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Weight Loss Calculator – The Best Way to Achieve Controlled and Healthy BMI Index

Weight Loss CalculatorShould your current weight alarm you? Well, it should if you are not in the right BMI index. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a ratio that measures your body fat by comparing your total mass with your current height. According to professionals, healthy people should not have a BMI that exceeds 27. The best thing to find out your BMI is by simply using a weight loss calculator.

So what is a weight loss calculator?

A weight loss calculator is a tool designed to guide patients through the healthy, safe, and effective process of losing weight. It enables you to calculate your current weight, the number of days it might take you to lose the desired weight, and the number of calories you should consume per day.

There are various types of calculators available online. All you need is to run a search on the internet to find one. For example, search ‘how to use a weight loss percentage calculator or weight loss calorie calculator.’

How to use a weight loss percentage calculator

The algorithms that calculate the results of a weight loss percentage calculator are being used in a real-time server. All it needs is for the user to enter the required details in provided online fill-in forms. Generally, you will be required to provide details on the following:

  • Your current age in years
  • Your gender
  • Your current weight in kilograms (or pounds) and the amount of weight you desire to lose
  • The extent to which you engage in physical activities; you will be given several options to choose from.
  • Your timeline for losing weight. This is important since it will consider multiple conditions.

It is important that you provide accurate answers. Although you may receive differing results from different weight loss calculators, giving accurate answers will help narrow down the differences.

What is the goal of a percentage calculator?

A weight loss percentage calculator aims to provide the user with variables that can be used to calculate the approximate timeline to reach their goal. Some complex calorie calculators go to the extent of calculating the number of calories you should eat during and after weight training sessions.

How to use a weight loss calculator

Using a weight loss calculator is usually a very simple process. It only needs you to input the details above in a fill-in form. The difficult part is sometimes in interpreting the results returned.


Ensure that you enter the variables needed in their correct units. For example, weight can be measured in kilograms or pounds. Ensure that you have entered the variables in line with specified units.

Can a calorie calculator help me lose KGs?

The main goal of a calorie calculator is to enable users to lose their desired amount of weight.
LOSE MACRO KGSIf used correctly, it is will not come as a surprise that you may end up losing up to 10 percent of your total body weight. However, you should use other tools to continue your progress.

A 10 percent weight loss may feel trivial, but it is actually very significant medically. A good weight loss calorie calculator will take into consideration various factors like the following:

  • The body metabolically adjusts to changes in the amount of diet taken.
  • It is not possible nor is it advisable to rapidly lose weight.
  • Dietary inclusions and physical activities will, for the most part, determine the amount of weight lost by an individual. This means that any significant changes in the future will affect the final results.

Who can calculate weight with a weight loss percentage calculator?

Best results with a weight loss percentage calculator will be returned for individuals who are over 18. Users under 18 may get inaccurate results because most of the algorithms used to calculate weight loss do not take projected growth into consideration.

Anyone can use a weight loss percentage calculator or a weight loss calculator. However, it is good to compare the results returned by different such calculators. You can also set a goal on how much weight you desire to lose and a timeline to do it. It will help you calculate and reach the results with time.


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