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The Ideal Protein Diet Plan: Recipes, Products, Phases, Food List, Reviews, Dangers.

Everyone wants to lose weight at some phase of their lives. So, when they decide to try, they start surfing the internet to find the best option for them. Not surprisingly, they might end up finding many different ways. Some might require you to buy supplements and complement them with a simple, healthy lifestyle. Such diets do not impose counting calories on the person.  Such systems include the raspberry ketone diet. Others might opt for a restricting, somewhat vegetarian, diet like the vegan diet weight loss and the natural detox diet.

If you do not like to count calories and prefer to fix your own meals, then you might also like the 21-Day diet menu. However, if you prefer a more structured diet, do not bother spending your budget on your weight loss regimen. The ideal protein diet is your solution.

What is the Ideal Protein Diet?

The system is a medically developed one that holds your hand from day one until you finish your journey. It has two main factors: one factor wants you to lose weight, and the other element wants you to understand how to live a healthy lifestyle.  The system seeks to empower you with what you need to stay at a healthy weight throughout your life.

If you wish to understand how to start, then here is your answer. You need to scroll down the 3,500 diet locations they have worldwide and pick the closest one to you. Then, your next step will be to visit one of these assigned clinics and get your consultation. When you pick this system, you need to understand that you cannot follow it by scrolling through the internet. You need to visit the closest clinic.

What you should expect from this diet is the following:

  • It is an experience and not a diet. You will be able to work one-on-one with professionals that will help you achieve your goal and succeed in your mission.
  • Your food will be personalized, and your system will only work for you and depend on your lifestyle. After all, this is a significant component. This menu will not fit all. It is carefully crafted according to your needs.
  • You will get an intensive education in nutrition and dieting. You will have explained what makes your body gain weight and what makes it lose the weight. When you know this physiology, you will understand how you need to put together your food and lifestyle to prevent any weight gain and lead yourself to health.
  • There are many online tools to help you succeed in your mission.
  • The food lists you are allowed to have are simple and easy to prepare.
  • You will get a coach who will explain to you about how to keep your weight.

What are the Basics of the Ideal Protein Diet Plan?

What you need to know is that the ideal protein diet plan consists of four phases.

  • Phase 1: you will reach your ideal body weight during this period. This weight is the perfect image you have of yourself, and you will be satisfied with the way you look.
  • Phase 2: you will learn everything you need to know about the food around you and how it interacts with your body. During this period, you will learn about the damages that can be done by having the wrong kind of food into your system. You will know the diet dangers of some food ingredients.
  • Phase 3: You will learn how to develop your own healthy habits. You will know the good alternatives and end up putting your life together for a better lifestyle.
  • Phase 4: This period will let you start your maintenance and keep the perfect weight you achieved.

So, what does this regimen do to your body?

This type of diets wants to make your blood sugar levels stable while you lose your extra weight. You will be advised to eat proper sources of proteins that you will get from buying the diet’s prepackaged protein foods. The packages are high in proteins and low in carbohydrates and fat. The regimen relies on lowering, to the maximum, the sugar available for your body, so it starts finding its energy by burning off the fat. When you start following the ideal protein diet, within only three days, your glucose reserves will run out, and your body will begin utilizing the fat. Glucose in your blood comes from the carbohydrate sources that you eat, like bread, sweets, starch, pasta, and drinks. When you eat these types of carb-rich foods, your body will break down the carbs into simple sugars, like glucose, which will be used by the body as a source of fuel or deposited into the liver and muscles as glycogen. So, as long as you are eating food options that are rich in carbs, your body is using them as a source of energy. When you stop this reserve, your system will only have one other option, which is the fat. That’s when your body will start breaking down fat that it gets from two different routes: the fat reserves in your body, and the fat sources that you are obtaining from your diet. When your diet is low in fat, then the only available fat will become the body fat. That’s how you start losing weight. The process is called ketosis.

Since this system is high in proteins, it will not be the right choice for those suffering from some illnesses such as kidney problems. In this case, you might want to understand the renal diet restrictions.

Now that you are seriously thinking about the Ideal Protein diet, here is how it goes. During the first step, women are expected to lose anywhere from three to five pounds per week, and men five to seven pounds. During this stage, you need to take in, daily, three prepacked meals from their stores. You are also allowed to have one homemade meal that has to be low in carbohydrates and fat and containing vegetables and proteins. This phase has to keep going until you lose more than 80% of your unwanted pounds.

Following the first phase, next comes the second one where you can start having two homemade meals that have the same specifications as phase one. On the other hand, you are still required to have their prepackaged meals twice a day. You have to keep going in this stage until you lose all your unwanted pounds. Phase two normally lasts two weeks.

Phase three lets you add some carbs and fat and bring down the prepackaged meals to once a day. This phase extends over a period of two weeks and is considered a very strict stage. You are required to take in some supplements and vitamins as well. Finally, the last stage will let you go back to a healthy life but while still making healthy choices. In other words, stage four is your lifestyle and is ongoing.  Several diet reviews exist explaining the amazing results this system can offer you.

Ideal Protein Diet Plan Recipes

Relying on prepackaged meals, at least for most of the diet period, you will have the chance to eat many food choices. Their breakfast packages, for example, can be cheese omelets, cereals, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins or even crepes. Lunches vary between vegetable chili, spaghetti, beef stew, and different kinds of soup. Snacks, on the other hand, consist of puddings, yogurts, nuts, puffs, and many bars.

In case you decided to follow the Ideal Protein Diet plan and spend some money on your figure, make sure you keep going with the four phases. Diets can be easy, if the right ones are chosen. Diet costs can be debilitating for some people who do not have large salaries. Instead, they might end up following the military diet.