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The Scarsdale Diet, Menu, Plan, Recipes, Reviews and Results

Scarsdale diet menu

 Dr. Herman Tarnower produced the Scarsdale Diet Menu to assist with loss of weight by affording an opportunity for rapid  weight loss owing to decreased number of calories. The Scarsdale diet was fashioned in the 1970s for the purpose of losing weight. The main features of the offered tips have to do with decreasing the quantity of calories as well as the quantity of carbohydrates. This diet is intended to perform as a medical diet that not only brings about hasty loss of weight but also end results are overwhelming. Folks who embrace this diet are supposed to consume three meals every day comprising forty-three percent protein, twenty-two point five percent fat, and thirty-four percent carbohydrates. They also imbibe a minimum of four cups of water every day. These proportions will tentatively trim down calories. This diet contains a high content of protein and is premeditated to be pursued for a period of seven or fourteen days during which snacks are not permissible.

This plan is formulated for any person who desires to lose weight swiftly. As specified by the aims of the originator of the plan, anyone could lose up to twenty pounds in merely a fortnight. On the other hand, explorations recommend that though the 17 day diet results are intriguing, yet it may not be a resourceful way to lose weight or avoid gaining it.

Scarsdale diet plan

Comprising smaller amount of calories in comparison to what an average dieter eats generally, the Scarsdale Diet acts on the tips that the body can survive for a week or fortnight on a set of choices that included forty-three percent proteins, twenty-two point five percent fat and thirty-four point five percent carbohydrates. Though this plan frequently generates rapid loss of weight, yet folks discover the set of choices to be excessively inflexible to be pursued for a long duration. It presents dieters with eight hundred and fifty to one thousand calories each day.


It continues to be the constant every day of the plan and takes account of fruit such as half a grapefruit/any other fruit of the time of year. Besides fruit, breakfast takes account of a slice of baked protein bread (without any butter) and tea/coffee.  Honey, sugar, milk, cream can be supplemented to the tea/coffee.

Every day set of choices:



  1. Tomatoes (may be segmented, simmered or roasted)
  2. Slices of cold cooked meat of any variety
  3. Tea, diet soda, water or coffee


  1. Fish/ shellfish
  2. Salad (blend of green leafy vegetables)
  3. A piece of baked protein bread
  1. Grapefruit, or other fruit of the season
  2. Tea, coffee, diet soda or water



  1. Roasted, thin hamburger (the dieters are permitted to eat as many as they desire)
  2. Celery, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes and four olives
  3. Water, tea, coffee or diet soda


  1. Fruit salad with some selection of fruits
  2. Tea, coffee, diet soda or water



  1. Tuna fish / salmon salad (draw off the oil)
  2. Vinegar and Lemon  flavoring
  3. Melon, grapefruit or any other  seasonal fruit
  4. Water, tea, coffee or diet soda


  1. Segmented baked lamb with all noticeable fat detached (this may be swapped with turkey, fish, chicken, or sea food)
  2. Salad (celery, lettuce, tomatoes, or cucumber)
  3. Tea, coffee, diet soda or water



  1. Two eggs in any manner; however do remember not to use oil while cooking
  2. Cottage cheese that has a low fat content
  3. Simmered tomatoes, or string beans or zucchini
  4. A slice of baked protein bread
  5. Tea, coffee, water or diet soda


  1. Baked, grilled or barbecued chicken (with all fat removed)
  2. String beans, green peppers or spinach
  3. Water, diet soda, tea or coffee



  1. An assortment of cheese slices (with low fat content)
  2. Spinach (unrestricted portion)
  3. A slice of baked protein bread
  4. Tea, coffee, water or diet soda


  1. Fish or shellfish
  2. Combination salad (including any fresh vegetables, raw or cooked)
  3. One slice of toasted protein bread
  4. Coffee, tea, water or diet soda



  1. Fruit salad (whichever blend of fruits)
  2. Tea, coffee, diet soda or water


  1. Baked chicken or turkey
  2. Salad together with lettuce and tomatoes
  3. Grapefruit or any other fruit of the season
  4. Tea, water, coffee or diet soda



  1. Chicken or Turkey dished up hot or cold
  2. Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes or carrots
  3. Grapefruit or other fruit of the season
  4. Tea, coffee, diet soda or water


  1. Barbecued or grilled steak with fat removed, and any slice of meat (an unrestricted segment )
  2. Salad comprising lettuce, celery, and tomatoes
  3. Brussels sprouts
  4. Diet soda, tea, water or coffee

Note: The same diet plan could easily be repeated on other days of the week

Limitations of Scarsdale diet

Scarsdale diet choices consist of several limitations; for instance, candies and desserts are not permitted. Dairy fats are barred. Macaroni, spaghetti and any other flour-based products are held back. Ice cream, ice milk, iced custard or ice-covered products are permissible.

