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The Pineapple Diet for Weight Loss: Is it good? Plan and Benefits

The pineapple diet: what is it?

From the Khloe Kardashian weight loss diet to the Endomorph diet menu, it can be highly confusing to put together one simple meal plan that will help you shake off your extra weight. There are several diets that are being followed worldwide that one cannot pinpoint just one good system and follow it. When one thinks of a diet, the first idea that comes to mind is a very restricted system with very little calories. This can be the case of the pineapple diet that is being circulating lately. When you think of a single fruit diet, you will surely not be expecting any muscles building like the fighter diet reviews.

The pineapple diet is a weight loss regimen that expects you to eat as much as two pounds of pineapple in as little as five days! You will also be expected to eat other kinds of healthy food options. This way, you should expect to lose weight fast and in a healthy way. What it does is that it gets your body rid of excess water and helps you delocalized your fat stores. You will also detox your system. Many people’s reviews, who tried this system, benefited from a flat belly while enjoying a good juice. Such a weight loss system would not be acceptable if you are following a fertility diet and it is only intended to be followed for a short period of time.

Is pineapple good for diet?

Pineapples are great fruits that are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. They are loaded with fibers and are simply low in calories. They are a sweet kind of fruit that can be eaten or juiced. This fruit is actually called as the natural food that leads to a perfect body. It has no fat and has many health benefits.

Pineapples have many health benefits that are:

  • Helps boost your metabolic rate and speeds up your metabolism. This is due to one component that is the bromelain. Professionals claim that this effect is not long term.
  • Pineapples are rich in carbs. So, make sure you count your calories to make sure you do not exceed the recommended amount.
  • It will help boosting your immune system.
  • Pineapples have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • This fruit is rich in many minerals like manganese and copper. These are antioxidants.
  • It helps curb your appetite. So, forget about overeating and feeling hungry all the time. This fruits is your sweet ticket away from overeating.

The pineapple diet weight loss: the guidelines

The pineapple diet, just like any other diet such as the Raw food diet meal plan, has many guidelines that need to be followed. Forget about what is a low potassium diet, and forget about carrying calculators to count off the macros.

  • Think of lowering your glycemic index by eating proteins with your pineapples.
  • Some versions of the diet allow other kinds of food aside the pineapple while others restrict you with eating only this fruit.
  • When you pick the tuna, make sure you are having the can that is soaked in oil and not the water packed version.

The controversies of this system are numerous. First of all, if followed for an extended period of time, you will end up having many deficiencies in your system. This is a diet that is very low in calories and many important macros. From one angle, the pineapple fruit helps boost your metabolism; from another angle, eating very little calories will slow it down. If you are planning on following the diet for a short period of time, this could be beneficial. But, you need to remember that this is a fad diet and just like any fad diet, you are not following a healthy system that will replenish your health and lead you to wellness.

Remember that a good healthy system is one that provides you with a well-balanced amount of nutrients. It is also one that helps you feel good and eat as much as you are supposed to. So, no restrictions in major food groups and no decreasing your caloric intake to the point of making you feel hungry all day long.

The truth is that the pineapple diet is not based on any scientific research and evidence based studies. People who followed this system will lose weight and most of this weight is water weight and not fat. So, pick wisely!

The pineapple diet plan

Now that you know the basics of this diet, you can take a look at how your days will look like.

Day 1:

Morning: a cup of warm water infused with honey and apple cider vinegar. You can replace your vinegar with some lemon juice

Breakfast: a cup of pineapple fruits chopped with some oatmeal. You have the choice to take some whole grain bread slices instead of the oatmeal.

Lunch: you can have some grilled tuna steak and a cup of pineapple.

Afternoon snack: you can allow yourself a cup of pineapple juice, with no added sugar.

Dinner: a large bowl of salad made of asparagus, tomatoes and pineapples. You can have it with some grilled chicken breast. You are free to replace your tomatoes with spinach. Also, chicken is substitutable with mushrooms for vegetarian people, and even fish.

When following this first day, you might feel hungry; but remember: every first day of every diet will seem harsh. Time will teach your body to get used to new ways of eating. After all, you are not missing up the Snake juice diet ingredients. This day is a good mix of tuna and pineapple, along with a couple of more ingredients.

Day 2:

Morning snack: a cup of fenugreek infusion with some water.

Breakfast: you can have two almonds soaked with a cup of pineapple fruits chopped and two eggs boiled.

Lunch: you can have a big salad made from two simple ingredients that are pineapple slices and chicken.

Snack: your afternoon snack can be a cup of juice made of a mix of pineapple and watermelon juice. You can have some lemon juice and fresh leaves of mint.

Dinner: you can have a slice of grilled salmon with some grilled veggies and a cup of chopped pineapple fruits.

Some of the pineapple diet benefits

So, the first question that comes to mind would be: does it work? The answer is a simple yes.

Such a diet would provide your body with the required vitamins and nutrients to help it lose some of its fat and deflate the water retention that has been bothering you for a while now. When you follow this system, you are eating one kind of fruit that is high in antioxidants and fibers. It does help boost your immune system as well. Along this fruit, you are allowed to have some kinds of teas that help you flush out toxins and boost your metabolism. From another angle, the kinds of meats that you are allowed to eat lightly are some low fat types such as fish and chicken. Finally, the infused water and the fruits and veggies are here to play a major role in your weight loss journey. At the end of the diet, you are losing some fat, detoxifying your system, improving your bowel movement and fighting off a lot of ailments. This diet, also, is very simple to follow and does not require any major costs. You just need to worry about buying your food which will cost much lower than your regular intake since you are cutting off a lot of different choices. If you are not into pineapples or fruits, you can take a look at some lectin free diet recipes.