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The Fruit and Vegetable Only Diet: Weight Loss Plan, Benefits, and Results

The fruit and vegetable only diet: what is it?

Eating only fruits and vegetables is an idea that often occurs in the mind of those who are trying to lose weight and get rid of the extra pounds. At the same time, these people want to do it quickly.

Of course, the benefits of fruit and vegetables are many. This type of food contains a lot of nutrients that are great for our health, and that’s why nutritionists recommend consuming at least five servings a day between fruits and vegetables. But can eating only fruit and vegetables make you lose weight? Is it advisable to eat only these foods when you are on a lose-weight diet?

Both fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber which help our intestine tract and the bacterial flora. But do you know what is dietary fiber? The fiber is made up of molecules that are not directly usable by our body, only the animals like the cows can do it; they are divided into soluble and insoluble. Eating fruit and vegetables helps to take in these substances which, once they have reached the intestine, regulate the absorption of sugars and fats. Fruits and vegetables are foods that provide our body with important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C (really important for our hearth) and vitamin A (you can find a lot in carrots, and it is fundamental for the eye’s health). In addition, these foods contain folates or vitamins contained mainly in green leafy vegetables that help reduce the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood that is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

In fruits and vegetables, we can find an excellent supply of mineral salts, although the absorption of those contained in the vegetables itself is lower than that of the same minerals contained in the food of animal origin; just think of iron. These precious foods bring a good share of antioxidants, such as selenium and zinc, which have the task of fighting free radicals. Moreover, thanks to the antioxidants we have just mentioned, vegetables and fruit help to reduce the onset of chronic-degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Remember this is not a Michael Phelps training diet.

Especially if you are on a diet, other than the sugar detox diet, the dietary fiber allows you to feel satiated more quickly, as it helps to increase the volume of food ingested and to slow the emptying of the stomach.

The fruit and vegetable diet plan: the food that you should add to your diet

Let’s start writing your grocery list. Unlike the rice and beans diet, you need to start with extra virgin olive oil which is an excellent food for our diet that’s because it contains good fats, is rich in minerals and vitamins and also gives a really good taste to our dishes. Another useful food is the garlic that if you eat it raw (a clove a day) can even prevent colds and flu.

There are also other vegetables and fruit great for your health, let’s see in detail:

  • pumpkin contains vitamin C which helps to fight the first colds and to keep the skin young; it is hypocaloric and can be used in a thousand ways in a diet: rice with pumpkin, pumpkin cream, etc.
  • banana, has many sugars, but few fats. These are excellent as a snack or as part of a smoothie. You can also check the banana diet.
  • onion promotes diuresis and is therefore perfect against cellulite. Delicious soup or onion cream can be accompanied with 50 grams of toasted and chopped bread.
  • lemon has purifying properties, is rich in vitamins and low in calories. It is a great help especially when taken as soon as you wake up (fasting) to regularize the intestine and against cellulite (in fact it acts on microcirculation). This is a perfect ingredient of the many detox diets.
  • grapefruit accelerates metabolism. Rich in fibers and vitamins; it is recommended by a specialist at the end of the meal.
  • pineapple stimulates diuresis and provides a large number of vitamins; it is used to avoid water retention
  • cucumbers contain few calories, but are rich in water and for this reason have purifying properties and are very useful in any diet.

Obviously, let’s not forget to drink water, especially between meals. Drink at least one and a half liters of water every day. You can prepare a bottle of water with a few squeezed lemons every morning and consume it during the day. It will be a useful help, not only for your diet but also for your health. Water is also a major component of the Dukan diet recipes.

How effective is the fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss?

This diet is very simple to follow and serves above all after a period in which we have indulged in food a little too much It can lead to a drop in weight of about a kilo a week; it may seem only a little, but we always consider the fact that the kilos that we slowly lose are not easily gained back, so we consider this great diet. Among other things, in addition to reducing calories, we increase the introduction of vitamins, essential to strengthen our body in view of the arrival of winter and the usual seasonal illnesses. You can also take a look at the before and after results.

