa, and some chopped broccoli. You can also add some bread crumbs and shredded low fat cheese on top of the salad.

For those who have some cardiovascular diseases, tuna is a great option for you. You can also check the type 2 diabetes diet. There are several tuna recipes that one can resort to in order o complete his or her diet.

The tuna diet before and after

This diet is not meant to be followed for a long period of time. This is surely not a 2 weeks diet. You should think of this regimen as a short term solution for some extra pounds. This system will let you shake off some pounds; but, it will not help you lose your unwanted fat. In that case, you may want to start considering a good solid diet that can be followed on the long run and that would adjust your body composition.

When you follow this system, you have to make sure to drink the needed water. This diet does provide you with a good amount of proteins and a lot of water; however, it is very low in fibers. As a result, you might face some kind of constipation and digestive bothersome. While healthy diets could restrict a certain food, it does provide you with enough fiber that is a facilitator to your normal stool movement. The good thing is that this system is not long like the case of the 30 day diet.

So, as a result, this tuna diet is a good system that can satisfy you when you get on the scale as you might drop a couple of pounds over three days. So, if you have a special occasion and need to drop these few pounds and do not care about your fat content; this diet is your answer. It is a short term management system that can help. However, it is preferred to be followed by a healthy diet that can help put you back in shape.  One can think of the two week diet plan or even the fruits and vegetables diet for weight loss.