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The whole 30 Diet Meal Plan: Recipes, Food List, Menu, Real Results.

With the rise of numerous weight loss and wellness regimens came one specific system that climbed its way to the top. The Whole 30 Diet is a health plan that can deny us some of the healthy foods that are usually part of our day. Regardless, it has been proven to offer our body many advantages.

This diet wants us to eat only whole foods that contain real ingredients and natural food: nothing tampered with, nothing chemically produced. This plan will disapprove of anything made of added sugars like juices, for example. You will have to get rid of dairy food, legumes, as well as grains. Despite the fact that oat and whole wheat grains are very healthy options, they are prohibited from this system.

If you want to follow the Whole 30 Diet, there are some important factors to notice. First of all, just like for every weight loss or wellness regimen, it is essential to keep going out with your friends. Do not seclude yourself just because you are on a diet. From another angle, try to convince some people around you like friends or coworkers to follow the system with you. Such efforts will let you succeed in following the diet all the way until you reach your end goal.

What is the whole 30 Diet?

The Whole 30 Diet Plan is a system that is supposed to help you get rid of food that might promote inflammation in your body. It aims at allowing you to have only three meals per day, with no snacks. As long as these three meals are made from approved ingredients, then you are on the right side of the regimen. While many people are enjoying its results, some others are despising the fact that it is not as healthy as it claims.

The system wants you to have meats, seafood, veggies, and eggs, and stay away from sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, grains, and legumes, as well as dairy foods and baked food. While it recommends keeping clear of some nasty food elements, it is also asking us to refrain from eating essential nutrients that can help our body stay healthy. While some reviews are very positive, some others are not that encouraging. The food list accompanying the diet is not very long and is biased towards plant-based food.

Some of the health benefits accompanying this system are glowing skin, eyes that look whiter, a significant amount of energy, a better quality of sleep, a well-balanced mind and losing any existing bloating. On the other side, you will not feel hungry while on this system because you do not have to count the calories. Your diet is not even based on points; so you will eat as much as you need but from the selection of allowed options that are offered. One of the rules of this system is to never step on a scale, not until the end of the regimen.

The Whole 30 diet meal plan

Just like for any diet, there is always a way to put together meals and let them adapt to the system. These dinners will help to give you tasty options that follow the Whole 30 diet meal plan criteria.

Broiled Ginger-Lime Chicken: In this recipe, the chicken is flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and lime. The chicken can be served with cauliflower rice and a side of green leafy salad. Salad dressings is a mix of olive oil, lemon, and a little salt.

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry: This meal is a perfect combination of sweet potatoes and red curry, coupled with some asparagus and a green salad. With such a dinner, you might want to have the apple-peanut butter smoothie. For this dish, you need to use coconut milk, vegetarian Thai curry paste, sweet potatoes, asparagus, cayenne chiles, dandelion roots, basil leaves and salt.

Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto and Shrimps: This dish is the perfect way to prepare pasta out of zucchini. Top them with some jumbo shrimps seasoned with Cajun spices. The ingredients include zucchini, avocado, basil leaves, lemon juice, pepper, olive oil, minced garlic, and shrimps. During this same day, you can have avocado toast with eggs for breakfast.

Taco Lettuce wrap: this is another dinner option that can fit the regimen. You can use lettuce or cabbage to wrap the chicken in this delicious meal. The ingredients include canola oil, ground beef, salsa, rice vinegar, ground cumin, avocados, and red onions.

Coriander and Lemon Salmon with asparagus salad and a poached egg: This recipe is just the perfect marriage between salmon and asparagus. You will need to combine coriander seeds, lemon zest, red pepper, salmon, asparagus, olive oil, lemon juice, mint, tarragon, ground pepper, eggs and white vinegar.

Other weight loss and wellness systems

While many have found excellent results following the Whole 30 diet, others have been ruling out this system and going for a more accepted one. The apple cider vinegar diet, for example, is one of the best cleansing systems. Many studies have reported the fantastic results of following this method for weight loss.

The detox soup diet, on the other hand, is another approved way to losing your extra weight, quickly! As a matter of fact, following the cabbage detox diet is linked to many health benefits such as detoxifying the liver. This regimen offers you the possibility to lose up to 10 pounds in as little as seven days. Every day, you are allowed a small list of food along with the cabbage soup. The diet is low fat and high in fibers.

As a conclusion, you have to keep in mind that whether you pick the Garcinia Cambogia diet pills or the green tea detox diet, you will still need to make few changes to your lifestyle. Deciding to lose weight can be a big decision, a life-changing one. So, you either pick the right diet; or, you end up following a lost trail while losing weight and energy without getting any result. The Atkins diet, for example, has been endorsed by so many health professionals as one of the best weight-loss systems. It is based on the fact that by eliminating the carbohydrates from our diet, we oblige it to use its fat (both reserves and in food consumed) to function. By this method, we end up losing weight and regulating our body while protecting it from many health diseases.

When you decide to start a healthy path, make sure you are well-equipped to carry on on with this same path. If you can find people who support you, you are among the lucky ones.