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The South Beach Diet: Phases, Menu, Recipes, Plan and Food List

What is the south beach diet?

And once again we find ourselves in front of a craze of dieting. People want to lose weight; but, of course, they are looking for the best diet possible. The one that lets them, maybe, eat the food they like.

While many embrace regimens to be healthy (and that is the case of the Macro diet recipes where you focus on macronutrients), others might go to the extreme of things and lower their intake to a minimum number of calories, like the case of the 1000 calorie a day diet.

The truth is most diets do let you lose weight; however, you have to look for the healthiest weight loss. Also, you do not want to get stuck in the yo-yo dieting system. Let us take the example of the Mediterranean Diet recipes book. This book will explain to you about how to cook healthy and light. This one is a special diet and is a great way of life especially for those suffering from any kind of heart problem. The 30 Day Diet menu, on the other hand, does put your month together, but you need to know how to maintain your weight loss by following a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, some like to pick the extreme bulletproof diet recipes that have been shown to be very effective for several celebrities. The reviews as well as the before and after results swear by the positive experience this kind of diet is giving them. Or you might pick the slow carb diet results that have been embraced by many individuals who might have issues with their insulin and blood glucose levels.

This article will handle an amazing system that has been a hit in the USA; it is called the South Beach diet. The system is very famous and was developed by a cardiologist. So, no amateur health lover had anything to do with the system. Despite the fact that a doctor created this regimen, it is still considered as a commercial diet. Dr. Agatston released his regimen through a book called “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss.” The diet was named after the area of South Beach in Miami. The diet does follow a low carb system where you eat a lesser amount of carbs and a high amount of proteins and healthy fats. The menu is very wide. You are not to count your carbs, but this macronutrient is restricted to a certain extent. This is not similar to the Dukan diet.

For people who might have diabetes, you can take a look at the diabetic gastroparesis diet menu that can explain to you the different guidelines you need to follow. You can even take a look at the whole food plant based diet that is a very healthy system embraced by many.

The South Beach diet plan is a kind of a well-balanced meal plan. It is considered as a healthy way of eating where you improve the results of your wellness and lose weight at the same time. Many people choose to follow the system because they like the variety of the food list. Others like it because it lowers their intake in carbs and fat and gives them great results. Reviews of this system are impressive. Many who tried this system declare that it helped change their life and not just helped them lose weight. The meals are many and you can even find cookbooks. You can adjust this diet if you are following a vegetarian system. So, in other words, it is a great way to lose weight and even has a diet app. If you are an individual who likes his proteins, you can take a look at the Ideal Protein diet plan.

This diet is a well-balanced system that consists of three phases that will help adjust your lifestyle and eating habits by removing the sources of bad carbs from your life and replacing them with good carbs, lean protein sources and good fats. Just like any system, the South Beach diet did evolve with time and now wants its followers to workout. If you are on this diet, you need to exercise regularly to keep boosting your metabolic rate and get rid of any weight loss cessation throughout your journey to your ideal body weight.

According to the diet developers, this system can help you lose up to 13 pounds in the first stage. This weight is expected to be the fat gathered around your belly area. During the second phase, you would expect to shake off up to two pounds per week for as long as you follow the system. This is actually the best weight loss formula. It is always easy to lose weight when following a diet; the problem happens when you stop the diet and end up gaining all the weight back. With the South Beach diet, you are not to expect such an unwanted result. You will be able to lose all the weight that has been bothering you without fearing any weight gain. This diet will help you shake off a lot of weight in its initiation phase, which is phase one. Then, the weight loss will be normalized in the following step.

This diet does help you lose weight while keeping you full for a longer period of time and eventually put your eating habits on the right healthy tract. This system does encourage its followers to eat a lot of fatty fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids; so, your heart’s health will be promoted. From another angle, it helps regulate your insulin levels and trims down your belly fat. Some factors might be restricting like:

  • The kinds of fat you are using within the diet.
  • It does allow some potentially unhealthy types of fat like soybean oil.
  • You will have to watch your outings and restaurants choices, especially what you drink.

South beach diet phase 1

This phase spreads over a period of two weeks. During this period, you will be helped to get rid of your sugar cravings. You will need to get rid of your refined starches and sugars. You are also asked to remove anything that contains sugar like pasta, rice, bread and even fruits. Forget about alcoholic beverages as well. During this phase, you are not even allowed to drink fruit juices. From another angle, you will need to focus on eating proteins like lean cuts of meat, chicken, and some soy products.

Here is a sample day in your phase one. For breakfast, you can have some eggs cooked with kale and olive oil. Your lunch can be a roasted salmon and asparagus salad; and for dinner a nice steak with broccoli. Your snacks can be some celery with hummus or some string cheese with cucumbers.

South beach diet phase 2

During this second phase, you need to start incorporating some of the food that you were asked to eliminate during phase one. So, during this stage, you will be allowed to eat some whole grains products, some pasta or fruits. This stage is a prolonged one and you keep following it until you lose all the extra pounds. So, in other words, this stage is the bulk of the diet that comes after the first stage, which you can consider the initiation.

A sample during phase two can be the following: Peanut butter oatmeal in the morning, followed by an apple walnut chicken salad for lunch and a pork fajita and guacamole for dinner. Your snacks can be some cucumbers with hummus and some low fat cottage cheese with tomatoes.

