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The TB12 Diet: its Guidelines, Food List and Before and After Results.

Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is the quarterback of the New England Patriots since 2000, pursued by sponsors and loved by fans. Tom Brady, 37 years old, can be considered the clean face of American football. Last February, he signed a contract that binds him to the team until 2017, accepting a fee lower than his market value in order not to burden the financial situation of the Patriots. So, this man is adored by everyone and looked up to.

TB12 diet guidelines

It can be very surprising that 80% of Tom Brady’s diet is based on vegetables (organic vegetables and legumes, cereals as well as pseudo-cereals, whole-meal and organic), while the remaining 20% is made up of animal source protein like red meat steak. To season his food, this incredible celebrity only uses extra virgin olive oil; and for cooking, he only adds extra-virgin coconut oil. So, despite the 80%, Tom is not following a vegetarian diet to lose weight.

What you should never eat, to look like Tom Brady

Obviously the great quarterback follows the guidelines of a normal balanced diet; so, he avoids white sugar, white flour, glutamate (contained in industrial food and often in Asian cuisine, it is used to give the umami taste), milk and some dairy products. Salt is very limited, and he prefers only Himalayan pink salt.  So, forget about the carb cycling diet plan, Tom has a different plan in mind.

Tom never takes tea or coffee. Also, he never eats potatoes, peppers, and eggplants. If you want to follow his dietary system, then you need to forget about mushrooms. Tom’s personal chef says that these plants cause inflammation, so he is only allowed to have them once a month. From another angle, he allows the quarterback to eat tomatoes (another solanaceous plant). In addition, Brady practically never eats fruits except for a banana once in a while and only if it is whipped.  This man surely knows how to follow the best diet to lose belly fat. No Ephedrine diet pills, or any other weight loss pills, just a well-balanced diet.

There are no differences in Tom Brady’s diet between the day of the game and the other days.

An interview regarding his diet has sparked a heated debate in the network that has involved many famous sports nutritionists. So, let’s see what is wrong and what goes into Brady’s diet and why, even if there are microscopic errors from the scientific point of view, he remains a winning QB. Forget about the Safflower oil diet, Tom believes in his ways.

Tom Brady eats a large number of foods of plant origin, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The fact that 80% of his diet consists of these foods certainly makes it healthy. You can also check another celebrity’s weight loss routine at Christian Bale diet .

The vegetables contain a large number of fibers, vitamins, and minerals, legumes provide proteins and also the proteins of animal origin are introduced in the diet. The cereals and pseudo-cereal integrate again more fibers, vegetable source proteins, and salts. Furthermore, the combination of legumes and cereals means that the athlete takes the complete panel of essential amino acids.

  • The choice of using only vegetable fats for seasoning and cooking, also helps in terms of disease prevention, especially as regards extra virgin olive oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and protective properties of heart and vessels.
  • The reduced meat content and the use of grazing animals only allows Brady to take on few foods promoting inflammation and only high biological quality proteins.
  • Eliminating milk and dairy products is a healthy choice if you have problems with intolerances. To reduce them certainly promotes a better state of health even in those who tolerate them, but to demonize them is not a balanced attitude. In the meantime, it depends on which milk and which derivatives are eliminated or consumed. The milk from cows raised on pasture, or goat, donkey, sheep, are a better nutritional choice than the cow’s milk from the supermarket.
  • The yogurts produced at home and if fermented for at least 24 hours can help the health of the intestinal flora and therefore of the whole organism.
  • Cottage cheese is a derivative of easily digestible milk, rich in good proteins and by its very little inflammatory nature.
  • Tea and coffee contain substances that modulate the functioning of the nervous system. Their abuse can be harmful to health, especially in terms of the heart system, stomach acid, and hyper-excitement.

On the contrary, if consumed in moderation (up to 4 cups of espresso or up to 4 cups of tea), they have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. So, eliminating them unless they are pleasing to the palate is a choice that can be questioned.

Tom Brady definitely lives a life focused on football: field workouts, single workouts, gym, specific activities and games as a last resort. For a person like that, not changing their nutrition on the day of the match compared to other days may not be a problem

TB12 meal plan

This is a diet used to start a better lifestyle and is a simple model of a diet based on 80% vegetable source food and the other 20% of animal source. Here is what Tom’s day looks like.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese 150grams with honey

Snack:   Honey with some nuts, rice, and smoked seitan

Lunch: 150gr of rice or 100gr of whole-meal pasta with tomato sauce, better if you make it with some vegetables, some lettuce. He also adds beans and some lentils as a source of proteins.

Snack: As a snack, you can have a vegetable centrifugate, add some protein powders to get an extra quantity of proteins.

Dinner:  Vegetable curry made with some tofu, onions, beans, lentils, chickpea, tomatoes and curry spices.

Obviously, this diet can be a good fit for a person with a normal physical activity, Tom has surely a rich diet with more calories in order to perform at his best during the matches and workouts. Maybe his diet is similar to the Chris Pratt diet.

TB12’s diet pros and cons

Let’s see some pros and cons of the diet followed by Tom Brady.

First of all the fruit, must be an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet, unless you are in the presence of some diseases (for which among other things are not recommended some types of fruit and not all). Tom does not believe in weight loss pills like the Belviq diet pill.

It provides simple sugars of natural origin, vitamins, mineral salts, and water. In the food pyramid at least two portions of fruit, a day are suggested.

A fruit can be considered as a natural supplement of beneficial substances and its consumption allows you not to have additional supplement with supplements bought in pharmacies. It can even help you get a flat belly diet recipes.

Tom Brady, especially in the United States, is an idol of the young; the fact that details of his life are made public in the public domain, such as nutrition, which reveals a not entirely balanced approach, risks becoming harmful to many boys with the desire to be like the famous QB. They could adopt unbalanced diets and suffer damage. For other celebrities’ diets, you can take a look at Gigi Hadid diet.

In conclusion, it is good, but not exactly great. So why is Brady a successful player? Well, you have to understand that a diet will not win you a race, but it can make you lose it.

The diet that the chef describes in his interview is rich in high-quality organic foods that optimally promote the state of health. There is an imbalance for the elimination of fruit and a perhaps not too balanced approach to nutrition, but all in all, it is a healthy diet. You can also take a look at beach body diet reviews.

Tom Brady is a person with an undisputed talent for American football, who trains with discipline and rigor following daily plans for most of the calendar year.

Play in the NFL, and you will surely be followed at least by a sports doctor, if not by a whole team of experts in sports health: doctor, nutritionist, and even a physiotherapist.  Tom and Gisele Bundchen’s diet is surely a big lifestyle change for them and they are surely enjoying its results as a family.

You are also certain that if you lose one pound of weight, or if you gain a pound, or even if the analysis of body composition or blood do not always give a perfect outcome, then you will be immediately supplemented with food supplements. You will be placed on a changed diet from week to week until it falls within the parameters of maximum physical efficiency. This is the luxury of being a famous football player who is winning games for this team.