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The Body Reset Diet: Menu, Plan, Recipes, Reviews, and Results.

What is the menu plan of the body reset diet?

The body reset diet is the second weight loss method developed by Harley Pasternak who is a very important fitness and nutrition expert popular in the United States. His first diet is called the 5-Factor Diet. It is a popular fad diet that yielded, for a lot of people, great results and positive goals achieved in several cases. Unfortunately, this is not a proper diet like the 5-Factor; this one was proposed by Pasternak in 2013, and has several points that could be discussed. His system is not like the sugar free diet results, it is twisted in a different way.

The body reset diet is a fast diet, to be taken just for a few days (around 2-5 days diet), allowing you to lose a lot of weight in a short period, thanks to a drastic reduction of the ingested calories.

According to Harley Pasternak, a balanced and moderately hypocaloric diet (like the one proposed in his diet of factor-5) is useful for long-term weight loss. But, in his opinion, the body, especially at the beginning, needs a shock that you will make with this drastic change of calories. So, this is a kind of excitement, to be reset with a drastic change of habits. So, unlike the high protein diet plan, you will not be able to eat large amounts of protein sources that could fill up your calories very quickly.

It is not well understood what the Pasternak idea of shock is. That’s because he says that is necessary to reset our bodies. This man believes that we need to do it now and this shock therapy is proposed only because there is a part of the overweight population not willing to accept that to lose weight effectively it takes time. That’s because a lot of people ask him to lose a lot of weight without difficulties and in a short time. You can also check about the Chris Pratt weight loss diet.

The question (and the proposal) is legitimate: there are people who do not tolerate a long-term approach, they do not have enough motivation to follow a diet that, although balanced, requires a certain amount of sacrifice, and see the weight drop in a gradual but slow manner which is necessary to be effective.

Proposing this method to these subjects as an alternative method could be viewed as a reasonable alternative. A shock therapy is a diet that let you lose weight really fast, even if the cost is a considerable sacrifice, but should be pursued for only a few days. But the real question is: can it work from a practical point of view?  We will try to explain this in the article. First, let’s see what this new Pasternak diet consists of.

The body reset diet, how does it work? The diet is, like all the flash diets, quite simple: there are three types of smoothies, to be taken at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which constitute the structure of the diet. Then there are other foods that can be introduced into the diet: popcorn, which thanks to volume has a high satiety index, and vegetables seasoned with hummus, and other foods mentioned in the book. This type of diet, very restrictive, should be followed for 5 days. This is followed by another 10 days in which a “normal” dish (not blended food) is introduced, to be added to the smoothies.

Pasternak promises a heavy weight loss, or at least to be able to lose those two and a half pounds that separate us from the ideal weight. Some also take a look at the Budwig diet protocol.

The body reset diet reviews: pros and cons

Unlike the the Shepherd’s diet plan, the body reset diet is a drastic diet, which can not be followed for a long time, aimed at the loss of the greatest possible amount of fat, in the shortest possible time (5 days + 10, in this case). This type of diet can work, as long as the kilograms to lose are the result of rapid weight gain, which has occurred in recent weeks. That is, if the pounds to be lost have been gained recently, then it may make a little bit of sense to adopt such a strategy. Otherwise, the risk of failure is very high. At least, you will not need to take some Ephedrine diet pills.

In fact, our weight is the result of a balance that has been established over the years. The ideal weight usually is tough to reach in a short time. You can also follow the Indian diet for weight loss in 7 days.

If our weight has been stable for months or years, we can also severely affect it with a “body reset” diet (or any other flash diet, rich in protein and other satiating foods). But, once the menu goes back to what it used to be, without a particular program to keep the weight lost away, we will resume in less than no time the lost pounds. So, in this case, fatigue would be wasted because the effort to keep the pounds off would be almost the same as to follow a diet aimed at a slow but steady weight loss. It is quite useless to lose 4-5 kg in the first two weeks (it is the maximum you can lose, do not have any illusions) and then do another month of maintenance diet to stabilize weight loss. In a month and a half you could lose the same kilos, but with an effort diluted over time, that would also have the advantage of gradually getting used to maintaining the weight achieved.