The last stage, stage three, of the South Beach diet is nothing but a maintenance system that is intended to guide you towards a healthy way of eating that will help you maintain your weight loss and prevent any relapse. Most foods are allowed and you will learn how to juggle the options. You will be able to apply all that you learned in the previous stages.

South beach diet recipes

Winter Salad with Parmesan:  This is a simple salad made of red lettuce, celery chunks, arugula leaves, with some parmesan and lemon and oil dressing.

Chicken Piccata: For this amazing meal, you will need some skinless chicken breasts, dry sherry, capers, olive oil, paprika, parsley, lemon juice and pepper.

Chicken and Broccoli Mustard: for this meal, you will need some chicken broth, light soy sauce, broccoli, garlic, olive oil, chicken and Dijon mustard.

Cauliflower with Parmesan: This recipe is a great option and very simple to prepare. You will need some cauliflower, olive oil, black pepper, and Parmesan. The way of preparation is very simple and you can substitute the cauliflower with any other kind of veggies like asparagus, artichoke, tomatoes, green beans, onions, and Brussels sprouts.

Teriyaki Tuna: This one is also a very simple recipe where you need soy sauce, some chicken broth, ginger, and tuna steaks. You can also add some garlic for the marinade. It is a simple way to prepare a meal that is low in fat and almost containing no carbs. On the other side, it is very low in proteins as it contains 34g per serving. This can be a great idea for a frozen meal.

This diet is simple and yields good results. When you follow it, you will be encouraged to have a lot of seafood, lean beef, lean chicken, lean pork, with lots of veggies and some legumes. You will also be eating some eggs and low fat dairy. So, whatever recipe you might have, you can do some substitutions and alter the recipe according to what is allowed and what is not. Quantities are not limited, but you will have to watch out for the items that contain some fat like mayonnaise or oil. You will also need to make sure that your meat is extra lean and your chicken is skinless. You are allowed to eat the egg in whole unless you have some other recommendations from your doctor. In case you have any health condition, you need to check with your healthcare giver to make sure that you are picking the right diet for you. Nuts, on the other hand, can be limited as well. These are very healthy but contain a lot of fat. You may even decide to exchange the nuts by some flax seeds in a ratio of one serving of nuts for three big spoons of seeds.

South beach diet plan

Now that you learned the basics of this dietary system, here is a small example of a day in your phase one. You will wake up in the morning and have an omelet with some smoked salmon. You can have some tea or coffee on the side. Your omelet can also be replaced by boiled eggs with ham on the side. For lunch, you can have a nice veggies salad where you can be as creative as you can with your vegetables. Feel free to add some shrimps or tuna on top. As for drinks, you can have some sparking water or a nice unsweetened iced tea. Your dinner will be some grilled pork or chicken with a side of grilled veggies and a side seasonal salad.

During the first stage, you can still enjoy a nice ricotta cheesecake. If you get hungry throughout the day, you are allowed to have some cheese sticks or turkey slices. You can even take some roasted chickpeas. These are excellent snacks.

This diet is a safe plan with no foreseen health risks like the very restricted systems. You will be able to live a very healthy lifestyle by following this very rich system. As a result, you will feel healthier and more energetic. You will boost the health of your heart by regulating your blood cholesterol levels. You can get all the help you need with following this diet through purchased books and apps. During the first stage where ketosis is to happen when you stop taking in carbs, you might experience some side effects like nausea, dizziness, fatigue and possibly dehydration.

South beach diet food list

The food list of this diet changes between phases. Here is an example of every stage.

Stage one: you are advised to eat some lean proteins, legumes, nuts and seeds and oils. During this phase, you can have some tea, coffee, sugar-free sodas, and veggies juices. You are also allowed to have some desserts like jellies, popsicles, candies, and cocoa butter. These will have to be unsweetened and sugar-free.  Here are a few examples:

  • Nut butters
  • Flaxseeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds
  • Raw nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts.
  • Vegetable oils
  • Avocados
  • Beans and hummus. You have a big variety of legumes to pick from.
  • Chicken breast, fish and pork.
  • Lean beef and even lamb
  • Eggs and low fat dairy products
  • Herbs and spices are allowed and even encouraged
  • Vinegars are good for dressings
  • Soy sauce and light cream are also allowed

From another angle, you will need to avoid a few options like fatty meats, butter, whole dairy products, fruits, grains, alcohol and some starchy veggies like beets, carrots, corn, and potatoes. You may also be asked to avoid anything food containing refined sugar as well as honey and maple syrup. So, having a good old pancake with some syrup on top is no longer your breakfast option.

Stage two will allow you to eat all the food that were included in the first stage; and, on top of that, you are allowed to start adding fruits, grains and starchy veggies. You will probably add up one serving a day and then gradually reach up to three. You are even allowed to have an alcoholic drink every once in a while. From another angle, you will be able to allow yourself some sweets every now and then since this diet is not about restricting the food you like. Eventually, you will end up eating one to three servings of fruits on a daily basis, up to four servings of vegetables, and occasionally alcohol. Also, during this phase, you are still not encouraged to eat fatty meals, whole dairy products, and refined sugars.