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What is a Yeast Free Diet: Plan, Diet Book, Recipes and Foods to Avoid

From fungus free to dairy free to even gluten free, there are several diet systems that ask their followers to restrict a certain group of food or even ingredient. While some might be based on the simple truth behind food intolerance, others might be hypothetical and hence not reliable. For example, if you decided to boycott lectin, you might need to take a look at lectin free diet reviews. These will show you how effective such a system can be for your body. Whatever you decide to follow, you have to always look out for the dangers of fad diets.

While some might look at the yogurt diet to help them lose their stomach fat, many others need to follow a more comprehensive diet system. For example, they might pick the lean cuisine diet menu. Such a menu can even provide you with frozen food portions. So, eventually, you will only have to microwave a couple of times a day and you are all set!

What is a yeast free diet?

Among the many circulating diets comes the yeast free diet. When one decides to follow a yeast free diet, he will face a couple of options. Some might need to cut off any yeast source and that would be the case of a person who is intolerant or even allergic to yeast. Others might want to cut down yeast in their diet because they need to lower their yeast content in their body. This is the case of those who might have candidiasis or other kinds of yeast infections. In that case, you will be obliged to cut down yeast-containing food as well as food that could be promoting yeast multiplication in your body. Remember, this is not as simple as what is a low oxalate diet.

A yeast free diet can have a long list of food that you can have and a long list of food that you are supposed to bounce back. You do need to follow the guidelines strictly in order to obtain the expected results.

The yeast free diet plan

Whether you are following a yeast-free diet because you are allergic or you have a yeast infection, cutting down yeast can help you ease your symptoms. Eating a lot of food that contain yeast could help your body get overpopulated by yeast. This will trigger many symptoms like feeling tired all the time, getting bloated, passing a lot of gas, feeling dizzy and witnessing a lot of mood swings.  Before you begin with a yeast-free diet, you need to consult with your doctor.

Here are a few tips when you are staying away from yeast.

  • Eat a lot of vegetables
  • Consider eating fruits that have lower sugar content
  • If you are to eat grains, you need to go for the ones that are yeast-free
  • You would need to add some yogurt from time to time.
  • Stay away from any drink or food that contains caffeine: you need to stay steer of any stimulant.
  • You do not want to add sugars in your diet.
  • Add spices and herbs to help flavor your meals.

The yeast free diet foods to avoid

When you think of a yeast free diet, you need to start thinking about what food choices you need to cut out of your diet and day.

For example, for breakfast, you need to forget about bakeries like bagels, toasts, doughnuts and any kind of pastry. Having a croissant or a waffle is not your option. You can, however, eat some eggs with some fruits. You can even mix yourself an omelet that is made of veggies (non-starchy ones). Fruits are also a good option when following a yeast-free option. But, you may want to stay away from very ripe fruits or even dried fruits. For those who are following a vegetarian diet, you can always adjust your diet to make it yeast-free.

For lunch, you can have any kind of non-starchy veggies. But, you might want to hold off eating mushrooms as long as you are on the yeast-free path. So, you might want to mix yourself a good green salad topped with a protein like some meats (lean cuts), tofu (for vegetarians), grilled fish, and even eggs. Just like you know, salads mean dressings. In order for you to stay yeast-free, you may want to stay away from dressings that contain vinegars as they will most probably contain yeasts. While the strict intolerance based yeast-free diet might only forbid yeast containing food, others will also forbid you from having any kind of grains. If you are only skipping the yeast itself, you can still enjoy a sandwich prepared from yeast-free grains. In that case, you will have to not use any cheese, mayo or pickles in your sandwich. Many people like to accompany their sandwiches with soups or salads. It will help them feel full and stay it for a longer period of time. Just like for any diet, people on a yeast-free system will have to put together what to eat. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to look at the Dr. Nowzaradan 1200 calorie diet.

Finally, the dinners of your yeast-free menu will have to be processed food free. You need to stay away from hams and cold cuts. Bacon and sausages are also a bad choice for you. You can pick more wisely your proteins like the some shrimps or baked chicken with a side of grilled veggies. Keep in mind that you should avoid corn, potatoes as well as mushrooms. Sweet potatoes are also not a good option in a yeast-free regimen. This surely not anything similar to the lemon diet reviews.

As for a good snack, you may want to try to veggies, fruits and hummus. Nuts, except peanuts, are also a good option. You can also pick some rice cakes with almond butter. These can be great options even if you are on a Cardiac diet recipes.

The yeast free diet book

For those who wish to follow a yeast-free diet, they can get the help from numerous websites. It is also possible to get a lot of information from books and e-books that are developed specifically to make this process and new way of life easy for you. For example, there is the 30-day Candida Cleanse that was printed in 2014.

