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The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Diet Plan with Supplements for Workouts and Bodybuilding

Celebrities are ordinary people living an extraordinary life. They make us cry, they make us laugh, and they even make us jealous. Looking their best, having perfect hair and skin and showing off their amazingly perfect body! Well, that’s them. Among the many men who bombard our screens, there is one specific man who is the symbol of the perfect sexy body: Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock!

Who is the Rock?

This amazingly good-looking man is an actor and producer, as well as a professional wrestler. He is 45 years old and did his university years at the University of Miami. In 1991, this superstar won a national championship while playing college football at his university in Miami. In 1995, he decided to start training for professional wrestling. He was not the first in this line, as his father and grandfather before him were sucked in the world of wrestling as well.

The Rock began his acting with the famous movie The Scorpion King, from which he made 5.5 million dollars. That was a first in the world of acting. Nobody gets paid that much from his first movie. Following his first success, this robust man starred in The Fast and the Furious as well as many other movies. In 2013, he was listed at number 25 on the list of most powerful celebrities. Despite all his success, he did find time to his philanthropic work. In 2007, he donated one million dollars to his previous university to renovate the football arena.

In 2014, this powerful man moved to the southwest ranches in Florida where he currently resides to honor his Samoan ancestors.

The Rock Diet Plan

While many celebrities follow popular diets like the Atkins diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat and proteins, our WWE superstar opted to have his personalized system. It is true that there are so many well-known regimens with proven results like the sugar detox diet. This method has helped many people get over their sweet tooth, and lean towards a healthier lifestyle.

Others have tried to follow the grapefruit juice diet that extends over a period of seven days. This system makes you lose up to one pound every day and beat your bloating, as well as boosting both your energy and immunity.

From another angle, many tried the Mediterranean diet meal plan and ended up feeling healthier than ever! This system relies on eating healthy while consuming olive oil and red wine. It is a heart-friendly system that helps as well the process of losing weight.

The Rock surely knew how to make the perfect combination of nutrition, exercising, and supplements. He explained that he did 22 weeks of dieting that were relying on egg whites, some filet mignon, chicken, and fish. He was also indulging in broccoli, oatmeal, asparagus, baked potato, rice, salads, and other carbs. All the food options were weighed and well spread throughout the days. He was having carbohydrates part of every meal that ended up being balanced with the rest of the nutrients. His meals were made of proteins, carbs, and fats.

The Rock did not forget about supplements. He did not take the adipex diet pills. Along with his very rich diet, he took glucosamine as well as many vitamins. Once a day, he was taking a protein shake with chondroitin, glutamine and branched amino acids. This shake is his after-workout sacred drink!

So, while some people are counting the calories to lose weight, Dwayne Johnson was eating about 5000 calories per day! If you want to know how to lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate, then you do not need to follow the path of Dwayne Johnson. He did take it to the extreme and his ways might be tough to follow for many. You might want to check the fast metabolism diet review. This regimen, specifically, teaches you how to burn more calories by eating more. It consists of three phases that are repeated four times. These stages will help you unlock stored fat and build muscles while unwinding stress and calming the adrenals.

How did he burn the Calories?

While many diets rely on a 1200 Calories per day, the Hercules superstar was eating 5000! Can you imagine eating that much food? Well, to burn off these calories, this fantastic man worked out six days a week while taking one day off. His routine was to have 60 minutes of cardio followed by 90 minutes of weights. He did this method over a period of six months and ended up with a dreamy body! He is living proof that it doesn’t matter how much food you eat as long as you focus on the ratio of the calories you eat and the calories you expend while working out or exercising.

Here is an example of the Rock’s workout while he was preparing his body for one of his memorable performances. First of all, he always did his 60 minutes of cardio. This exercise is the beginning of every workout. Following this healthy routine, he starts his bodybuilding exercises.

Mondays, he starts with four sets dumbbell bench press, followed by three sets of flat bench cable flyes, four sets of barbell bench press, five sets of incline dumbbell press, four sets of cable crossover, and finally three sets of barbell incline bench press medium-grip.

Tuesdays is a unique workout for his legs. He starts with four sets of leg press, four sets of barbell walking lunge, three sets of leg extensions, three sets of seated leg curl, three sets of smith machine calf raises, three sets of thigh abductors, and three sets of barbell lunges.

Wednesdays are for his abs and arms. He normally does three sets of the barbell curl, four sets of hammer curls, four sets of spider curl, three sets of triceps push-downs, three sets of dips, four sets of hanging leg raises, and four sets of rope crunches.

Thursdays are specifically for his back. The Rock started with four sets of wide-grip lat pull-downs, four sets of barbell deadlifts, four sets of barbell shrugs, four sets of pull-ups, four sets of hyperextensions, four sets of one-arm dumbbell rows and finally three sets of inverted rows.

Fridays are for shoulders, and the Rock would begin with four sets of dumbbell shoulder presses, four sets of front dumbbell raises, four sets of side lateral raises, four sets of standing military presses, and three sets of reverse flies.

Finally, Saturdays are the last day of workout within a week. Dwayne hits it with four sets of leg presses, four sets of barbell walking lunges, three sets of leg extensions, three sets of seated leg curls, three sets of smith machine calf raises, three sets of thigh abductors, and three sets of barbell lunges.

This type of workout will make you feel tired by just reading about it! This hunk evidently proved to the world how dedicated he could be to his image and body.

The Rock’s sample Menu

The University of Miami graduate surely knows how to bring together eating well and exercising. Here is a sample of one day. Dwayne eats up to seven meals during a day. His first can be 10 ounces of cod with two eggs and a cup of oatmeal. Later on, he takes-in 8 ounces of cod with sweet potatoes and veggies. His third meal can be 8 ounces of chicken with 2 cups of white rice and vegetables. The fourth meal is 8 ounces of cod with 2 cups of rice, some veggies, and fish oil. For lunch, he would eat a steak with baked potatoes and spinach. Meal 6 is, once again, cod, rice, and salad. Then, finally, the last meal is casein proteins with veggies and fish oil.