For those who believe in vegetarian food, the good news is that a Scarsdale vegetarian diet is also available; however, at the same time as you are on Scarsdale Vegetarian Diet it is obligatory that you imbibe lots of water (a minimum of four glasses). Tea (without sugar) and diet soda are also permissible.

Substitutes for the typical meals: As a substitute for the classic lunch/ dinner on some of the days you could have a hot/cold vegetable platter. You can make use of any vegetable that you are fond of (not including the ones that are not permissible). If you prefer, you could also eat a single roasted potato besides the vegetables. Put a quantity of salt and chives (that have an onion-like flavor) on the potatoes for seasoning. A few other substitutes excluding these are as follows:

  1. Use half a cup boiled rice as a substitute for potatoes.
  2. Use a solitary slice of baked protein bread and don’t put in any sugar/ jam / jelly on it.
  3. Four oz poached soybeans can also be eaten.
  4. To add taste to your salads you can make use of vinegar/ lemon seasoning. Some other fat-free seasoning can also be employed.

Mentioned below is a basic shopping list instruction for those who want to pursue the Scarsdale diet.

  1. Protein bread: whole grains, whole wheat etc.
  2. Fruits such as grape fruit, lemons, limes etc.
  3. Vegetables such as celery, cucumbers, baby carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, green peppers, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and so forth.

It is up to you to use the following for seasoning the salads:

  1. Onions
  2. Shallots
  3. Leeks
  4. Scallions

Scarsdale diet recipes

There are disparities in the Scarsdale diet recipes which are revealed by the type of ingredients needed and the course of them.

The invigorating Hamburger Scarsdale preparation. You must take a pound of lean cut of minced beef and insert a tablespoon of Worcestershire paste and as well as a teaspoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of pepper. After that, insert portions of delicately chopped onions; these components need to be blended mutually and be separated into four pieces of burgers of identical size. The blend must be grilled for fifteen to twenty minutes till the time; the cuts of beef exude fluid. The non-vegetarians also choose an additional meal that is known as Seasoned Fish with Japanese vegetables. The components for such a meal incorporate four parts of the fatty fish – tilapia, a cut lemon alongside the chunks, two cups of beans, a couple of shredded carrots, a quarter piece of onion, a green pepper from which the  central part and seeds have been removed, a cup of washed cut mushrooms, and a cup of pea pods. As far as the technique of cooking the dish is concerned, the primary step is to lay the fish into a frying pan sprinkled with vegetable oil. After that you are supposed to put salt, oregano, pepper, ginger powder, thyme on top of the jumble. The components need to be steamed up to the time of completion. Afterward, the substance must be detached from the frying pan and a lemon should be squeezed over the slices of fish. Vegetables must be included as the next step. At that moment, the pan –fried vegetables should be sizzled in medium heat and when they are blanched, they must be dished up in four identical segments.

There are several other recipes too.

Scarsdale diet reviews

  • The Scarsdale diet was at one time a ground-breaking weight loss set up, as it stressed an elevated quantity of protein with restricted amounts of carbohydrates and fats. At this point, it has been revealed that having modest amounts of carbohydrates with high protein content can possibly bring on adverse or unwanted secondary effects. Various consumers of this regime have also found adverse effects and a paucity of long-lasting loss of weight.  This short-lived way out is not recommended for more than two weeks successively. Various websites affiliated with health have also revealed that the weight loss is probably merely water weight, which swiftly reappears and isn’t tangible loss of fat.
  • Slimmers are inclined to illustrate their weight loss victory truthfully with the Scarsdale Diet. This is probably for the reason that the calories have been restricted; on the other hand, the statements about success stories of loss twenty pounds during a period of fourteen days is controversial and if at all true, it is still probable that there truly isn’t any possible manner that it could be labeled as a safe way to lose weight or a weight loss plan that could be carried on as a normal eating routine for dieters.