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Wendy Williams and Weight Loss Diet, Secrets, and Before and After Results.

Who is Wendy Williams?

Wendy is a young American woman who was born in New Jersey in 1964. This woman, whose net worth is 60 million dollars, is a cluster of talents. She is a television host, a great actress, an author, a fashion design, and even a radio personality. She is one woman who has got all it takes to succeed.

Williams has two siblings. She grew up in Ocean Township where she studied and graduated from Ocean Township High School. She carried on her education and attended the Northeastern University in Boston where she studied communications. During her college years, Wendy was the DJ at the college station.

When you start your early years with so much enthusiasm, you have to end up having an impressive career in the years to come! That was the case with Wendy. Her achievements were many, and she got many awards. This woman has a wig line, a jewelry collection, and a fashion line. She evidently proved her power and skills. She is one leader and ended up having the street where she was brought up named after her, “Wendy Williams Way.”

Wendy Williams Weight Loss Secrets

Being a celebrity can place you in a life where you have to listen to other people’s expectations and comments. When you are a woman as successful as Wendy, you need to look your best. Everyone knows that with success comes the responsibility to keep exceeding what you have already accomplished. Wendy was one dedicated woman. She was bothered by her excess weight and ended up getting rid of 50 pounds over a period of three years. The way she did it is very exotic, and she is more than happy to share her secret!

  • Self-control is what she mastered
  • She stopped eating red meat
  • Started her workout routine consisting of cardio and Pilates
  • She stopped eating too much: she admits that ever since she lost weight, she no longer has the same love relationship with food.
  • She avoids refined sugar
  • She avoids dairy
  • She stops eating when it starts to get dark. So no more late night munching and having late dinners.
  • She loves juicing.
  • She goes to the gym: At first, she started exercising to lose weight; then, when she lost a lot of it, she kept it going to keep her heart healthy and safe.

For the past years, people have been having one crazy attraction to fad diets and crash regimens after another. Some people wanted to know how to lose face weight. When you are overweight, losing weight will eventually let your face slim down. As long as you do not have water retention and drink enough water, your weight loss will not only change your body, but your face too.  So this is one factor Wendy never had to think about. Other people were following systems that were restricting their caloric intake dramatically like the grapefruit juice diet. There is nothing wrong with eating or drinking the fruit. Grapefruit has been linked to weight loss in different mechanisms; however, starving your body while you are eating the fruit can lead to malnutrition and a yo-yo effect.

Women normally go for an adjustment of diet and lifestyle. Wendy was not in need of a crazy weight loss regimen like Dwayne the rock Johnson diet. She just wanted to live and feel healthier. And she succeeded!

Wendy Williams Weight Loss Surgery

Wendy admitted to her audience that she used to follow the fad diets and some of the strict shock regimens. Now, she no longer believes in such routes. She made a simple and effective lifestyle change and is sharing all her secrets. She even admits to undergoing liposuction, tummy tuck and breast enlargement back in the 90’s. This woman shifted from being a naturally good looking woman to a living Barbie doll. Despite the fact that she looks amazing, her fans still do not understand this transformation. She always looked great.

She did her breast augmentation surgery because she felt that it will make her look more sexy and elegant. Many are criticizing her choice as they believe that her breast size no longer fits her body and size. They explain that this is one book job gone wrong. This woman did undergo a tummy tuck to make her belly look slimmer. She was desperate to shape up her middle region, especially when it changed size after the birth of her child. That’s when she gained weight and opted for this surgery. She attempted to cover up the scars by getting a tattoo. Also, Wendy admits to have some liposuction done on her tummy area. This woman is very different from her fellow celebrities who always seem to hide any kind of surgery they might have done to improve their looks. It may seem ridiculous because when you make changes to your looks and you are constantly on the news and in the media, people will notice!

Wendy Williams Diet

Having suffered for too long from weight changes and extra pounds adding here and there on her body, Wendy finally got rid of her excess baggage and is very satisfied with her new healthy habits. She is one of these celebrities that share everything with their public. Why not help others where you have succeeded? She explains that her massive weight change is the result of three elements: a pescatarian diet, Pilates and cardio!

A pescatarian diet, unlike the Dukan diet, is one that pushes you to be a vegetarian. It is very similar to the lacto-ovo diet where you stay away from meat and poultry and shift towards plant-based food choices. You are allowed to have dairy and eggs. Unlike the lacto-ovo, when on a pescatarian regimen, you are allowed to eat seafood and fish. While fish can be very nutritious, you have to keep your eye on mercury levels. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can negatively impact your health. Fish that are low in mercury are salmon, shrimps, scallops, sardines, and tilapia.

Her lifestyle is now dominated by these three elements that helped her lose all the extra weight and keep her in shape.

For breakfast, Wendy can eat eggs, cheese, vegan sausages, fruits, and a green juice. She believes that every person should start with a very healthy morning. And she is absolutely right about her claim. Several studies showed that people who eat breakfast, a consistent one, have a tendency to lose weight, as it prevents munching during the day, and keeps you full. The studies also showed that a high protein breakfast would be your best option.

Wendy Williams Food Choices

Wendy is one of the celebrities that do not mind telling how she lost weight. She was very open about her weight loss surgeries, about her workout and even her diet. She actually shares with her public the food she has been eating to lose all that weight. Unlike the Amy Schumer weight loss regimen, Wendy was all natural and healthy. Here are the food choices she was in love with. After all, when you eat a great variety of food and you enjoy them, you tend to keep dieting and stay on track.

  • Lentil soup
  • These include spinach, kale, and avocados.
  • Cauliflower
  • Meat-like Beyond patties. These are the vegetarian version of beef patties.
  • She was using cabbage instead of burger buns, taco shells and anything bread based

From another angle, Wendy takes three different supplements throughout the day. She believes in alternative medicine, and has succeeded to incorporate this approach to her lifestyle. She advises people to keep their body moisturized and their inside hydrated!