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Tyra Banks Weight Loss Diet: Recipes, Results and Reviews

Who is Tyra Banks?

Tyra Lynne Banks is an American celebrity who was born in 1973. This woman is an outspoken celebrity who has worked as a producer, a businesswoman, and an actress. Also, she did not stop wowing her fans by adding to her portfolio a few authored projects. Banks began her walk of fame by being a model and an occasional singer. She actually began her career at the early age of 15 years old by being an exceptional model.

This celebrity was the first African-American woman to be seen on the covers of both GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, where she was featured twice.

Between the years of 1997 and 2000, this gorgeous woman was a Victoria’s Secret Angel. By the early 2000s, Banks was one of the world’s top-earning models.

In 1993, on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Banks began her television acting career. Most remember that show with the young Will Smith. She also appeared in television series like Gossip Girl and Glee; and,had significant roles in Disney Channel shows. Let us not forget the small roles in movies like Love&Basketball and some horror films.

In 2003, Banks started presenting a long-running reality television series that is called “America’s Next Top Model.” She is the executive producer and presenter of twenty-two seasons.

She walked in a fashion show for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and much more. Also, she appeared in publicity campaigns for H&M, Victoria’s Secret (one of her primary success roles), Pepsi and Nike.

Also, she was the first African American chosen for the cover of Victoria’s Secret catalog. This woman became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Now, she is also a contributor to the Vogue website.

Banks has appeared in several music videos for Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, and George Michael.

In 2014, she founded a cosmetic brand called Tyra Beauty. The company uses a multi-level marketing system to sell the products. She is also a writer, in 1998 Banks co-authored the book entitled Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out. She also announced in May 2010 that she would be writing a novel. After one year she published the first part of three of the series, becoming a The New York Times Best Seller in October 2011.

The Ms. Victoria Secret’s was the testimonial of Fat Talks by Kellog’s Special K campaign. The aim was straightforward: stop talking about diet and food sacrifice to approach a healthier and positive style, with more discipline!

She had a really strong mother who. She supported Tyra and taught her to believe in herself and achieve, day by day, what she desires. Tyra said that her mother was the key to her success; in fact without the positive approach taught by her mother she couldn’t be the person she is today.

In Fat Talks there is also self-mockery, you have to think, Yeah I’m not fit, but I’m great, look at these eyes, no one has the same. Tyra says that you have to find a feature that makes you beautiful and this same feature will help you think positive!

When Tyra looks herself in the mirror, she can see a beautiful and self-confident person, with a rich sense of humor and a little bit of insanity. This woman did not use the Phentermine diet pills.

Tyra banks weight loss diet

To lose weight Tyra started eating more fresh food, such as mangoes and papayas ( which are two of her favorite fruits); she also loves salads and grilled fish. She began her weight loss journey by cutting out all junk and processed food, enjoying healthier meals. The “think positive” system had an important impact on her diet; in fact, she loved everything in the meal-plan. Tyra started eating a lot of soups because they are low in calories but rich in nutrients. She is not alone when cooking. With her chef, she also wrote a book, 400 Best-Ever Soups, where there are a lot of recipes to enjoy.

Here is a soup recipe from her philosophy of good eating.

Potatoes (2), zucchini (2), Onion (2), Carrots (2),

To season: Basil, Parsley, Parmesan, Olive Oil, Salt

  • Peel the potatoes (two large ones) and the carrots, cut the zucchini into slices, clean the onion and boil them in a large pot with all the other ingredients except the Parmesan;
  • Allow to simmer for an hour and then remove the elements from the pan without throwing away the cooking water;
  • Blend all the ingredients including a significant amount of grated Parmesan and put the mixture on the gas in a new pot adding the boiling water as desired (if you prefer a more liquid soup add more water, while if you prefer a thicker soup put less water) and keep it on the fire for about  5 minutes turning often and adding (maybe only the last two minutes, so that they remain hard) of the diced Parmesan;
  • Serve to add a drizzle of olive oil and parsley.

To lose weight, in addition to a balanced diet, Tyra includes at least 30 minutes of cardio every day! For Tyra, cardio can be a merely walking with her dog or running. A lot of superstars give that tip. Reviews also agree.