At breakfast, unike the Elimination diet food list, you can drink a cup of green tea sweetened with honey or with a little sugar. Green tea, unlike other teas, stimulates the metabolism and leads to a significant reduction in body fat even in just two weeks if used regularly. To the tea or milk, add two biscuits (better if whole) or three dry biscuits. To change you can drink a cup of milk, rich in protein.

As for a snack, you need to eat fresh and seasonal fruit (avoid canned fruits, because they are rich in sugar and poor in vitamins), or a fruit or vegetable blend (carrots, celery or rocket which stimulates the metabolism and contains very few calories, etc.).

At lunch you can have a plate of pasta, rice (50 grams) seasoned with some vegetables to your liking (zucchini, for example, has strong diuretic action helps to drain the body. Perfect to combine with pasta, like pasta with chicken and zucchini.). A second  dish to choose is between  fish (if you want to introduce animal source products in your diet in order to have a complete  and balanced diet) or legumes and a good dose of vegetables (salad, tomatoes, etc); the important thing is raw vegetables, because the properties of vegetables decrease considerably after cooking.

At dinner opt for vegetable soups, vegetable soups, fish soups or vegetable creams; I recommend cream of asparagus because, in addition to being hypocaloric, it has diuretic effects and contains many vitamins and minerals. As a second choice between legumes, tofu or eggs, we suggest a plate of fresh and raw vegetables. Season with a little extra virgin olive oil and with very little salt.

The fruit and vegetable diet results and benefits

Eating only fruit and vegetables do not lose weight but it can also be detrimental to our health.

Now the question is, can you get enough protein only eating fruit and vegetables? For the normal functioning of the body, protein intake is a must. In this case, a diet composed of only fruit and vegetables, in the long run, is not advisable. Proteins are necessary for the body for the repair and production of new cells among various other tasks. This is why you should include protein provided by foods, such as nuts, nuts, legumes, fish and lean meat in your diet, a minimum of twice a day. In addition, these foods also supply the body with vitamin B12, zinc and iron. These maintain the immune system in conditions of proper functioning. It will be beneficial to follow such a regimen for a two week diet plan.

In order to cover this lack of proteins in this kind of a crash diet that is made with only fruit and vegetables, you can eat foods such as beans, chickpeas, lentils, and dried fruit. This type of food combined with cereals will provide the body with the necessary amount of protein.

Certainly, consuming these foods in abundant quantities helps the body to detox and get a lot of vitamins and minerals; but, the body also needs complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fatsto both function properly and to lose weight.

Following an approach of only fruit and vegetables without the use of any legumes or cereal could be a risk, but some do resort to it for an immediate weight loss. You might end up getting the 800 calorie diet results. The real weight loss will occur, at most, at a later time, when a controlled diet with a lot of variety and no excess eating is adopted. Such a diet is simple to be adopted for one week diet or even a 5 day diet.

Eating only fruits for a few days is, by no means, a healthy choice for the body for a number of reasons: first, fruit has a high sugar content, whose excesses are responsible for most of the ailments that the average population suffers from. Second, it is precisely those macronutrients that need to be more controlled during a diet.

Eating only fruits, moreover, means depriving the body of proteins and fats that are essential for maintaining high muscle volume and, paradoxically, for activating the processes of lipolysis, that is, the melting of fat, essential for a proper weight loss. It is not a diet that can be followed by anyone: for example, in cases of diseases such as diabetes, it is completely discouraged. It is also to be avoid even if you suffer from an irritable colon. In that case, due to the high content of short-chain carbohydrates, highly fermenting, which interfere with the intestinal wall, you will facilitate the creation of digestive disorders. In short, there are a lot of contra-indications for this diet, especially for the group of people that could be suffering from an ailment.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you should include foods from different food groups to have a more balanced diet. For example, you can combine fruit and vegetables with oatmeal for breakfast. Thanks to their low caloric content and high fiber content, fruits and vegetables are great snacks. In addition to making you feel full, which will make you eat less and therefore keep your weight under control, they also provide the body with a range of essential nutrients.