The yeast free diet recipes

Numerous recipes can help you be on the right track when following a yeast-free weight loss system. The menu can be a long one prepared from the appropriate food list.

The special lentil pizza crust: This is one allergy-safe kind of pizza. You need about ten minutes to get it ready and thirty more minutes to cook it. Each slice will only contain 43 calories. As for the ingredients, you will need three quarter of a cup of red lentils (soaked overnight), half a cup of water, one clove of garlic, half a small spoon of dried basil, half a small spoon of oregano, a quarter of a small spoon of sea salt, and half a small spoon of baking powder. You will need to rinse and drain your lentils then blend the entire list of ingredients in a blender. This will become your batter! You can top it with some tomato sauce, cheese, and any veggies.

Quinoa Bread: This is a great recipe that will need about 50 minutes in total between preparing the batter and cooking it. This is one recipe that is not only yeast-free; but, also, gluten-free and vegan. The below-mentioned ingredients will yield around 14 slices of this bread that you can have on the side of a salad or soup. You can even eat it by itself and top it with some cheese or peanut butter. You will need two cups of buckwheat flour, one small spoon and a half of baking soda, half a small spoon of baking powder, half a small spoon of salt, half a cup of cooked quinoa, one cup and a half or buttermilk and half a cup of applesauce. If you want to make your version of buttermilk, you will need one and a half spoon of apple cider vinegar, and half a cup of any kind of milk.

The perfect coconut flour pizza: This is one exotic way to prepare your pizza. While numerous people keep focusing on what they need to get rid of while following a yeast-free diet; others, decided to turn their lives around and twist recipes so they can eat almost anything they like. And, who doesn’t love pizza? This coconut crust is a tasty recipe that will only take thirty minutes between the five minutes preparation and the 25 minutes of cooking. Below is the list of ingredients you will need when preparing this crust. These quantities will yield 12 slices of pizza, and each slice contains 43 calories. You will need the following: four eggs, a quarter of a cup of applesauce, a quarter of a cup of coconut flour, a quarter of a cup of Parmesan cheese, half a small spoon of oregano, half a small spoon of basil, a quarter of a small spoon of garlic powder, and a dash of sea salt. You will need to mix the eggs and the applesauce at first; then, add the remaining of the ingredients. Remember to oil the baking sheet before adding the batter. You will need to cook it for 15 minutes, and your crust is ready to be used. You can top it with tomato sauce, cheese, and veggies.

Zucchini Pizza crust: this is another great way to eat your pizza while keeping it yeast-free. This is a great gluten-free meal that will take only 15 minutes to prepare it and about 45 minutes to cook it. The ingredients below are enough to make 12 slices. Every slice is about 34 calories. What you will need are three zucchini grated, one egg, one egg white, one big spoon of olive oil, three big spoons of brown rice flour, half a big spoon of baking powder, half a small spoon of oregano, a quarter of a small spoon of garlic powder, and one eighth a small spoon of sea salt. You can add some pepper if you like. Make sure you get your shopping list right and colorful!

Quinoa Pizza crust: this is one fantastic recipe for pizza lovers who need to stay steer of yeast or even gluten. It is, however, time-consuming. You will need to dedicate about eight hours and a half to get it ready. The ingredients below are enough to prepare six slices of this delicious and healthy pizza. Every slice would contain 94 calories. You will need three-quarter of a cup of quinoa rinsed and drained that you will need to soak in water for about eight hours. For this recipe, you will also need half a small spoon of sea salt, one small spoon of baking powder, and one big spoon of olive oil. You can replace the olive oil with the coconut oil. When you prepare the crust, make sure you flip it to the other side and bake it for five minutes. After the baking, you can add sauce, cheese and any kind of veggies.

Coconut Flatbread: this is a tasty exotic bread that you can use to eat anything. The recipe needs 15 minutes to get it ready and about 10 minutes to cook. The below ingredients will yield two pieces for 266 calories each. If you want it to be broccoli pesto based; you will need: six ounces of broccoli, one fourth a cup of hemp seeds, one clove of garlic, one fourth a small spoon of red pepper, half a small spoon of sea salt, one quarter a cup of fresh basil, four small spoons of lemon juice, one big spoon of olive oil, one big spoon of water, and one big spoon of parmesan. You will need to cook the broccoli (steaming them is the best method). For the herb coconut flatbread, you will need one egg, one big spoon of coconut flour, one quarter a small spoon of basil and one quarter a small spoon of oregano. You will also need one eighth a spoon of sea salt and one quarter a small spoon of garlic powder. You can add two big spoons of milk and one big spoon of parmesan. Oil is also needed for frying. You can pick between olive oil and coconut oil. This can be a great breakfast recipe.