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What is The Snake Diet and is it Healthy? Recipes and Ingredients

With the eagerness to look our best, every one of us has tried some kind of a diet system at some point of his life. Some wanted to go for a burn fat diet and perfect their shape and looks; while others wanted to take it easy and decided on a Forskolin diet plan. No matter what plan you would have picked, it was probably for a short period of time and you probably do not follow it anymore.

Many weight loss systems are health and rest on the fact of eating a well-balanced system that would make you feel healthier and better. But, many diets have some kind of a crazy touch to them. Some might be detox systems like the watermelon diet plan; while others might be somehow shocking.

No matter how crazy the past diets were, they could not measure with what is called the snake diet. What? This is an extreme one, I must say! Forget about the Yes You Can diet plan or any other diet craze and let us explore this snake regimen.

What is the snake diet?

The snake diet relies on letting you like a snake. This system is supposed to be one of those fast diets that will help you lose weight very fast. As interesting as it may sound, this diet is a new diet that was developed by a trainer called Cole Robinson. You can watch some snake diet youtube videos to know about it; but, here are its basics.

  • The developer of the diet had enough of all the crazy diets that have been passed on without anyone understanding how the body really works. So, he decided to explain to people how the body’s metabolic rate really works. As a result, he ended up developing a whole diet that operates the way snakes do.
  • You get to eat one huge meal and then live off of it for a while.
  • The diet uses three approaches. During the first phase of the plan, you get to fast for two days. All you should be having is apple cider vinegar and some essential minerals that he calls “snake juice”. This so-called juice will help your body get rid of any toxin. The second phase will be made of fasting periods that are flexible. So, you will be fasting for a while; then, stopping it for a while. Finally, the last phase of the menu is the maintenance and you will end up learning to listen to your body. Just like snakes, when you are hungry, you get to eat. So, if you are not hungry, there will be no need to have any kind of food.

Is the snake diet healthy?

Now that you learned about the snake diet guidelines, do you think you might be considering it as a weight loss system? Well, before deciding on it, you should learn its risks. So, to answer the question on whether the diet is safe, the answer is a definite no. There are several side effects to this weight loss system.

When deciding on a diet, you cannot simply rely on the before and after pictures or reading reviews of people who tried it. You have to dig deeper and get your answers. Losing weight can surely sound interesting; but, you should not do it on the depend of your health.

This is not a simple tasty diet like the what is the ice cream diet, it is a system that could have some dangers to your health and wellbeing.

Professionals all agree on the fact that this diet is not a to-do system. It is true that you do get to lose weight. Anyone who stops eating can lose weight; but, staying with no food for two days can have negative side effects and will trigger extreme hunger. People who might have a health issue will definitely mess up their health and body by fasting for that long. Also, there is no clear evidence that such a diet is healthy and will help you put together the way you look and feel.

If you eat a big meal and then fast for two days, you will surely lose weight. There is no questioning this result; however, how substantial is this meal that will be able to provide your body with enough nutrients to last two days. We are not snakes; neither are we gorillas. We are human beings and our body has needs that are different from any other species. So, when you pick a diet; make sure that you are deciding on a system that will keep your body healthy and functioning properly.

From another angle, as soon as you stop this diet, you will start losing the weight you lost very fast. You might even gain more weight that what you had when you first started the diet.

Professionals warn people to never consider this diet. There are many diets that do work and can help you lose weight. For example, there is the what is seventh day adventist diet or even the Raspberry ketone diet. Some might even decide to follow a detox diet or a Mediterranean diet. Everyone knows the health benefits of following the Mediterranean diet. This system relies on eating a lot of fruits and veggies. It also encourages the consumption of olive oil and red wine. It is rich in fibers and antioxidants. Thus system is endorsed by health professionals who believe in its health benefits, especially to manage and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

What is snake diet recipe

When you pick the snake diet, you have to know some of the protocols of this system.

  • You have to begin with a 48 hour fast.
  • You can do this 48-hours fast once a week if you wish.
  • You will then do the remaining 5 days as an intermittent fasting with a feeding period of one to two hours.
  • You have to keep drinking the snake juice to replenish your electrolytes
  • The diet believes in the need to dry fast to speed up any healing and promote fast weight loss. Dry fasting is when you do not drink or eat anything.
  • You can watch the numerous videos of Cole on YOUTUBE to learn more about the system.

The snake diet is surely a very new way to lose weight. While some might prefer a conventional working out and dieting method, some like to experience and experiment extreme new methods. Always check with your doctor if the adopted diet is the right path for you. Keep in mind that your body needs to take in necessary nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of the organs. Our system needs to have carbs, proteins and good fat sources. So, we need to eat a well-balanced diet.

The snake juice diet ingredients

Not that it is advised to follow this diet; but, one might wonder what the ingredients of the snake juice diet are. Here is what you need to have: good water, sodium, pink salt, potassium, lemon juice, no salt and Apple Cider Vinegar. The taste is terrible. This juice is expected to provide your body with the needed electrolytes. Many people have tried this system and felt bad after a few days. They do claim; however, that once on the fasting mode, they do feel better when they drink the snake juice. For those who might have developed a headache, this juice would make it disappear.

It is strange how people, sometimes, resort to strange ways to look good. While weight could be a problem for your morale, emotion and health; one has to always find a good method to get back on the right tract. Deciding on a risky method of dieting is not the answer people should seek