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The Food Lovers Diet Plan with Sample Menu and Recipes for Weight Loss

Who doesn’t love food? There is a saying stating that if you want to find the way to a person’s heart, you need to buy them food. According to the Cleveland Clinic, when you make good food choices, you will end up having control over your weight and emotional eating.

Eating affects your mood. When you eat good food, you tend to feel good. If you eat the wrong options or eat too much or too little, then your quality of life will be affected. This will change your relationship with nourishment.

When you decide to eat healthily, you experience many changes in your life and body. These can include:

  • Having more energy and becoming more alert.
  • Feeling better when eating instead of feeling guilty.
  • Having a better health status
  • Moving faster.
  • Having a better body image: you will love the way you look, which will affect your mood and self-satisfaction level.

The way you eat is affected by many factors like your culture, your social group, your family, your economic status and your mood. Some people tend to overeat when happy, while others tend to eat a minimal amount. Some experience the same eating behaviors when stressed. All in all, many have food as a kind of coping mechanism.

When deciding on losing weight, some people go on very extreme regimens that end up making them feeling stressed and malnourished. One such example is the ABC diet.

Others might opt for a better and healthier plan. For example, the Mediterranean diet menu is a very rich one as it includes so many tasty meals prepared using authentic recipes as offered by Mediterranean countries like Italy and Greece. When following this regimen, you have to eat lean proteins, whole grains, good fat and lots of vegetables and fruits. You are even allowed to have a moderate consumption of red wine. This system is heart-friendly and promotes weight loss.

There are so many diets that really work. You can even check reviews and make your own decision accordingly. When deciding on a weight loss system, you need to make sure that you are picking the right one for you. You need to understand if the diet will keep you healthy, promotes well-being and makes you lose weight within a reasonable time as such to not gain the weight back.

If you do not want to have a detox diet, then you need to balance your meals in such a way to promote your health and keep having a healthy relationship with food. One of the diets that endorse this connection is the food lover’s diet plan.

What is the Food Lovers Diet Plan?

The food lover’s diet is the perfect choice for those who want to lose weight without following a diet. It is the ideal solution for you if you enjoy eating. The system was created by a nutritionist called Robert Ferguson. This man believes that when you do the right combination of food within a given meal, you can lose weight. Another requirement is that you need to eat every couple of hours.

To succeed in this system, you need to understand the basics of slow and fast carbs, and which types of proteins work with every kind. Fast carbohydrates are the ones that our body converts quickly into sugar; this will lead to a spike in our insulin levels. Slow carbs are the ones take a long time to digest and get metabolized. These will not cause any spike in our insulin and blood sugar levels.  So, when the carbs are paired with the right proteins, their metabolism will be affected by this same protein. Following this system, you can lose up to three pounds per week. The basics of the food lovers diet plan are similar to any healthy system, and very far from the bodybuilding diet for women. The food lover’s diet basics are the following:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables that are low in starch
  • Take in a lot of fruits
  • Lean towards whole grains
  • Have low-fat dairy
  • Opt for healthy fats

This system is very healthy and promotes well-being. It can be followed by people who have cardiovascular diseases, and can be adjusted if you are a vegan.

The diet is made of two phases. The first phase is a 21 days metabolism makeover. The second phase is the food lover’s that can be followed for a lifetime. Think of it as a maintenance diet. There is really no diet complaints from those embracing this weight loss regimen.

The first stage will teach dieters many healthy lifestyle strategies. For example, they will learn to keep a food and exercise log, to limit their sodium intake, to eat breakfast instead of skipping it, to drink a lot of water, and even to eat more fiber and get enough sleep. During this first stage, you are allowed to eat three meals per day and many snacks in such a way that you end up eating every two to three hours. The calories are not set but will never be less than 1200 for women and 1500 for men. Every meal should contain about 15g of proteins and 30g of carbs. Also, you are required to drink a lot of water! You are even asked to drink water every 20 minutes while you exercise using the specific video provided. You can find many food recipes by getting a diet book.

The first phase is spread over three weeks, and the second period, also called the maintenance phase, spreads over five weeks and can be followed for life. During the maintenance phase, the meals are less rigid, and you are allowed to add in more food options; however, you are still advised to cut down the coffee and alcohol.

Food Lovers Diet Sample Menu

There are so many food options to add to your food lover’s diet; but they should follow the same rules:

  • Your diet plate should contain one kind of protein, with one slow carbohydrate and one fast carbohydrate. An example of such a meal is some pasta with meatballs and a side of salad. This can work out fine for carb lovers.
  • Your plate can contain one protein and three slow carbs. For example, you can have a salad with grilled chicken.
  • Your plate can have one protein and one fast carbohydrate. You will end up eating a turkey sandwich.
  • Your meal should contain one big spoon of healthy fat.
  • Your snack can be any healthy option containing up to 250 calories. When you reach day six, you can start eating the accelerator snack, which should contain up to 7g of proteins.
  • You are not advised to drink a lot of coffee and tea.
  • You are not allowed to drink carbonated drinks.
  • White, bleached and enriched flour are not allowed.
  • Alcohol is not preferred when on the food lover’s diet.
  • It is better not to eat food high in sodium or those that are processed like sausages and luncheons.

Food Lovers Diet Food Options

Now that you understand the method, you need to understand the food choices of this legitimate diet. Lean proteins can be very lean cuts of beef, chicken breasts, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, and steak sirloin. Fast carbohydrates can be pasta, couscous, potatoes, apples, grapes, dried fruits, and cakes

Slow carbohydrates can be artichoke, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, eggplants, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and legumes among many others. Allowed fats can be butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, nuts, seeds, and light versions of salad dressings. Free carbs are cabbages, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and cucumbers among many others.

Other ways to lose weight

While there are many fat loss diets, many have proven to be very useful. Let’s take, for example, the special K diet plan that promotes eating healthy while eating bars and cereals from the Special K brand. Results have been very positive, and people love the system.  You can get the free diet online and do not need to pay for anything except the Special K products you end up purchasing. The Dolce Diet meal plan, on the other hand, promotes a weight loss of 21 pounds in 21 days.

Finally, while many people like to follow a structured diet, others prefer to take some pills that will help them lose weight quickly and with no added efforts. They can try the belviq diet pill. However, before taking any medicine, you might want to check if there are any side effects or warnings. You do not want to lose weight while jeopardizing your health and well-being.