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What is the Tom Brady Diet Plan: Plant Based Nutrition and Workout

What is tom Brady’s diet?

Tom Brady is an American football player who plays as the quarterback for the Patriots in New England. He is the only one player who won five Super Bowls playing for the same team. Born in 1977 in California, this young super star is 6 ft 4 in and weighs 225 lbs. He began his career by being in college football at the University of Michigan. That’s when Brady got noticed and drafted by the NFL in 2000. He is considered one of the best players of all time. He has won several awards and proved himself to be an excellent player for his team.

This young man was raised Catholic in a home with three sisters. His dad was Irish and his mother was a mix between German, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish. In 2009, he got married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Together, they have two kids: a son and a daughter.

Tom Brady has been involved in what is called a baseless diet book. This celebrity endorses a personal way of living a slim lifestyle by exposing his routine: diet and workout. His system is called the TB12 Method and is in a form of a diet book. The book explains the best twelve ways to have the most perfected performance. The book was developed with the help of a body coach who happens to be the business partner of the quarterback. While reading, you will examine the different ways to keep yourself in perfect shape and that includes a special diet, some massages, and working out. The concept is not very scientific and many health experts have been attacking the TB12; but, for our 45 year old celebrity, this is his secret to a youthful body. The book also endorses some special bars called the TB12 bars along with some dietary supplements.

According to Tom, no matter how much you exercise, if you are not eating the right kinds of food, you will not have the proper body image. Brady endorses alkalizing and anti-inflammatory types of food. You can also check the wheat belly diet reviews.

Tom Brady diet plan

Tom and his wife Gisele have been making the headlines about their healthy lifestyles. Their secret to staying in good shape is that they eat 80% of their food based on fresh organic vegetables. They tend to lean towards whole grains such as millet, beans and quinoa. These three options have been featured among the healthiest food options for a while now. Their remaining 20% consists of lean meat cuts like steak, wild salmon and duck. Sometimes, they go for chicken. However, their steak has to be originating from grass-fed organic animals.

If you are a health and wellness lover, you might want to check more about the macrobiotic diet menu.

Tom Brady plant based diet food choices

The Tom Brady diet has surely several positives in terms of wellness and keeping his shape together. An example of what this superstar and his gorgeous wife eat is some quinoa with cooked kale topped with toasted almonds and garlic. They use coconut oil also as part of their healthy dietary routine. Despite the fact that their diet seems to be very healthy, there are several food items that they do not include in their daily meals. These are on his diet no-no list:

  • GMO: anything that is genetically modified is to be excluded from the kitchen of this famous couple. So, to have the body of this celebrity quarterback, you have to stay clear from GMOs. It is true that there is a big debate over the safety of these foods, and most scientists explain about the safety of such food, but this couple has a veto on them.
  • Salt: Tom and Gisele do not use the typical iodized salt; instead, they add Himalayan pink salt. This colored salt does lack a very important nutrient and health experts have been debating whether it is a healthy alternative of the regular salt or not.
  • White sugar: our celebrity couple was staying as far possible from white sugar. For them, it is an evil element that should be excluded from any diet. There are many stated side effects of white sugar. Many exclude it from their weight loss regimen to induce a more reliable drop in pounds. If you are looking to lose weight and want to check another celebrity, you can take a look at the Blake Shelton weight loss diet. While some indulge in cakes and doughnuts, Brady and Gisele prefer to go more for fruits and vegetables. What is striking is that they are adopting this healthy system with their kids too.
  • White flour: this is one other evil in the dietary system of Tom who prefers to substitute the regular white flour with its healthier version: whole wheat flour. Feel free to take a look at the slow carb diet recipes. These can be similar to what this couple consumes on a daily basis.
  • Olive oil: Tom uses olive oil only in its raw uncooked version. So, you can have it as a dressing or as a dip. But, when you need to cook with oil, tom replaces olive oil with coconut oil. Both oils are great flavor enhancers and a positive element in anyone’s diet. Take a look at the food lovers’ diet recipes.
  • Peppers, mushrooms and eggplants are three veggies that are seldom used in the Brady home. The couple believes in the power of anti-inflammatory food options. So, since the above mentioned three do not have the power to fight infection, they are not very welcome in the celebrity home. On the other hand, they use tart cherries that have potent powers.
  • Caffeine: Tom does not wake up in the morning to his cup of java. Many of us have got used to taking in a lot of caffeine within a day; otherwise, we do not function properly. Well, for this superstar and his model wife, caffeine is not their solution to having a lot of energy.
  • Dairy food: many celebrities and individuals adopt a low fat type of dairy in their weight loss regimen. There are a lot of controversies about whether dairy food is the right choice for a sliming diet or not. For Tom, it is not to be added to one’s diet and weight loss regimen.
  • Fruits: while Brady may drink a smoothie that could contain a banana or some berries, during most days, this superstar stays away from fruits. If you do want to lose weight fast while boycotting fruits, you can check the 1200 calorie diabetic diet. It can be tough to stay away from fruits in general, especially since fruits contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Many of these vitamins cannot be obtained from other sources. So, this couple and their kids could be missing on many micronutrients. If one wants to take away fruits from his diet, they will probably have to supplement their weight loss system with some multivitamins pills. Despite taking some pills, one should keep in mind that a lot of nutrients are better absorbed by the body when ingested as food.

There are several diets and weight loss regimens embraced by health professionals. Some swear by the apple cider vinegar diet while others prefer to go high protein and low carbs. Some might even go for an extreme weight loss diet plan. Whatever you pick, you need to keep in mind that for you to lose weight the proper way, you need to make it happen gradually. Do not lose weight fast while minimizing the amount of food you eat. Take a look at the Kelly Osbourne diet plan. This singer amazed her fans and the world with her amazing transformation.

Tom Brady workout

For a 45-year-old quarterback to look his best and play his very best, this man has worked out some magic. Despite the fact that he drinks a great deal water, like 25 cups of water per day, this man has the perfect workout for you. Brady focuses more on flexibility than on strength. Tom has invented what is called pliability. This is how a person should exercise while keeping the muscles strong and active. The goal is to keep your muscles flexible. This is what is called the prehab, which is when you work out in such a way to prevent injuries from occurring. Football players do rely on this type of workout. They do not resort to weight lifting, but rather focus on mobility.

Tom does not like to have weights; instead he uses elastic resistance bands. He also uses a lot of vibrating equipment like foam rollers and even massage balls. Following every workout, he tries to keep his muscle long and soft by doing a specific kind of massage. While some go to massage therapists and sports medicine specialists, Tom gives you a way to massage yourself before and after a workout with his branded foam roller. This small piece of equipment costs $200 and will give you the same result as if you went to a specialist. If you want to analyze the Brady method for working out, you will realize that it makes sense to do this same type of workout while keeping your joints intact and safe from any kind of injury.

Several celebrities have been struggling with weight and having the perfect shape. Some went on a very low calorie diet; while others picked a healthier approach to losing weight. They adopted a wellness kind of diet accompanied by the perfectly crafted workout regimen. Such workouts can range from yoga to bodybuilding. It is true that when you are a celebrity, you can afford to hire top notch professionals like nutritionists and personal coaches to guide you to the right way of being healthy and slim. But, sometimes, you just need to do some digging and compare the many weight loss regimens that exist. You may also want to check the reviews as well as benefits and negatives of each system.