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What is The 14 Day Almased Diet: Plan, Recipes, Reviews, and Results

what is the Almased diet?

The Almased diet is a synergy diet that is based on a product made with the raw ingredient of the best quality. This system was developed by Hubertus Trouille, one of the pilasters of the Almasted. His philosophy is that you need to deprive the body of food that is not good and healthy. So, he recommends these strong products rich in protein which help the body’s metabolism. This product called Almased is made with high-quality powdered food like soy, milk, yogurt and even a taste of sweet from the honey. These ingredients are efficient and release their best benefits at the time. Apparently, all the products are GMO-Free and gluten-free without the use of artificial sugars, preservatives or flavors. Everything is tested and studied in specialized laboratories, even people with diabetes can lose weight with this formula. There are numerous diets in the market and not all of them provide you with good results.

The difference between this diet and other is that if help you to avoid one of the most common of the fasting diet, the so-called by specialist yo-yo effect. That’s because this diet will let your body’s metabolism function in the right way. You will forget about diseases linked to unbalanced diets, banning all the industrial products which are abundant in the artificial ingredient you will have a boost of the metabolism, which allows burning more calories.

With the daily portion of that Almased product is ensured an improvement of the metabolism, the body will work in the right manner and the weight loss will be efficient. That’s what the specialist from the Almased laboratories say, a plus to that is that after the diet and switching to a normal one there will not be any side effect.

almased 14-day diet

The Almased diet provides a powder which is rich in all the essential nutrients, even this that your body may not take from another regular food system. The presence of all the necessary nutrients with the probiotic effect created by good bacteria of the yogurt and the enzyme of the honey help the boost of metabolism thanks to the activation of the fermentation process in the intestine, which help to digest easily. The mixture of these ingredients gives benefits for the weight loss, but without any muscle mass loss, also the fat is burned more efficiently, especially if the physical activity is intense during the diet, this situation is made by the correct function of the metabolism. Studies showed that the consumption of this product regulate the hormone levels and stop the constant hunger between a meal and other. Also, there is support to regulate the blood sugar levels.

The Almased diet works in phases, the first phase is for the first three days and is the one that helps to accelerate metabolism.

Phase 1 – have the function to reset your metabolism to burn fat and build lean muscles, this process starts changing each main meal with a smoothie made with the Almased product, food is not banished at all, you can make your snack with vegetable soups, fresh seasoned fruits, and vegetables. The phase one works because this will allow the body to use the body fat (stored in your hips, belly, etc.) as the primary source of energy.

Phase 2 – the second phase starts better, only two out of the three main meals are entirely made with the Almased shake. That’s because you can have a low-carb lunch with some chicken (good proteins) and some vegetables. Better if low-carb veggies, for example, carrots, are not allowed in this phase. The function of stage 2 is to keep burning fats also enabling you to make daily activities like running or working out. Due to how tasty the lunch is, your feeling of hunger will get diminished.

Phase 3 – This phase is used to stabilize the weight loss and avoid the yo-yo effect, now people who follow the diet have to consume only one Almased shake a day, is up to you when drink it, on the other main meals you can consume just low-carb food such as salads, chicken, etc. without the use of any season. Also in phase 3, the snacks can be made with low-fat yogurt (soy or milk) or fresh fruit of your choice. In the third phase, the metabolism is almost at best and, your body will keep burning fat, during the diet all the nutrients are provided, and that’s what helps people to lose weight.

Phase 4 – this is the final stage. Keep in mind that the total period of the diet is 14 days; and, this phase is the last three days. During this phase, are allowed low-carb recipes in all the meals. You can choose to not replace your meals with the Almased drink; but, if you feel hungry, you can still have it to avoid unhealthy food. Now is the moment to follow a balanced diet an reintroduce the carbohydrates gradually, starting from fresh fruit, then including brown rice and whole pasta. All the food in your diet should be organic and better if biological. If you want to lose more weight after this 14 days, you can start back the cycle from the phase 2 for one more time.

Physical activity is very important during the four-phase, do a regular workout routine based on five days with two days of rest is the right way to approach this diet. You can do home workout or gym workout; this is not important. Aerobics activity is even good if you want to burn more body fat and give a tone to your muscles.

The almased diet plan

The Almased diet is divided into phases, let’s see what you should eat during each stage and some recipes.