If, on the contrary, a diet like the body reset followed a period of rapid weight gain (during Christmas holidays, or summer, or a pregnancy, etc.), then it may make sense to pursue it because our body is already used to managing the weight that we will reach after the rapid diet. In other words, our lifestyle is already compatible with the weight we will achieve, because until a few weeks ago that was our usual weight. In this case, it may have advantages to reach it as quickly as possible, provided that this diet is set in an intelligent way and with a precise balance in the choice of foods to be used. So, make sure you plan your next shopping list well.

Body reset: an example of the meals

This is an example of the Body Reset diet. You can have the many recipes if you invest in a good cook book.

Breakfast: make a smoothie with 200 ml of skimmed milk, or rice – soy milk, with 130 gr of blueberries or red fruits, a teaspoon of peanut butter or a teaspoon of flax seed, a bitter cocoa powder, sweetener to taste and some ice cubes (optional). During the morning you can have a snack with a cucumber + a cup of green tea with sweetener. You can add fresh ginger and mint to your tea.

Lunch and dinner: you can have an unlimited quantity of raw green leafy vegetables; or, you can sautée them in a pan. You can pick between rocket, endive, spinach, chicory, chard, field herbs, salad, watercress; then, add two teaspoons of oil. Have them with a side of 120 grams of chicken, turkey or white fish or natural tuna or even 100 gr of natural tofu.

As afternoon snack you can have a cup of green tea + 100g steamed asparagus with a spoonful of low-fat yogurt and a dash of mustard (or raw fennel).

Possible additions to the season: balsamic vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, aromatic herbs, spices, garlic.

Tea, coffee, herbal teas and zero-calorie drinks are allowed. Drink a lot of water to purify and hydrate

The body reset diet results and guidelines

According to this simple regime, which we can do whenever we feel the need to deflate, it is essential to follow the dietary instructions and not circumvent the foods listed. This is precisely because it is a diet of just two days. Such a short nutritional system seems to be perfect; so, if we have cheated in the previous days or are invited out for dinner or lunch, you can still follow it in the coming days just by starting over.

This 2-day diet is also perfect as a fast detox diet and compensation after the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ferragosto): in fact, it allows us to immediately deflate the stomach, reduce calories and lose accumulated liquids by overeating.

The Metabolic Reset is an ideal food strategy for two types of people, starting from the first.

  • The first category is those that, although they have an ideal weight or are even slightly underweight, want to get more toned due to restricting their foods.

What is ignored is that the toned and hard aspect is acquired by increasing the muscle mass; and, to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to eat enough. Even if you go to the gym and train hard, it is physiologically impossible to increase your muscle volume and shape of your body if you do not have a metabolism that works correctly.

  • It also works with all these people that shudder at the word diet and that have never been able to obtain physical results worthy of note due to continuous cycles of punitive diet and binge eating.

Also, in this case, there are many advantages but also some disadvantages, the biggest advantage is that with the Metabolic Reset it is finally possible to increase the metabolism and affinity of carbohydrates.

It also allows you to change your mental conception. You will no longer think of the diet as something unpleasant and painful to do, and you will stop counting the calories of everything you eat for fear of gaining weight, but you will count them to increase weight for health. This method seems to be a good change, right?

You will have the needed energy that is ready to be exploited during training; and, you will see amazing results.

But now, let’s move on to the disadvantages. Perhaps the most significant thing is that you have to plan your meals exactly.

So, on the weekend, you will plan your food for the next week. You will need a personal food diary where you can write everything you eat with the particular macronutrients (carbohydrate-protein-fat). Every day, you need to write them down so you can always keep everything under control. This seems to be a lot of work. It is up to you to decide if this is all worth it.