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The Five Bite Diet for Weight Loss: Plan, Reviews, Results, Success Stories

What is the 5 bite diet plan?

Dr. Lewis promised people on the Dr.Oz’s  TV show that you can lose 15 pounds in a week; and then, you can lose more in the long term.

The five bite diet means that you can eat any food you want but with only five bites in any given meal with skipping the breakfast meal. The five bite diet can supply the body with about 800 calories a day, which is less than the half of the generally acquired calories per day.

The main idea of the diet plan depends upon eating five bites of any food at lunch and five bites at dinner together with calorie-free drinks and the protein supplement. There must be a daily intake of a multivitamin, which boosts the diet success with the dieter.

The intake of the daily multivitamin is because low food intake deprives the body of the needed micronutrients; so, the multivitamin and a capsule of purified omega 3, will maintain the body functions. The omega three pills possess a therapeutic benefit in the treatment of cancer and ensure the protection against the high risk of cardiovascular disorders. Fish and seafood are the most famous sources of omega  3.

Avoid the dehydration of your body, by taking at least two protein bites per day; this can be achieved by medium-sized snickers, chicken, and turkey meals. The beneficial diet focuses on the presence of the nutrient-rich food like whole grains and vegetables.

The unhealthy diet is only rich in lean proteins and excess dairy fat. After looking at patients with gastric-bypass disturbance and especially after having bariatric surgery, it was observed that they were not capable of eating but few bites of the food. The idea of the five bite diet came from that point, according to Dr. Alwin: your body will get adapted to the small bites of food, and you will not feel hunger as before.

The five bite diet is not meant to alter the daily lifestyle but is mostly intended to help the body lose weight in a fast way because the life-threatening dangers of being over-weighted are more dangerous than decreasing your daily meal bites. This system is not a science diet. It is also not a system that requires you to carry a calculator.

And also, the five bite diet is not a starvation diet, because the person can modify the number of bites from the start, by counting how many meals you take per day, and then you begin to minimize them slowly. Before and after pictures show the obvious results of such a system.

The five diet plan: guidelines and recommendations

The guidelines of the five diet plan, according to Dr. Lewis, recommend that the dieter only eats two meals: the lunch meal and the dinner meal.

The dinner and the lunch meal can include any type of food; but, should be a low-fat meal option that is also low in its caloric content. This surely is nothing similar to the 3 day watermelon diet that does not have this kind of freedom in picking your meals.

The bite should have a protein in it to protect the body from dehydration and maintain the essential body functions. You can drink any drink you want, but the drink has to be calorie-free. The diet can be adjusted to your existing diet like the diet to lower triglycerides. For example if you are already following the IBS diet foods system, you can still do the five bites diet. This surely is not the case of the weight watchers diet plan point system.

At lunch: five bites of any food; hamburger is an ideal lunch meal for the five bite diet.

At dinner: five bites of any food, like three bites of macaroni and cheese with two bites of an apple pie.

One of Dr. Lewis’ goals for his patients is to obtain a BMI of 18.5. This is undoubtedly not healthy for most people. Dr. Oz himself said that this puts him at a staggering 140 pounds.

So, Dr. Lewis promises that keeping on that plan will help you to lose 15 pounds a week and maybe more in the long run. You just need to respect his tips. The good thing about this diet is that you do not need any special recipes or fancy strict rules. So, forget about low carb high fat diet plan or even green tea detox diet.

The five bite diet reviews

Dr.oz said that people following the five bite diet, need to take a multivitamin and protein but, that is not sufficient to support the body with enough essential microelements and nutrients, but the ideal diet not only helps the people to lose weight but also protects them from cancer and a variety of cardiovascular diseases. No need to invest in a diet book. The five bites diet is nothing like the 3 day diet menu.

Some people who tried the diet mentioned that the beginning of the diet was a bad day for them, a really bad day. They don’t know what happened. They felt great during the first few days. Of course, they had the appetite, but it was controllable. The beginning was tough, when they woke up, they needed food. They felt very weak. They were going so slowly and felt like they were on the verge of fainting. They needed something to eat.

