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What is The 7 Day Biggest Loser Diet: Plan, Recipes, and Reviews

What’s the biggest loser diet?

The biggest loser is a reality show, started in the United States fourteen years ago.There are different editions all over the world, each nation has modeled the show, but the goal is the same. The participants of the tv show are overweight and who achieve the best result wins a big money reward, and that’s why the show is called the biggest loser.

Participants of the programme the biggest loser are visited to check the health status. Obviously, the diet is a hypocaloric diet (around 1200kcal), with particular macronutrients split, this is similar to the Mediterranean diet, carbohydrates are allowed, and with a very good amount, about 45% are carbohydrates. Then we have a large amount of protein, which is excellent for a physically active individual to build muscles and stay tonic, protein is around 30%. Finally, there is the lower amount of macronutrients, only 25% of the total calories are from fats, only good fats from the best sources, for example, you can find almonds and other nuts, extra virgin oils, and avocados. There is a method to follow called the 4-3-2-1 plan. Following this method, you can have about 4 cups of vegetables each day, 3 cups of good sources of protein (chicken, veal, beef), 2 cups of whole cereals (brown rice, whole pasta or bread, etc.), and finally 150-200 calories are free; so, you can choose what you prefer.

If you want to try the biggest loser diet this is not a problem; you don’t have to participate in the reality show. There is a club with online specialist ready to follow you from your home; there are also several books based on the biggest loser diet. If you don’t have time to read you can find it on DVD and for the recipes, there are cookbooks and video games.

This is not everything, in the US there are also several resorts, specialized centers made to help people with the diet and the weight loss journey.

As said before this diet rich in protein is for people with intense physical activity, in fact, the biggest loser program suggests at least eight hours of exercises during the week, as the participants of the TV show. More or less this means 1h and 30 minutes of workout every day with two days off only on the weekend.

Seven day biggest loser diet

During the program, 12 weeks of the diet, you can consume small but frequent meals, preferring products rich in fiber and proteins, which are the best to satisfy your stomach and the smaller in calories. Following a diet like this, you will be directed to choose only noble source products, cooking and eating only simple made food, avoiding the use of extra fats or useless season. Let’s see a list of the food which is good for your diet:

Carbohydrates, you can have cereals, better if whole, which is rich in fiber and micronutrients (whole food contains more minerals an vitamins). Also, legumes are great, this type of food is rich in protein, fiber and have a controlled quantity of carbohydrates which means big portions.

Protein, the best source of protein that you can have are white meat and meat poor in saturated fats, in this case, grounded beef (around 20% of fats) is not the best choice, instead of that you can have ground turkey or a simple chicken breast. If you are following a semi-vegetarian diet which includes the consumption of fish, for example, salmon is good, it contains omega-3, very important fat for the human body, but also proteins. Cod is also good, it contains the same amount of protein as chicken and is poor in fats. If you want to follow a vegan/vegetarian approach tofu is one of the better vegetable source protein. Remember to eat food choices that are high in proteins on every meal: even protein foods, in addition to having a modest caloric intake, give a nice sense of satiety.

  • Fats, as said before the source of fats will be only from vegetable products, for example, extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil, nuts, avocados, nut butter.
  • Fiber, consume 30-50g of fiber per day: the fibers help prevent constipation, reduce the stomach and cholesterol levels. You can find a good amount of fiber in whole food and more in vegetables and fruit.

Here it is some simple tips for your diet to adopt a healthier lifestyle and have some effective fat loss:

  • Drink water before meals, a trick to reduce the feeling of hunger, but not only. A hydrated body burns more calories. You may want to add some good light shakes. You can pick some of the Jilian Michaels recipes.
  • Eat apples and berries, these fruits, besides being rich in vitamins, increase the feeling of fullness. The bigger loser specialists recommend its consumption before each meal.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, artificially sweetened drinks, and drinks are to be banned. Sugar, according to Harper, should be seen as a luxury and must be consumed from time to time and in moderation.
  • Do not skip breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day.
  • Learning to read labels: this increases the chances of losing weight because you can choose the most nutritious foods.
  • Have a light dinner, do not eat a lot at dinner because the body begins to burn the gas 5 hours after eating. This surely is nothing like the baby food diet plan.
  • Sufficient sleep: good sleep is an essential component of a diet.

biggest loser diet plan

This diet, unlike the Shred diet plan, is based on 1200 calories this is a sample plan that you can easily follow for seven days,  calories to be divided into 45 percent of carbohydrates, 35 percent of proteins and 25 of percent fat. The main meals are three (breakfast, lunch, and dinner); then, you can have two snacks with fruits and vegetables, is important to do a lot of small meals to avoid the sense of hunger. During the physical program activity is very important, from 60 to 90 minutes every day, with a rest day between each workout day. You may also want to check what is the Okinawa diet.