Phase 1 – During the early morning you can have a glass of water with some lemon juice or you can make a mixture with some warm water, then lemon juice and some ginger. If you want it sweeter add some honey. Breakfast provides the first portion of Almased, for the first three days your main meals are made with Almased smoothies, you can make the smoothie with the Almased powder, a glass of soy milk and some flaxseeds. At lunch same as breakfast. The second snack can be made with some fruit and vegetables. At dinner you will have the last Almased smoothie of the day, you can make it with the same recipe provided for the lunch.

Phase 2 – During the early morning you can have the same recipe provided for the phase one: a glass of water with some lemon juice or you can make a mixture with some warm water, then lemon juice and some ginger. Breakfast provides the first portion of Almased; you can make a smoothie with the powder, a glass of soy milk and some flaxseeds. At lunch opt for a low-carb recipe, you can have a chicken salad bowl. The second snack can be made with some fruit and vegetables. At dinner, you will have the second and last Almased smoothie.

Phase 3 – The first three meals ( early morning, snack and breakfast ) are still the same, but from the stage 3 you can start adding some carbohydrates at your breakfast, like two slices of whole bread. Your lunch will be made with the almost smoothie and a vegetable salad. Then as evening snack opt for low-fat Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. For dinner, you can have some fatty fish like trout with some vegetables or tuna. To lose weight, you can take a look at the indian diet for weight loss in 7 days.

Phase 4 – This is the last phase, solid food is completely reintroduced, you can make a classical breakfast with some scrambled eggs. For lunch choose a salad with some chicken and reintroduce carbohydrates gradually, like brown rice. Post-workout, you can have a portion of Almased smoothie. The dinner is composed of vegetables and some lean meat. This is surely different from the bodybuilding diet plan.

After these phases, the best choice is to follow the tips of a dietician to maintain your weight and have a balanced lifestyle. You can also check some options out of the Shepherd’s diet food list.

Some almased diet recipes

During the stages of this turbo diet, it will be necessary to choose only simple products: one of the recipes that you can try during the Almased diet is the Chia pudding. Chia seeds are rich in protein, the best of the pudding is the omega-3. Also, this breakfast will help you to fill up for lunch. Here it is the recipe for the chia pudding. This is no caveman diet plan, you will get to enjoy some good meals and recipes.


Combine 60 grams of chia seeds with 2 cups of coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of honey (everything biological). Leave the mixture to rest in the fridge for at least one night and when you wake up the day after you put in the refrigerator, it is ready. You can eat a nutrient chia pudding; you can also choose soy milk and other honey varieties. This breakfast has endless possibilities. For example, if you want to add almonds or coconut flakes this is not a problem, just regulate the ingredients in the base of the diet.

Chicken salad. This salad is a great way to use chicken leftovers. The procedure is really simple:

You have to start by chopping one celery, one green chopped onion, and two tablespoons parsley. Mince them well, then transfer them to a bowl. Add 150 grams of roasted chicken, also place the chicken in the bowl with a boiled egg already peeled and cut. Add one teaspoon of granulated garlic and one teaspoon of mustard. Mix well with a large spoon or a spatula and add some green salad and cauliflower. Some people might be looking at what is the Omni diet.

The almased diet results

Unlike the Forskolin diet plan, the Almased diet is rich in benefits but also there could be some side effects, talking first of all about these the Almasted diet could cause constipation (high quantity of fiber), also sometimes the patients have experience of nausea and headache. In the long-term, this is not a sustainable diet program that’s why carbohydrates are essential for the human body. You can also take a quick look at what is the South beach diet.

Pros about the diet:

  • The workout is at the base of the plan;
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed during snacks;
  • Have a schedule to follow, and it is a turbo diet;
  • Help to avoid eating unhealthy meals, fried food, and alcohol.

The benefits before and after the Almased Diet are numerous:

  • It can help you reduce and then maintain your weight, avoiding the yo-yo effect.
  • You will not suffer the sense of hunger thanks to the daily activity that you have to do and the satiating products.
  • This diet, like other diets like the salad diet plan, provides many health benefits: you will look healthy and end up with a shining skin, an appropriate muscle mass that will not be compromised; and, thanks to micronutrients (like calcium), your bones will be stronger.