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What is The Revenge Diet for Weight Loss: Plan, Reviews and Results

What is the revenge diet?

Everyone has been hearing about the crazy fad diets that have been circulating all over the world. From the sugar detox diet to the grapefruit juice diet, we are reading their reviews. While some diets have been well-balanced and provide some kind of enlightment for the health of the follower; others can be as shocking as the snake diet or the gorilla diet. Well, there is one kind of diet that has been on the rise lately and that is the revenge diet.

The revenge weight loss menu has been developed by a woman called Sarah Clancy who is a mother that was dumped by her boyfriend. Soon after her break-up, Sarah discovered that her ex was happily going out with a woman who is thin and looking amazing. He did replace her with an attractive model. Sarah was very upset by how he easily got over her and decided to change the way she looked. Sarah was a mother who did not care about the way she looked. Between the weight she reached due to her pregnancy and the pounds she gained due to stress after being dumped, she was not looking her best.

So, Sarah decided to change her appearance and lose weight. After dropping from size 16 to size 6, this woman owes it all to her ex. She wanted to make him feel sorry for dumping her. Sarah was not the first woman to lose weight for the purpose of revenge. There is Mama June, and even gorgeous Khloe Kardashian. Well, it seems that being dumped is the new weight loss trend nowadays. According to reviews, the revenge diet has yielded amazing results!

Health professionals warn about the revenge diet and explain that losing weight by minimizing your food intake and over-working out is not your best ticket to a healthy body. They explain that picking a diet, when you are angry and hurt, is not your best move. They actually warn people to never make any decision when feeling down. The best method is to have a balanced diet menu.

What is the revenge diet plan?

While people might decide to lose weight to look after their health like for the menopause diet plan or even the high blood pressure diet, some pick a different battle that is to avenge someone who made them feel bad.

When it came to Khloe Kardashian’s revenge diet, she picked a seven meal a day diet. The benefit of being rich comes with being able to hire a famous professional. This is exactly what Khloe did. She hired a nutritionist who explained to her about how her food intake makes up more than 80% of her weight loss journey. So, this is what Khloe did on her revenge diet.

  • First Meal: her breakfast consisted of a shake made from a whey protein powder, a spoon of almond butter and a fruit. All she needed to do is add the all together in a blender and mix it into a great shake. This meal was filling and made her forget about munching.
  • Second Meal: throughout the day, Khloe would eat a fruit of her choice.
  • Third Meal: this would be like a lunch and consists of a lean protein like the chicken. She was having a small chicken breast grilled with grilled veggies and a side salad. She was making sure to make her salad high in iron. So, spinach and kale were her verde leaves.
  • Fourth Meal: she would eat some celery or even tomatoes. Almonds were also taken. She was having up to twelves of them.
  • Fifth Meal: her fifth meal was also a kind of fruits accompanied with a protein like an egg.
  • Meal six: this was the dinner for Khloe who loves fatty fish like salmon or cod fish. She loves to have her fish with a side of grilled veggies and a side salad.
  • Meal seven: this is her last snack and is normally a piece of fruit.

Despite the strict structure of this diet, Khloe was allowing herself one cheat meal every seven days of dieting. In that cheat meal, she can have anything she was craving. When people decide to lose weight, they need to make sure that they find a weight loss journey that they can continue with. Nobody wants a yo-yo effect. Nobody wants to gain the weight he or she lost after stopping dieting. So, in order to have a successful diet, you need to pick a plan that fits in your lifestyle and one that is healthy enough. If you are healthy, you do not need a very specialized diet like the clear liquid diet for diverticulitis; you just need a healthy one that allows you to eat most food that present your body with the needed nutrients.

The revenge diet weight loss

While losing weight is a good step for our health, in certain instances it is triggered by anger and revenge feelings. Khloe Kardashian’s revenge diet shows features many trainers that have helped people get in shape after a break-up. The truth is that every trainer has his or her method to achieve the final goal. Some believe in the power of food; so, their emphasis would be on the diet and food list. In that case, you will have to look for good recipes. Other trainers believe in the power of over-working out to sweat out all that extra weight. So, a heavy workout plan would be in the horizon. Some believe in the power of machines in the gym while others like a nice workout in the outdoors. The most important factor is to keep going. You need to stay encouraged and keep your motivation at its maximum.

If you are not in the revenge mode and want to cleanse your body, you can look for a detox system. There are many diets that help your body get rid of accumulated toxins that could damage it. There is the watermelon detox diet or even the apple cider vinegar diet. Whatever you pick, it would be a better option than undergoing weight loss surgeries or even taking weight loss medicines that could cause more harm than benefits. Know your preferences and your body’s abilities and decide on what is your weight loss method.

The khloe kardashian revenge body diet and workout

Along with Khloe’s weight loss revenge diet comes a workout routine to top her new transformation. This woman was working out intensively and here is what she was focusing on:

  • Jumping jacks: she was doing up to 25 jacks.
  • Deadlifts: Khloe was doing up to 12
  • Split jacks: you may want to try to do 26.
  • Bent over raises: you can do up to 20.
  • Jogging while in place: do this for 60 seconds
  • Lateral walking
  • Close grips push ups
  • Regular grip push ups
  • Biceps curl
  • Supermans
  • Split squats

You might think that such a workout regimen can be too much for you; but, in reality, it does not take a lot of time and you can accommodate it into your lifestyle. Also, you would not need any kind of machinery or a membership in a gym. Anyone who is dedicated to lose weight can do this kind of workout at home. You just need some dedication and you are all set. Deadlifts are normally anyone’s ticket to a good shape and a perfect weight loss. Some even advise the addition of cardio workouts to maximize weight loss and calorie burning. If you think that working out is not your strength, you can check the shibboleth diet phase 1.