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The Lindora Diet: Plan, Cost, Menu, Food List and Reviews

What is the lindora diet plan?

The Lindora Diet is a very popular diet with the aim of weight loss. The program is personalized and both, men and women can follow it, also it is personalized for different body types (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) and for different ages. The Lindora package includes support from the specialist, a personalized workout and meal plan and a program for the weight maintenance. It is a complete packet and it can be of different duration, from four weeks to teen weeks, also the plans can be repeated until the goal is reached.

The Lindora clinic offers online and offline support in their hospital in California. They were born in 1971. The founder and ideator of the Lindora program are Dr. Marshall Stamper, inspired by the weight complication of his mother.  Lindora is now helping a lot of people in the physical place but also with the online support.

Lindora is famous for the program lean for life, it is based on a Ketogenic diet with the feature of low-fat and low-carb but with a high intake of proteins. People who follow this type of diet are supervised by a specialist from the medical and psychological part.

The Lindora diet is a program very similar to other and it works in phases. The most famous plan called, lean for life, includes four phases. The dieter can eat three meals during the day, with also three snacks protein-based.

The average weight loss from this program for the participants starts from eight to twenty-four pounds, depending on the week that the dieter follows the regime.

One of the most important things is that the Lindora company accompany the meal plan with personalized guidelines, teaching the dieters how to have a better approach with food and do another program by yourself when the Lindora program is finished. In fact, the ultimate goal of Lindora’s Clinic is not only helping to lose weight but give a new lifestyle to the dieter. It is important to say that the Lindora plans do not follow the recommended eating guideline, that’s because the Lindora diet is a low-carb and low-fat diet.

lindora diet plan cost

The prices of Lindora depends on the program that you want to follow, obviously, the online participants get better prices than patients followed in the clinic. The online cost of Lindora is:

  • Six weeks of the program Lean for life costs 149$ to $210, depends on the discount that you are using and the additional services that you want;
  • Ten weeks of the program Lean for life costs 175$ to $245, depends on the discount that you are using and the additional services that you want;
  • Ten weeks of the program Lean for life personalized (that fit for your personal needings) costs 249$ to $310.
  • There is also the Lean for Life program designed to prevent diabetes, the cost is around $500.

The Lindora Clinic offers an offline service for the clients that live in California, the cost of the service is more or less the same, from $179 (four weeks) to $390 (ten weeks). With the offline program, you have the access to other services, there is an initial health visit to do before starting the program ($75), then the lab work ($150) and a diet book where you have to write your habits ($19). Also twice a week you need to do a visit with the nurse coach  ($32.50). If you like to follow a celebrity like diet, you can take a look at the Wendy Williams weight loss diet.

lindora diet menu

This is the plateau diet plan from Lindora, plateau means a period in which the body does not change during the diet, it is like a momentous stop from the weight loss. That problem is caused by a slow metabolism after a very low daily calorie intake. This diet is not very similar to the low carb high fat diet who has side effects.

The Plateau Diet helps to maximize the weight loss and start again after a plateau period. That’s the example of Lindora plateau diet.

Breakfast: At breakfast, you can have 1 egg (Poached or boiled), then a grapefruit or some bananas and something to drink like a green tea, without sugar. You can take a look at some matching Alkaline diet recipes.

Lunch: you can have some white fish (cod) accompanied with some raw vegetables (green leaf) and half a cup of cooked spinach. Finish the meal with a grapefruit. This surely is not the bulletproof diet meal plan.

Dinner: you can have some white meat (turkey or chicken) accompanied with some raw vegetables (green leaf) and a cup of cooked spinach. Finish the meal with a grapefruit.

The Lindora Plateau diet gives instruction to consume water during the day and before go to bed a cup of hot lemon and water. This could be a great advice for those following the vegetable diet weight loss.

lindora diet food list

The ingredients contained in the Lindora’s supplement (food, shakes, bars, etc.) are often high-quality ingredients, but let’s see in details what the lindora supplements contain and their efficiency.

