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What is The Warrior Diet: Diet Book, Plan, Reviews and Results

A lot of nowadays diets are trying to follow the three-meals-a-day system for weight loss that is “correct” for today’s society. Well, it isn’t the way we, Human, were supposed to eat since the old ages; and certain diets, we’re going to see how our ancestors used to eat. Such a diet will explain why this system can be good for you, and why it would help make you lose weight.

There are a lot of meal plans, some healthy and some not, that can help us lose weight and achieve wellness. We have, for example, the Raspberry ketone diet that is based on weight loss pills. These are not derived from a fully natural source; but rather, a lab formulated version of the ketone found in raspberries. Many people have tried it, and some lost a considerable amount of weight on it. From another angle, we have the Zone diet meal plan that is more structured and well reviewed by numerous people who tried it. While some like to follow a doctor-oriented weight loss system, others prefer to follow in the footsteps of a celebrity. Let us take for example the Queen Latifa weight loss diet or even the Alexis Ren diet. Both are great ways to lose weight the healthy way. Celebrities are always lucky in their wellness and weight loss path as they do have enough resources to cover their whole needs to achieve their end goal.

Aside from celebrities, there are those diet systems that somehow cleanse and detoxify your system. Let us take for example the clear liquid diet. This method is generally embraced by people who undergo bariatric surgeries; but, for some, they feel that it does help them have a flat belly area.

For those who have some health issues, picking the right diet can be tricky. For example, we have the Seven-day diet to lower triglycerides. The most important feature to look for in a given diet is how well you can adapt to it and what nutrients it is providing to your body. With all the fad diets out there, t can be a little bit tough to pick out the right ways; however, you should read a lot of reviews and ratings on the web from people who actually tried these methods.

So let’s see why the warrior diet is good, and you should do it.

What is the warrior diet?

The warrior diet was created by Ori Hofmekler, in 2001, to help people from the infinite gain & loss of weight. Because a lot of menus work like this today, during the long and hard restricted diet, you lose weight, and once it’s done, you come back to your habits, and all the pressure is again. Well, the warrior diet is nothing like that. Ori based his plan on the way people used to live before the modern time, which led to undereating during the day, and overeating at night. Ori preferred to base his diet on what he studied and on his observation rather than on science. So let’s see how it works. The warrior diet is meant to make you follow your instinct during the menu. You should not be restricted by any food or how many calories and macronutrients you can eat, but instead, you should start to eat like ancient warriors. These warriors used to eat little during the day and ate the food they gathered from the hunt at night. So it’s principally based on one meal a day. If you manage to adapt to the diet as Ori Hofmekler says it, you should be able to burn your fat because it will become your fuel. It’s also said that you’ll feel in better shape, and you will have more energy, and you will lose weight without having to count the calories.

As said earlier, this diet is different from the three meals a day diets we’re used to seeing. The warrior diet is considered as a primal diet because it works like we, as animals, should eat. This principle is also called “intermittent fasting” and works with one meal at night. But unlike the IF (intermittent fasting), the warrior diet is more flexible, and not focused on the timing. It’s more about staying in an underfed state during the day because it will lead to glycogen depletion and fulfill it at night.

We often hear a lot that skipping breakfast and eating a lot at night is bad for your body and your health, but this is just a common belief because it only works if you ate during the day.

The warrior diet doesn’t work like other diets where you have to watch what you eat, but you should follow your hunger, and eat until you feel satiated. It doesn’t matter what you eat, and how much of it you eat, but it just has to be enough to keep you fulfilled.

The warrior diet book: details and price

The warrior diet book can be found on websites like Amazon to 11.80$ in E-book and 16.79$ in the paper. And it gathers a lot of really great information about solutions against obesity with this diet, but also how he managed to found why and how this diet would work. You will learn a lot about the way people used to live, and why it is good to live like them too. There is also a lot of interesting training programs that go with the plans and the lines to follow while doing the diet. And some advice to reduce and stop the fatigue.

There are some chapters about the meals and the recipes too.

 The warrior diet plan: guidelines

The best ways to follow this diet is to start slowly with doing two meals a day, and then going to 1 but still making sure that you eat some fruits or snacks during the day. And even after you’re into the warrior diet, if you feel like you’re going to pass out, don’t be afraid of eating and drinking. The diet doesn’t want you to feel bad, but in the opposite, it wants you to get used to this way of living.

So to follow this diet and make sure that you’re doing it effectively, you’ll have to avoid all the refined processed foods, it’s really not good for the diet, and it’s not healthy for your body and by doing that, you will have to find natural, chemical free and organic food, because this is what’s best for the diet.

The warrior diet is special in its way because if you do it, you will also have to stop the consumption of food that is wrapped or contained in plastic. Alcohol beverages will also have to be reduced as it compromises the liver ability to get rid of the toxins. And always make sure to eat the carbohydrates in last during the evening meal because it will help stabilize the level of insulin in your blood.

Another very important advice to succeed and make this diet efficient is to make a cycle between high-fat meals and high-carbohydrates meals from a day to another to maximize your weight loss and making it more efficient to burn fat during exercises.

As said earlier, while doing the diet, during the undereating day, it’s important and authorized to eat fruits and vegetables, because it contains a lot of fibers and this is healthy for your metabolism.

And when doing the overeating, which you can have at any time, it just has to be in the evening, don’t limit yourself over the number of calories or servings, but just follow your wanting, and eat as much as you can, until your body is satiated.

It is also crucial to eat proteins and try to eat carbohydrates only one day out of two.

And if you want to have a small breakfast before starting the day, you can have some low calories food like yogurt, eggs or fruits.

Coming back to the day, it is very important as you faster, to drink a lot. The creator of the warrior diet said that it’s important to drink at least 8 cups of water. You can even add some lemon or cinnamon to add a little taste to it, but it’s important to drink during the exercise. And talking about the exercise, this diet isn’t called the warrior diet for nothing, the goal of this diet is to make you lose weight and gain muscles.

You will see that during this diet, you will sometimes feel hungry, maybe too much, and even if you can eat some fruits and veggies, you will have to try to fight hunger to get used to the fact that you don’t want to eat during the day. We’re used to eating whenever we want, but trying to fight the hunger will make your body used to wait for the meal, and keeping it without food for several hours will make it even more hungry at night when you will need to eat truly.

One of the most important thing in this diet is exercise. Because while you faster, you need to spend a lot of energy. The best thing to do is to do some cardio, yoga or hard work out.

The warrior diet review: pros and cons

Let’s start with the pros :

  • This diet is based on only one rule to follow, no limits in portions, macros or food choice.
  • If you get used to it and adapt well, you’ll feel like you have more energy.
  • You get to eat really big meals every nights, and you’ll feel satiated even if you won’t eat during the next day.
  • This is very effective for fat loss.

Now let’s see the cons :

  • It’s not very optimized for macronutrients
  • It doesn’t allows you to eat at lunch, but it can be seen as a pros too since it often gives you more energy.
  • You may have some troubles to get used to it at the beginning. Whether you are a woman or a man, it will take some time to get into the system of this audiobook-based diet.

The warrior diet results: does it work?

To answer your question : does it work? You will get one simple answer, yes. This kind of one meal diet and the others too are already known to work well when you want to lose weight, and even more in the case, you want to gain muscles. But even more, it is known to change your lifestyle and often, once you like to eat this way, you don’t want to come back to the traditional eating. A lot of people fighting obesity or diabetes have found a real solution in this diet. There’s also a proof that dieting like this slows down the aging. It has been proven with animals, and the same result can be found on us.