Here it is a simple diet based on The biggest loser diet plan; it is adapted for the common people and who wants to lose some kgs without making big sacrifices. It is not similar to the Bulletproof diet meal plan.

Breakfast for seven days of diet: You can choose a source of proteins, for the first day, for example, you can have scrambled egg whites (half a cup) with a teaspoon of oil or coconut oil to avoid the stick in the pan.  Then add a glass of low-fat milk and a cup of blueberries. A slice of wholemeal bread, you can change the cup of blueberries with some marmalade to top your bread slices. The bread can be alternated during the week with porridge made with 40 grams of oats boiled in water with a teaspoon of honey, also, a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt and a cup of strawberries. You can also check the Alexis Ren diet.

Snacks for the next seven days of diet:  you can have half a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt or lean ricotta cheese or low-fat cottage cheese, never missing a some of the fruit,  frozen berries of your choice or some vegetables. If you don’t like this, you can have a low-fat yogurt with a spoon of butternuts or hazelnuts and an orange juice or grapefruit juice. If you are a tough person to please, you can even have a low-fat yogurt, strawberries or berries and a tablespoon of muesli. This might not be the best recipe you may find; but, if it helps you to start a healthy lifestyle, go for it.

Lunch for the next diet week: Mixed green salad, around half of the suggested quantity by the biggest loser program, then you can have some slices of chicken, turkey breast or lean roasted beef. Take some legumes of your choice (chickpeas or beans) or some aged cheese, then add a simple dressing (olive oil and lemon squeeze) to the big salad that you made with all these ingredients. Your lunch is done, but if you want to make it richer add some crunchy bread sauteed with olive oil. You can also check what is the South beach diet.

The dinner is the last meal of the day, here you can have half a cup couscous or brown rice. A good choice could be a medium boiled potato with some mixed vegetables of your choice (bells pepper, zucchini) grilled or sautéed, add the source of noble protein, around 200 grams of fish or smoked fish and if you chose a low-fat fish to add some olive oil (around a tablespoon) or a quarter of avocado. You can add seasons like vinegar, spices and lemon juice, aromatic herbs. You can also take a look at the Christina Aguilera weight loss diet.

Tasty Recipes for the biggest loser diet

Here it is, a simple recipe that you can make during the period of this diet. It is straightforward to prepare it, with just a few ingredients. Check in details how you can put it together: You will need some chicken strips with peppers and oregano – 150 g of chicken strips, two tablespoons of flour, black pepper and mint at taste, four tablespoons of white wine better a sweet wine, 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and finally 300 grams of red bell peppers. This recipe could have been great in the Kelly Osbourne diet plan.

Procedure: Pour the flour into a flat plate and take the chicken breast strips and roll them on the flour, shake well to remove the excess flour from the strips. Pour extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan and heat it. Then add the floured strips, season with salt and the black pepper. Let them brown on all sides, stirring often. When the strips are browned, pour the sweet white wine and let it evaporate, stirring the meat continuously. When the wine is almost entirely blurred, add the mint leaves and the previously roasted red peppers. Stir and leave to flavor for 5 minutes, stirring often. Serve on a plate with some mint leaves and the vegetables.

Some biggest loser diet reviews

The biggest loser diet is a very good diet, it was planned by a very lovely equipè of medics, they surely know the guidelines of a successful diet. This type of diet is nothing more than a balanced diet with the correct split of macronutrients and with a little bit more of the common quantity of protein that you can find in other diets, but this is not a problem because a large amount of physical activity requires proteins. Surely following The bigger loser diet is better than other detox or fasting diet, that’s because it is a balanced diet and gives to the individual the right education to keep a healthy lifestylee.