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The Bulletproof Diet Meal Plan: Menu, Recipes, Before and After Results.

Why do we need to lose weight?

The majority of people have one idea that must have crossed their minds at least once: I must lose weight! Losing weight and dieting is such a favorite topic that many researchers have been working steadily for many years, and have passed on different ways to help people shake off those extra pounds.

While some want to lose weight to look their best, others want to be healthy and reduce the risks of developing a chronic disease. Many illnesses are associated with increased weight, such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, and COPD.

It is true that those who are overweight or obese often plan to start a diet; however, it always takes some time to get to the part when they pick the right plan for them and follow it. While shopping for the perfect meal plan for you, you need to keep in mind three factors:

  • Lifestyle. You have to make sure that this diet fits your daily activities. You cannot have a very low-calorie diet if you are planning on building muscles.
  • Maintenance. You have to understand that dieting is, most of the time, a lifestyle. It is not a magic pill that you need to takeand then go back to your old habits.
  • Adherence. You need to stick to the diet no matter how weird it may seem. Once you are in the cycle, you need to follow it to the letter to get the expected results.

There are many success stories explaining how well diets work. While some prefer to have sample menus before starting the regimen, others want to go on weight loss supplements. Some might even feel better when checking before and after results of existing customers. Reviews are here to help you understand all the difficulties faced as well as all the positive diet results. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that smoking is not advised, nor is alcohol.

So, if you are in a vicious circle of bad habits, you need to start considering some lifestyle adjustments. Another change that you need to make is boosting your days with some workouts and exercises. You do not need to head to the gym to burn extra calories; you just need to stop the sedentary life that you have. Walk in malls, stroll down to the park, use stairs instead of elevators, and go dancing. You can choose whatever is more comfortable for you as long as you move some of your muscles. If you are addicted to a particular kind of unhealthy food, then it is about time to say your goodbyes. Living a healthy lifestyle means getting rid of addiction and dependencies. One new system that will help you reach your dream weight and fast is the bulletproof diet.

What is the Bulletproof Diet?

The Bulletproof diet is a system that was developed by a regular man called Dave Asprey, who is a businessman. The story goes that he was a very unhealthy man and so he decided to go healthy. By going healthy using what he calls the Bulletproof diet, he claims that his IQ went up by twenty points. The system has these rules to follow:

  • You cannot eat sugar, not even honey or maple syrup.
  • You need to replace your sugar intake with good fats.
  • You need to start buying meat that comes from animals that are fed grass and living wild.
  • Get rid of gluten and any wheat-containing food.
  • Be free of grains.
  • Start eating food that does not include additives, colorants or flavorings.
  • Only eat legumes that are sprouted.
  • You need to stop eating foods that are over-processed like hydrogenated, pasteurized, and even homogenized foods.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies organic.
  • Eat only two servings of fruits per day.
  • Slow cook your food, use low temperatures and do not fry or microwave.

If you are new to dieting and the Bulletproof diet, you can find a chart that will list the food items that are either bulletproof, suspect, or toxic. The food and these groups offer all a person needs to start on the diet. So, the essential diet consists of eating up to 70% fat, 20% proteins, and 10% starch. The menu explains that the starch has to be in the afternoon and evenings.

After following this system, you reach the second level of the program. That’s when you are about to find the best version of yourself. This level will let you have a cup of the bulletproof specific coffee; then, you eat nothing till lunch time. The food ratios are still almost the same as 70% fat, 25% proteins, and 5% starch.

Finally, the last stage of the diet is the “occasional stage.” This step is when you are supposed to fast on proteins.

Bulletproof Diet Meal Plan and Food Choices

Now that you understand the basics of the Bulletproof diet, you need to have an idea about how you can mix the food to get your meals. For breakfast, you can eat fried eggs with a side of avocados. You can even eat some fried eggs with a side of veggies. Another breakfast option would be the smoked salmon, some avocados, and raw vegetables.

When it comes to your lunches, here are a few options for you. The best Bulletproof diet recipes rely on steamed vegetables. Then, blend them along with some macadamia nuts and add some spices. Another option would be to have a salad made of cooked vegetables, some butter (obtained from cows that are grass-fed) and avocados.

Finally, when it comes to dinners, here are your options. Your dinner plate should consist of ¾ veggies and ½ proteins. Then, you add your fats in the form of butter or guacamole.  Don’t forget your fruit, the only fruit you are allowed to have.

But, before your day can start, you need to have your exceptional coffee that is mixed with some butter and coconut oil. This mix is the brain empowering drink that will keep you full for many hours and boost your brain activity.

Other ways of losing weight

While the Bulletproof diet was a favorite for many people who enjoyed its results, the basics of this system are not based on science and have no evidence-based research to back them up. It was not developed by a scientist or a medical doctor. Based on the specifics of the bulletproof diet, some of you might end up preferring a system that is backed up by some studies.

Let’s take, for example, the special K diet reviews. This system was developed by many health professionals and cooks that were hired by the Kellogg’s company to offer its clients a great diet using its products. This system has been very effective and famous.

The detox diet soup on the other hand is a great way to detox your body while losing weight, fast.  Not as quick in its results is the Adele weight loss diet that depends on a mix between exercising and healthy eating for a steady and slow weight loss. This diet is the result of the famous singer Adele’s personal path for a healthier life to be a role model for her son. She decided to lose her weight and start living a well life as she believed that she has purpose in her life now: she needs to be a strong and healthy mom for her baby boy.

What is the Atkins diet, you might ask? Well, it is a diet very low in carbs and very high in fat and proteins. The system offers the body a chance to use the body’s reserves of fat to turn into energy. Many people found this amazing diet a perfect fit for their lifestyles.

Finally, there are so many other diets like the military diet substitutions and the slim fast diet reviews.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure it is the right fit for you and your lifestyle and keep going until you reach your results. Life is such a gift and you will not be able to enjoy it with an unhealthy weight and bad habits. Make sure you are on the right track and start living it the right way!