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Weight Loss with One Meal a Day Diet: Plan, Review, Results, Before & After

It is anchored in our society that eating three meals a day is the right way to live, and it is the number of meals that we are supposed to eat. But, in some diets, we often see people eating 4 to 6 times a day and still losing weight. Well, today, we’re going to see what happens when we reduce the number of meals to one. Well, does it work? While many success stories mention how effective this diet is, there are still many speculations regarding its health impacts

One meal a day diet plan: what is it?

It may seem odd at first to think that we should only eat one meal a day; but, in fact, this is how our ancestors used to eat. Early humans used to spend the day gathering or hunting for food. These people had one big meal at night. And, at that time, they never had to worry about any weight problem. None of them was obese, and they never thought of doing anything to lose weight. Forget about the Beyond diet recipes or the HCG diet drops, you are in for a simplistic meal plan.

As it is named, the goal of this diet is to reduce your amount of daily meals and eat only one big meal at night, or at least at dinner time. This is not a juice diet with one meal. It is rather a one meal per day kind of a diet. During the day, you will be allowed to eat one fruit from time to time, that is if you struggle too much; but, remember that everything you take in during the day will only be used to maintain your energy in case you need it. For example, for those who are working out, or running, they would need some food to help them keep their energy. A lot of diets are based on the fact that the more you eat, the less you will feel hungry. But, the problem is that overeating during the day will create a feeling of constant hunger and food obsession while eating once a day will help stop such an obsession and will only make you focus about that one big meal you will have at the end of the day.

This diet works because it will create a calories deficit, and this is what will make you lose weight.

An adult woman needs around 2000 calories each day to lose weight. According to this system, there are no differences between eating them at one meal or split them into three meals. The result is the same. When divided into three meals, there’s just a split up of the calories.

But the real power of this diet is this one meal. Having it at the end of the day puts your body in a constant state of fat burning throughout the day. Your body needs to have enough energy to make the day, and at the end, you get to refill your body with the calories you need. And the next morning, the fat will be burned again and so on.

You don’t have to count the calories when you eat, your body will know when it’s enough and will make you know. One of the important rules is to make sure that you eat food from each group. You do not even to follow a liquid diet. You can actually eat whatever you like. For other methods of losing weight, you can take a look at the Raw vegan diet before and after.

Like it was said earlier, eating a bit during the day is possible, it has to be one portion of fruit or something high in proteins like a steak or an egg. This has to follow some exercise, an effort or just a workout.

About the drinks, you’re also only allowed to have non-calorie beverages like water, coffee or even tea. This is not a type of an Elimination diet meal plan, it is rather a well-planned system with one meal.

There are a few tips you need to understand for you to know how to follow the One Meal a Day Diet. First of all, during the one meal, you need to have some lean proteins, some green vegetables, and unprocessed carbohydrates to make sure that every food group is on your plate. The lean protein and carbs give you enough fuel but without unnecessary fat, and the vegetables provide the essentials fibers for proper digestion. The size of the plate doesn’t matter: you can eat as much as you want or need. The only thing to do is to eat healthy food as your meal, but the quantities don’t matter, it’s your choice. Try to eat your meal at your most free time; and, try to take a habit of eating around the same hour each day. When the body is expecting food at the same time each day, the appetite will be suppressed for the rest of the day. But, if for some reasons you are starving during the day, you can still snack on some fruits or vegetables. These snacks contain the needed fibers and minerals to stay satiated until the night meal.

To start this diet, going straight from three meals to one might not be a good idea, start by reducing it to two, and when you feel ready, you can break it to one. Always make sure that you’re consuming enough calories during the meal(s), or you will be hungry, and hunger would turn into your enemy. Not enough calories will make your metabolism slow down. You might lose weight, but it won’t be as efficient as if you ate the right amount of calories.

Eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day can help getting used to this diet and getting ready for the main meal at night.

Once you’re used to it, you will lose weight and build a healthier way of eating and living. You will not have to worry about the Cruise Control diet warning.