Others reviews were the following:

“So even before I went to work, I took my meal, which I wanted to eat for lunch. It was fried fish, and I ate five bites of it. I felt so much better after it. At work everything was normal. After five bites I stopped, and it felt good. But I still felt not satisfied. At 1 pm I had to go to a course to university, and after 2 hours I ate chocolate bun that has about 500-600 calories. , I felt very bad after it so out of frustration I bought another meal right away, pasta. And I ate it all up. I think those both had about 1000 calories together.”

So, what is expected from the five bite diet results?

The five bite diet is a fad like weight loss diet, which will not give you the results that you hope for on the long term, even if you were serious and curious about following it strictly, once you get back to your old style of eating, you would gain weight again.

The pros of the diet, its rapid and easy loss of weight in the short term, that within only one week you can lose 15 pounds and that is considered an outstanding result of a diet. You can choose any food you want, so that will help the people for a little feeling of diet deprivation and that will help the people to quit their meals easily.

The diet is dependent upon reducing the calorie intake, and this will be an excellent way to protect the body from several diseases, by reducing the damage of the body cells, which is an outcome of the body metabolism.

Eating more amounts of food will lead to release large amounts of the insulin, and that tends to cause inflammation and accumulation of fat in the liver and belly. Thus the five bite diet protects the body from all of that

While the cons of the diet are:

The five bite diet is not a diet to follow for a long time. As the University of Colorado has reported that the deprivation of calories could lead to nutritional deficiencies like anemia, bone loss, decreased cognitive function, and disturbance of Sertoli cell function of testicles which adversely affect the sperm production. Sertoli cells require selenium and ATP for spermatogenesis and also require multivitamins.

The function of a female genital system is dependent upon the calories and vitamins, so that could lead to menopausal cycle disturbance and harmfully affects the pregnancy and ovulation ability of the two ovaries.

It is not suitable for people suffering from hepatic and renal disorders because the liver mitochondria and an enzymatic system are based on the using of energy to carry out their functions, and so such diet is not suitable for these patients.

If your goal was the long-term weight loss, the crash diets as the five bite diet or fad diets, will not be effective because within a year the body will get involved in the yo-yo effect.

The yo-yo effect means that there is a fluctuation of body weight which is dramatical.

It may lead to attempts to eat unhealthy food and lead to bad eating habits because you are allowed only to eat ten food bites a day, so you find your self-eat anything which will adversely affect the digestion process and harm the function of the alimentary tract. The good thing is that when on the five bites diet, you will not need to think twice about the Phentermine diet pills.

Losing body water weight is also a disadvantage that comes out of the five bite diet, and that is the reason why people feel bad in the first few days of the diet.

Losing the body water weight is crucial especially for women because that damages the ovarian function and the ovarian cycle.

Another disadvantage, the body will not be able to carry out any exercises, because doing exercises needs the body to have a massive amount of calories which are required for the skeletal and smooth muscle functions.

So, feeling fatigue, tired and not capable of carrying out the daily activities, is a possible expected result from the five bite diet.

Also, a bad mood is expected to come out of the five bite diet, due to affecting the brain cell functions which at then suffer from the deprivation of the essential elements as, sugar, vitamins, and proteins.

There is possible damage for the metabolism of body cells because after returning to the healthy food and regular body lifestyle, the body is still has a limited metabolism due to the prior suffering from the severe calorie deprivation and will take time to return to the normal condition.

The five bite diet success stories

The success stories that people say about the five bite diet are numerous. We find an example of the five bite diet’ success story of Samuel Beckett, over the course of the food system which was spread over two months, he lost 24 lbs.

Another story is that of a person with a seven-year-old success story and is still healthy and alive with the five bite diet, he began with body weight 205, suffered from pre-diabetic disorders but now he is much better. It is a very successful diet story.

We can make our entire system and our life better when we follow the correct and strict eating plans, but it must not be harmful to our bodies. You may want to take a look at the Amanda Cerny diet.