As you may know, that helped a lot to accelerate her weight loss aim. Her pictures show the big difference.

The best part of the Tyra Banks diet is that everyone can follow it. The principles of her diet are straightforward; you only have to eat healthy, cut junk food, and do some exercise. Everyone can lose weight in that way! The beautiful thing is that Tyra uses a restricted range of products, the best ones to enjoy your meals without sacrifice. So you can have a healthy and tasty meal. Always remember to do exercises, if you have enough time go to the gym. Otherwise, your choice can be a walk or a workout at home.

Tyra Banks diet plan, an example of her meals

Tyra adopted different eating habits, in fact, she tried everything, from the Paleo Diet to a more drastic approach. Now her idea is a balanced diet, with a selection of healthy and tasty food. Let’s see in detail an example of her diet for two days!

To have a general idea of your daily calorie requirements you can visit a nutritionist, or for a more rough value, you can check an online calculator, where you don’t have to spend money. But, you have to know that sometimes similar online tools can be inaccurate.

Day 1: 

•    Breakfast: you can have boiled eggs with some mango, and orange juice; for Tyra vitamins and minerals are essential.

After that light breakfast, you can have your daily cardio session.

  • Snack: your snack can consist of an apple and low-fat yogurt, to gain some energy after the cardio session
  • Lunch: you can have for lunch the following food like lettuce, onion, and some brown rice. As a source of protein chicken breast is recommended for the low quantity of fats and the high-protein intake.
  • Snack: you can have frozen yogurt, it is really easy to make, just cut your fruit (Tyra loves papayas) in little pieces and freeze them (that technique is also good when your fruit is going bad). Mix low-fat yogurt with fruit, the result is a fresh and tasty fruity frozen yogurt.
  • Dinner: in this meal, you can eat soup as the one explained before. Add some vegetables if you are still hungry.
  • Snack: your night snack can be a banana with some peanut butter and a cup of non-fat milk.

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: you can have half a cup of ricotta cheese with some papaya and toasted nuts, to sweeten everything you can add a tablespoon of honey!
  • Snack: As snack, you can prepare a Chia Pudding in advance with that recipe:
  • Almond milk 90 ml
  • Chia seeds 15 gr
  • Honey as sweetener
  • Put the seeds in a container for jams.

In a jar add flavors to the milk according to tastes add the mixture to the seeds. Mix everything very well. Close the jar and place it in the fridge for 30-45 minutes. This recipe is simply amazing.

Return the jar and mix again, the seeds will remain in suspension and will be well distributed. We leave all night, if possible prepare it 24 hours in advance, the texture will be better. If you are looking for a different way of dieting, you can try the lemonade diet reviews.

Prepare the topping, mix a banana with 1 square of melted dark chocolate, low-fat Greek yogurt and some blueberries as a topping.

  • Lunch: For lunch make a salad with avocados, lettuce, almond, onions, tomatoes and chicken breast. This can even be a great meal in the Extreme weight loss diet plan.
  • Snack: As snack you can have a tablespoon of peanut butter mixed with a little bit of water to make a creamy peanut-butter, then you can pour it in sliced banana.
  • Dinner: green salad (spinach or lettuce) with one tomato and two ounces of grilled tuna.
  • Snack: Herbal tea to relax yourself, and consuming low-fat yogurt is also good because it contains casein which is a slow action protein; in fact, casein can provide the protein needed for the night so when you wake up you will not be starving.

Reviews about Tyra Banks lifestyle

People who tried Tyra’s diet approach loved it. At least, it is not as tough as the apple cider vinegar diet.

People figured out to lose weight effectively! Those who tried her system claim that it helped them to burn 10kg of fat in just four weeks! Also, people say that they tried and loved that diet. Others claim to have a thing for the heart healthy diet menu.

There are many ways to lose weight. Some are even pioneering in the world of health and wellness. For example, the anti-inflammatory diet recipes will help you shed some weight while being healthy. Another system is the 21-day diet that has been proven to be very useful regarding weight loss and applicability.