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What is The Hollywood 48 Hour Diet: Plan, Recipes and Reviews

What is the Hollywood diet?

Oh the things people are ready to do in order to lose weight. While some adopt a healthy well-balanced diet like the vegetarian diet plan or even the Ketosis diet recipes; others go far beyond imagination and look for exotic ways to shake off their extra weight. There are some strange ways to losing weight like the cookie diet. There are even stranger ones like the snake diet and even the gorilla diet.

Among those different diets comes the Hollywood 48 hour diet. This weight loss diet relies mostly on one ingredient: one specific juice. The diet is based on the idea of discontinuing food for a period of two days. You are only allowed to have one kind of juice. You are also allowed to drink water; but, forget about caffeine, alcohol and even food. If you some; then, it is about time for you to stop smoking because it is not allowed in this Hollywood diet.

The Hollywood 48 hour diet

This is one new diet that can be somehow tough for some. The diet relies on the given guidelines and regulations. It is true that every diet has its own cons; however, some have bigger negative impacts than others. The Hollywood diet could have such drastic impacts. It is true that the Hollywood diet is only followed for two days; however, it is very negative and could mess up your system, as some professionals declare. When you drink your carbs in large amounts, you are not doing your body any good. On the contrary, you are depriving your body from very important nutrients while starving yourself in a way or another.

Let’s take for example a healthy diet that everyone has been asking about: what is a Pescetarian diet. Pescetarianism refers to eating ways of lives that prohibits all types of meat and as a substitute simply consent to seafood and fish as their solitary food source resulting from animals. Exemptions to the decree are the eggs and the dairy products which may / may not be incorporated hinged on discrete inclination. Besides fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits constitute a major component of a pescatarian diet presenting other indispensable nutrients which might be missing in the sea. Once you start using this diet, you are likely to quit Atkins diet.

Another healthy system is the apple diet. Apples are the ultimate ingredients for a healthy diet are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and also possess a small number of calories, adding up to approximately eighty to hundred calories relying upon the dimension of the fruit. A successful laxative, apples are also healthful and advantageous for the nervous system, and that’s the reason they are integrated in countless diet practices. Nevertheless, for this regime, the apple is the luminary! The fiber in the apple joins the fat molecules, avoiding assimilation of fat. Subsequently, the fat linked with fiber is unswervingly eliminated from the body. Apples also provide you a feeling of satiation for a lengthy period of time. Eating an apple ahead of each main serving of food will make you experience not much desire for food and put a stop to your habit of over consumption of food. The reviews left by folks who have used this diet are fantastic.

The Hollywood diet plan: Reviews

This diet is a bit hit lately as it is considered to be one of the most effective systems in Hollywood. Every knows how Hollywood imposes, both directly and indirectly on its workers to keep the perfect shape. To look good on camera or to land a role, they need to look their best at all time! While most people consider this weight loss regimen as one of the best and is somehow counted as a detox more than it is a weight loss system; there are still other regimen that can be as effective such as the juice diet plan or even the clean eating diet menu plan.

Reviews show what people think about this diet. While it is counted as detox, its juice is very condensed in sugar. Actually, a person might get as much as 100g of sugar per day. This is a relatively high amount. From another angle, it seems that there is no specific science behind the clarity of how the process goes and what the pathway by which a person would lose weight is. There are many diets out there that follow a certain method for helping you lose weight. For example, there is the vegetarian diet plan that tends to help people move into a healthier life while staying away from animal sources. People who have been following this diet have been amazed by the results they got: they look younger than ever and slimmer.

Another good diet is the microbiome diet recipes. These are a great way to feel great while losing weight and improving the quality of your life. While the Hollywood diet is strict and can be very unhealthy; it could replace the incorporation of diet pills. The fundamentals of weight misplacement take account of stirring more and ingesting not as much of food. Instead of enduring the tough work, folks begin concentrating on wonder medications and swift repairs.

Diet pills are tremendously well-liked irrespective of whether they are natural   therapies that discontinue the habit of over consumption of food or speedy repairs to enhance the metabolism, these diet pills have turn out to be a chatting spot in weight loss prop up sets and medical debates. There are a lot of folks who vision diet pills as that wonder therapy for weight loss. The pills are thought to make it trouble-free for you to eat anything you desire, and yet observe pounds of weight plunge down. In short the results are awesome!

Hollywood diet juice recipe

The Hollywood diet is based on stopping food intake and drinking one simple thing: the diet juice. The way you do it is mixing four ounces of water with four ounces of the juice. You can then drink slowly in sips this mix over a period of four hours. You can do the same mix every four hours; and, for a period of two days. You are also to drink eight ounces of water after every mixture. So, in total, you would drink 16 ounces of the juice and 80 ounces of water.

So, what is really in that juice? If you want to buy this juice already packed, it will contain water, fructose, pineapple juice, orange juice, apple juice, prune juice, grape juice, lemon juice, bilberry extract, green tea extract, gingko bilboa and grapeseed’s extracts. The drink would also contain some preservatives.

Now, if you would like to make your own version of this diet drink at home, you will notice that it will be different in its ingredients. In that case, you will need to mix together soy milk, orange juice, cranberry juice, wheat germ oil, and flaxseed oil. This homemade drink does contain more calories than the prepacked version; but, it will still give you the same results. This is no miracle diet but rather a kind of a restrictive diet.

hollywood diet reviews

This slim diet is giving positive results for many of those who decided to follow it. The truth is that a doctor tried to figure out if this system could be dangerous. He did not find anything alarming in the system; however, his study was limited and cannot be considered significant enough to make allegations regarding the diet system itself.

If you wish to classify this weight loss system, you would know that it is a more of a detox system than it is a weight loss system. It has many benefits such as:

  • It lets the digestive system rest
  • Your digestive tract will get rid of waste
  • You will not have to worry about what you need to cook. It is only a drink that you have to take in.
  • You will not have to accumulate more toxins.
  • You will provide your body with the perfect hydration.
  • You will combat water retention.
  • It is not considered as a diuretic.