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What is The Omni Diet: Plan, Food List, Recipes, Phases and Reviews

What is the Omni diet?

Among the many diets out there, there is one system that relies on a 70 to 30 plants to proteins ratio. This is the Omni diet system. According to the reviews, this system will help you lose up to twelve pounds in as little as two weeks. This is what Tama Amen claimed. What you are expected to eat when following this diet are plants and lean proteins. So, it is a perfect combination of a plant based diet and a high protein one. So, your body will be very healthy due to the plants you are eating, and you will feel full for a long period of time due to the proteins you are eating. Also, your blood sugar levels will be stabilized. This is an amazing dietary system that is found to yield amazing health benefits. People are feeling more energetic and happier in their skin.

The diet is spread over three phases. And just like some diets, one has to expect the first phase to be the toughest one with the most restrictions. This is not a lectin free diet. It is rather a gradual system that will help you lose a lot of weight and in a short period of time. The before and after results clearly show the great weight loss.

Amen also encourages everyone following her system to take some supplements and a multivitamin. You may want to take some omega-3, vitamin D and even magnesium. When you follow this system, you need to keep in mind that alcohol is not permitted in stages one and two. But, past the second stage, you can have about two glasses of wine per week. Stay away from any beverage that contains gluten. You can also check the anti inflammatory diet weekly menu.

In general the diet is a big change in a person’s life, especially if you are used to eating out. You will also need to give it your time for food planning and preparation.

The guidelines of the Omni diet plan

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you can still fix the guidelines of the Omni diet to fit your beliefs. Unlike the Macro diet recipes, Omni has to stay gluten-free and does focus on lean meats. Here are the rules of this Omni diet:

  • Say no to dairy and only eat organic food that is not treated with hormones.
  • Eat seafood; but, make sure it is not farm-raised or with added hormones and antibiotics.
  • Alcohol is to be restricted
  • You are not allowed to have vegetable oils that are high in omega-3
  • Stay away from any processed food
  • Stay away from refined sugar
  • Your protein serving is as big as your palm. Your meat should be hormone free. It is preferable to get your meat from animals that were raised the traditional way.

Here is what a day looks like when following this diet.

Breakfast: lots of veggies, a fruit and some green tea.

Snack: a green smoothie/shake.

Lunch: a big bowl of salad with an organic egg boiled and one fruit.

Snack: a portion of raw nuts

Dinner: a grilled steak (organic) with a side of grilled potato and some steamed broccoli. You can use garlic, thyme and pepper to season your steak.

While following this system can still be healthy, you need to make sure that you are in perfect health before deciding on any weight loss program.

The food list of the Omni diet

Now that you understand the basics of this fat loss diet, you can take a look at the food that you are supposed to eat and those that should be banned. This way, you will be able to put together the perfect grocery list. The good side of it is that you will not need Belviq diet pill.

The foods you are allowed to have are the following:

  • Fresh veggies. All veggies that are fresh are allowed in this diet. This is, of course, with the exception of white potatoes.
  • A decent amount of fruits. Berries are endorsed in this diet.
  • Lean meats and poultry.
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds that are not processed.
  • Almonds and macadamia.
  • Grape seeds and olive oil.
  • Beans and lentils
  • Herbs and spices
  • Super food like pomegranate and gogi berries.

The foods that you are not supposed to have are the following:

  • Dairy products
  • Grains but not quinoa
  • Sugar and carbs
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Artificial sweeteners

Some recipes for the Omni diet

Now that you are ready to plan your grocery list and start on your new weight loss diet, here are a few recipes that could benefit you.

  • Chicken and zucchini: this is a great recipe that will yield two servings. You will need half a cup of cashews, eight ounces of chicken breast (make sure they are organic and grass-fed), six cups of sliced zucchini, one small spoon of the macadamia nut oil, one quarter of a cup of onions, one big spoon of garlic, some lemon zest and parsley for decoration. You can season with salt and pepper depending on what your preferences are. This recipe will provide you with about 430 calories in every serving. It is not low in fat as it contains 19g of fat. As for the sugar content, every serving will provide you with only 12g of sugar and 32g of carbs. The recipe is not too complicated.
  • Almond-cauliflower crust Pizza: This is one amazing recipe that will yield up to four servings. It is easy to prepare and you will need to prepare the crust alone and then top it with your food. For the crust, you will need half a head of cauliflower, one cup of almond flour, three medium eggs, and a little bit of salt. Then, you can top your crust with half a pound of organic lean meat, some oregano, one small spoon of fennel, a small spoon of garlic powder, a little bit of red pepper flakes, some salt and pepper and half a cup of tomato sauce. You will also need some diced zucchini, sliced red onions, bell pepper and four ounces of almond ricotta. Every serving of this pizza will provide you with 300 calories, 20g of fat and 26g of proteins. It is low in both sugars and carbs: 3g of sugar and 9.5g of carbs.
  • Chia pudding: this is one simple snack or breakfast option that is very simple to prepare. All you need are a small spoon of chia, a big spoon of flaxseeds, one scoop of chocolate protein powder that is sugar free, and a cup of almond milk. You can top your amazing pudding with berries and banana. One serving will provide you with 170 calories, 7 g of fat and 15 g of proteins. It also has 17 g of carbs and 5 g of sugar.

Omni diet phases

The Omni diet, unlike the Dr. Sebi diet recipes, will divide your regimen into three phases. The first phase lasts for 21 days, as mentioned above; the second phase will ramp up your efforts for the first phase, and the third phase is more or less a more flexible phase; and then comes phase four that is your maintenance. By the last phase, you will have a more flexible diet and you will feel more at ease to carry on with your goal. While on this diet, you will forget about any weight loss pills or invasive surgeries. So, it does not endorse the Adipex diet pills or any other.

Some reviews of the Omni diet

According to several reviews, following the Omni diet will help you lose weight. And even if you follow it for a long period of time, you will be able to keep your weight loss maintained. You are expected to lose the weight quickly as you are eating a mediocre amount of calories and whatever you are eating, you are burning off through working out. You will also lose weight quickly. What is claimed is that you will lose up to 12 pounds in as little as two weeks. Many people have reached this goal while others haven’t. But, you should not get discouraged because it will happen. The system is somehow restricted and will let you lose weight.  After all, this is not the typical Japanese diet.

Similar to the Bone Broth diet reviews, the Omni system has been well reviewed over the passing years. One of the features of this diet is going gluten-free. This is not its main reason why you will lose weight. But, it will do you some good to stop eating pasta and bread. Just make sure you do not replace these two with gluten-free versions. Make sure you are following the allowed ingredients to optimize your nutrition.

When you follow this diet, it is not like when you follow the lemonade diet results. Its guidelines are far different and it can be considered more of a healthy way of eating. Also, when following the lemonade diet, you might encounter some side effects.