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The HMR Diet Plan, Recipes, Shakes, Program with Real Reviews and Success Stories.

Everyone can lose weight when following a specialized diet; but you need to make sure that you are picking the right system that will walk you through maintenance. When you spend too much time, effort, and sometimes money losing those extra pounds, it will be devastating to gain them right back right after you stop dieting. So, aim for the perfect regimen for your case and lifestyle. When you have a healthy weight, you are healthy and will no longer have to worry about chronic diseases like high cholesterol levels, high triglycerides levels, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, and fatty liver diseases, among many others.

Some people prefer to take it smooth and slow and have a good amount of food while exercising. They do not want to shock their body with a fast weight loss regimen and end up gaining everything back. That was the case with the Khloe Kardashian weight loss diet. Others prefer to go on pills that will help them break the cycle and lose weight. Many have tried the raspberry ketone diet and were very satisfied. You can hear all about their success stories in real reviews.

With all these diet trends in the market, it is tough to pick just one. You might want to look for a system that has a good ranking. For example, the HMR diet plan is the number one program in the best weight loss diets category in the USA.

What is the HMR diet?

HMR refers to Health Management Resources. This diet lowers enormously the number of calories eaten within a day, which will lead to an impressive weight loss. The system lets you lose weight quickly, and the meals can be delivered right to your door. According to the developers of this regimen, it is intended to make you lose weight by replacing meals with fruits and vegetables. Also, it helps you learn about the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. They want you to work out more often and be accountable for your health and weight. They can help you achieve the desired results by being under the supervision of professionals at the clinic, or at your home. So, you have two options, and they are here for you.

How does the HMR diet work?

The HMR diet is based on the idea that when you replace your meals with fruits and vegetables, you lose three times as much weight as a regular weight loss diet. You need to replace your meals and snacks by low calorie options like:

  • Low calorie shakes
  • Low calorie meals
  • Hot cereals
  • Nutritional bars
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

By making these changes, you will feel full throughout the day. On the other hand, you are required to exercise. All you need is a 20 to 30 minutes’ walk every day.

This top ranked diet was initiated by a psychologist more than 30 years ago. It is divided into two methods. You either do it in the comfort of your home or you head to their clinics. It is not like the dukan diet list where you need to make the efforts of choosing your meals.

When you pick the at-home option, here is what you should expect:

  • There will be two phases. The first one is the quick start period that spread over several weeks until you lose all those extra kilos. You will be given everything you need to accomplish this super quick weight loss except for fruits and veggies. Your food will be sent to you every two weeks. The second phase happens when you have already lost your excess weight. You are expected to lose up to two pounds per week during phase one. The second phase will let you receive your food once a month and will focus more on educating you about on important lifestyle changes to keep your weight off. You will get phone calls as coaching sessions once a week and will keep being directed into this new lifestyle.
  • Phase one has a specific coding for your food. You will need to have a THREE-TWO-FIVE meal. This means you have to eat three HMR shakes, two HMR entrees and 5 cups of fruits and veggies throughout the day. In case you ate everything and are still feeling hungry, then you can eat more of the same food and still lose weight.
  • Throughout the diet, you can mix and match the food options given to you; but you cannot pick something that is not sent out to you.
  • You are advised not to choose restaurants as social gatherings, to avoid any temptation.
  • Phase two is a transition stage and consists of four to eight weeks. During this period, you have to keep walking like in phase one; however, your meal plans will change. You still have to eat your HMR food as well as your fruits and veggies; but, you can add other meals that are low in calories. This is the period where you build your long-term maintenance. Your outside-the-box meals can be lean meats like skinless chicken breasts, fish, and veggie burgers. You can boil, bake or steam them. You are also allowed to eat some grains like rice, pasta, and oatmeal.

When you pick the in-clinic type of diet, you begin the system with a medical screening, a medical history, and a body assessment.

So, what is the cost of this system?

The regular plan costs you about 300$ for the starter kit. After this, you will only be required to pay 185$, every two weeks. The system will let you lose weight, especially as it follows a very low calorie regimen. The possible side effects of this diet are that it cannot be altered and you might miss out on some nutrients. But the regimen is very convenient as you do not need to think about what to eat. Your food is delivered to your door, and all you need to do is to get your fruits and veggies. That’s simple! It may not be as simple as using the belviq diet pill; but it is easy to follow.

If you do not want to pay anything and still lose weight, you can follow the apple cider vinegar detox diet. This system explains that when you add apple cider vinegar to your daily food, you will lose weight. You will not need any supplement or pills. You can, as well, add the vinegar to water and drink it. You can follow this weight loss program even if you have diabetes. It is a well-being regimen that can act as a tonic for your body.

The problem with fast weight loss programs is that you have more tendencies to gain the weight back on. When you take your time to lose weight the proper way, your body will adjust, and fat cells will be targeted. You will not lose any muscle mass. This method is the way the apple cider vinegar works: it lets your body work out its healthy weight-loss. You will not need to take the HCG diet pills that are made of pregnancy hormones secreted in the urine. These medicines are over the counter and considered as a homeopathic treatment. The pill diet was developed by an endocrinologist who discovered that the HCG substance could tackle stubborn fat cells.