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What Is Phentermine: Does It Work? How Long Does It Stay In the Body? Is It Safe?

There are times when you will be trying to lose weight; To help you reach your goals, your doctor might prescribe phentermine. You may start wondering, “What is this drug used for and what does it really do?” So, what is phentermine? It is a stimulant drug that is used to suppress appetite in people who want to fight obesity. If you want to lose weight, one option is for you to take diet pills which are known for their effectiveness when it comes to the burning of fat in your body. If you are overweight, it is likely that you will experience a multitude of health issues.

Some health issues that may make you want to use weight loss medication

  • When you are overweight, you are at a risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • People who are obese are at a risk of developing a heart-related problem which can even lead to stroke.
  • Men who are overweight can experience erectile dysfunction, which can severely affect a man’s self-esteem and cause other emotional problems.
  • Women who are obese may experience fertility problems and might not be able to get pregnant.
  • People who are overweight are also at risk for kidney diseases.
  • You are more likely to get type 2 diabetes when you are obese.

These are some of the health issues that you are likely to experience when you are obese. Fat stored under the skin can cause various problems, and without proper treatment or a plan to get rid of this fat, it can cause serious problems. When you use a weight loss motivation program, you will learn how you can deal with your weight problems. You can share with people who have a similar problem, and you can learn from others about ways to handle your problem of being overweight.

What is phentermine?

Phentermine is a drug which is used to suppress the appetite of a patient who has obesity. When you don’t eat a lot, then you will reduce your calorie and fat intake, which will help you slim down. You may want to know how phentermine works to help you reach your weight loss goal.  The simple answer is that this drug influences the chemicals in your brain to make your mind think that your body isn’t hungry. This suppresses your appetite, and you will eat less because of it. This drug which is potent and can have side effects. It is helpful to take it in the morning so that you can avoid experiencing severe side effects at night.

How long does phentermine stay in your system?

When you have been diagnosed with obesity, and you have been prescribed this diet pill, then you should take it as prescribed treatment is over. You should never miss a dose because this can affect your treatment. In case you forget to take your dose, you should take it as soon as you remember. People often ask how long does phentermine stay in your system after you stop taking it? The drug will slowly leave your body when you stop taking it, but it depends on the dosage to know how long it will take to leave entirely. It can still show up on a blood test anywhere from 3-14 days after you stop taking it.

Is phentermine safe to use?

Many people have used this drug to treat their overweight problem successfully without any issues. Perhaps you are reluctant to start this drug, and you want to know phentermine work and is it safe. Some people have had adverse side effects after taking it, which could affect their overall health. For you to be safe, you have to take precautionary measures, so you don’t have any side effects. Here are the things that you should do to make sure that you do not end up having negative side effects with this drug.

  • Never buy phentermine without a prescription as this can be dangerous. Just because this drug worked for someone else, doesn’t mean that it will work the same for you. You will be risking your health if you take this drug without a prescription.
  • Also, do not take this drug if you are using other drugs. It’s important to talk to your doctor before taking phentermine if you take medication for different conditions.  If you want to start taking phentermine the make sure that you consult your doctor and only if he agrees, go ahead and start taking the pills.
  • You should not use this drug if you are pregnant. This is important especially during the first four months of the pregnancy because it can lead to miscarriage, and if you take the pills in later stages of pregnancy, then it can lead to premature birth.
  • It is also important that you do not use this drug if you are breastfeeding as this drug can cause serious health problems for your baby.
  • Do not take if you are under 18 years old. This drug is not for you because it can affect the development of your body.
  • If you are allergic to ingredients in this drug, then you should not take this drug. It can cause a reaction and be counterproductive.

Common side effects you can have when taking phentermine

  • A headache is one of the side effects you should expect.
  • Vomiting while on phentermine is common.
  • Stomach upset is something that is common but can be lessened by eating something before taking the pills.
  • Nausea is also common.

When you are using this drug or other weight loss supplements, you can be sure that you are on your way to getting the body that you want and reducing the risk of getting other health disorders that are a result of obesity. Just like metformin, you can use this pills to burn leg fat or lose weight in any part of your body. You can expect to start seeing changes soon, and you will not be disappointed if you properly follow the instructions as given by your doctor.