One meal a day diet review: pros and cons

Let’s see what the pros and cons of this diet starting with the advantages are.

Pros of the One meal a day Diet:

  • Increased productivity and energy. The lunch meal often makes you tired while it should be a boost of energy because you’re digesting and a lot of energy is required for that. Not eating during the day makes you more productive and leaves you with a lot more energy for what you need.
  • Decreased appetite. Eating only once is, like said earlier, a great way to make your body used to one meal a day, and you will only want to eat at this specific time. One of the main reason people stop dieting is that they don’t feel like they’re eating enough, but with this diet, you eat what you need to, and feel repleted every night.
  • Everything that you eat will taste much better. It is quite logical when you think about it. We often eat because we have to, or because it’s time to; but with the One meal a day diet, you eat when you want it, and when you need it, once. So every food that you will eat will taste way better than usual.
  • By eating what you want at night, you’re allowed to eat what you want, which means that if you want to eat a super sugary cake, you can, and this is one of the best things about this diet. Being able to really eat what you want. Forget about the Apple cider vinegar diet and even the Chris Pratt weight loss diet, this is the simple way to lose weight.
  • Better health, this diet is very good for your body, you eat like we all should, once, after an exhausting day. Having only the calories you need and having it at the end of the day makes you spend the whole day burning fat and getting in shape while getting your body healthier. You can also take a look at the F-Factor diet reviews.

Cons of the One meal a day Diet:

  • It can sometimes be unsafe, doing this kind of diet can make you hungry and tired since you’re not used to it. And these factors make your body functionless. If you plan on exercising, be careful to eat some calories before and after going for it.
  • It can lead to overeating, if not done well. The One meal a day diet can make some people overeat at night even if the body is filled. They might keep eating, and this isn’t good for your body or mental health.
  • This diet is great when you get used to it. The problem is that some just can’t get used to it, they can’t stand hunger the way some people do. It can make them faint. That is why it is allowed to eat some snacks if you feel like you need it.

One meal a day diet results: should you do it?

Like it was said above, the One meal a day diet isn’t made for everyone, because nobody is the same, and some people won’t react the same way as others. While many people will be able to handle hunger at the beginning and to get used to the meal at the end of the day, some will have trouble doing it. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Eating a snack once or twice a day, when you need it, is an excellent way to support your body and give it a bit of energy. It doesn’t affect much the result at the end. Some people that have done this diet and have succeeded in it show that results are impressive. It is possible to lose about 30 pounds in 5 months only while doing this diet. And as these people said, it wasn’t so hard; it is only a matter of habit. And once you can use that habit, everything else comes better and faster. The person’s typical week is to eat one meal a day during the week, with a dessert each time, and on Saturday and Sunday, two meals with some snacks on one of the two days. While a lot of people say that this diet isn’t healthy, the results are supporting the other opinions. The people who’ve done the diet felt great and lost weight as they wanted.

In a year only, a guy that was weighing 240 lbs lost 80 lbs and now weigh 160 pounds. His change is amazing, and while a lot of diets didn’t work on him, this one did.

The great thing about the One meal a day diet is that, whatever your work or life schedule is, this diet can fit perfectly for you. It is really easy to do it and really flexible.

One meal a day diet before and after: a recap of the diet

This diet seemed to have helped a lot of people lose weight easily and healthily, while a lot of other diets were too hard and had a lot of restriction. It’s a simple way to lose weight. You won’t even notice that you’re losing weight if you don’t look for this weight shift, because it’s a little fat loss every week.

So, it starts with two meals a day; and then, it gets reduced to one a day with some extra snacks during that day. These snacks are only allowed if needed and are essential. Then, once the habit is settled in, all you’ll have to do is to focus on your life, focus on your night meal, and that extra weight will be gone faster than you can imagine. Now, if you exercise, your extra pounds will disappear even quicker; and, the fat disappearance will let muscles take place. But don’t forget to eat afterwise.

It’s also really important to eat all the needed calories. You do need to mix up all the food groups to make sure that your body has everything it needs.