  • Soy Protein Isolate:  Soy Proteins, on which you can read many positive opinions about their effectiveness. Soy is the legume that boasts the best protein content of the plant kingdom, and not only. Its seeds contain 36.9% protein compared to their dry weight. A very high percentage, higher than any vegetable and even meat and fish (which contain about 20% -25% protein). As for the supplements, we speak of isolated soy protein, free of any anti-nutrient or substances present per se in this legume. proteins from soybean isolate are considered an excellent alternative to whey proteins, to meet the dietary requirements of all those who, either for ethical reasons or just for the sake of trying a different diet, prefer to reduce or eliminate proteins of animal origin from one’s diet. It must also be said that soy proteins stand out for their quality and effectiveness compared to all other proteins of plant origin. For example, compared to the isolated Pea proteins (which are often proposed by companies, also because the raw material has a lower cost and therefore there is an economic interest to propose it).
  • Fructose: Its sweetening power is up to 40% higher than all the other sugars, so we can consume fewer quantities to obtain the same sweetening effect, even if we have a low glycemic index. It must, therefore, be metabolized by the liver before it can be used by the body. The caloric intake is equivalent to that of the sugar family, about 4 calories. Instead, the glycemic index is 23, compared to 100 of glucose and 57 of sucrose. Is it better to use white or cane sugar or fructose to sweeten? With a lower sugar glycemic index and a greater sweetening power, fructose can be used to sweeten hot or cold drinks. However, we must not exaggerate.
  • Corn Syrup Solids:  Corn syrup (HFCS) is widespread especially in the United States. There are many foods in the preparation of which it is used. Soft drinks, bottled teas, fruit juices, yogurt, ketchup, sweets, snacks, biscuits, croissants, crackers, energy drinks, sauces and even ice cream. Recently, in America, some studies conducted by Dr. Mark Hyman have attempted to clarify the effects that high-fructose corn syrup could have on human health. The question is very controversial, corn syrup and health is a very debated topic but certain results, at the moment, there are none.
  • Acesulfame-K: Acesulfame K (E950), is a sweetener with a sweetening power 200 times greater than that of sugar. It is not metabolized by the body but expelled intact by urinary route. Initially raised suspicions about the potential carcinogenicity of this additive have been denied, even though the European Union has set a maximum daily ceiling of 9 mg / per kilogram of body weight. Although it is considered safe today, it is an additive that has been studied for quite some time. When in doubt, it is better to avoid taking it, preferring more natural sweeteners, especially in the case of children or pregnant women.
  • Cellulose Gum: Cellulose gum is essentially a thickening agent used in all types of food products. Many diets and low-fat products use food additives such as cellulose gum to give food a denser and more creamy consistency, making it much more palatable for consumers. It is an additive, not a real food ingredient. Although cellulose gum is generally considered a safe and acceptable food additive, there is still the potential that there are still unknown risks because it is not a traditional whole food. Since cellulose gum is sometimes called dietary fiber on food packaging, one might think that more fiber is obtained in the diet than it actually is. Some organizations warn that cellulose gum is not as healthy as the fiber you will find in natural foods

lindora diet reviews

The Lindora Clinic offers an exclusive experience, there are pros but also cons about this diet.


  • Dieters receive constant support from professional and are followed by a specialist during the journey;
  • The idea of the Lindora Clinic is to change the dieter’s lifestyle and not only help him to lose weight with pills or shakes;
  • You can have both, online and offline support.


  • The Lindora plans are very expansive;
  • It is difficult to get the access to the program; this system is not like the salad diet plan.
  • The Lindora do not offer a workout program with the diet;
  • It is a ketogenic diet, with macronutrients quantities different from the recommended from the world health organization;
  • Supplements contain some probably dangerous ingredients.

There are several diets out there, some are meant to treat an illness or condition like the PCOs diet plan for weigth loss; and others, are simply created to help you lose weight like the Amanda Cerny diet plan.