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The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe, Plan, Menu, Ingredients and Results

What is the 7 day Cabbage diet?

Unlike most diets we know, the cabbage diet is not intended for an extended period. Instead, it is considered as a quick fix for a period not exceeding seven days. Many people do not plan their weight loss too well. They might have a special occasion and not feel ready. They might have gained some weight without noticing. Then comes the moment where you need to fit in one of your old dresses, and what a shock! Nothing fits you anymore. This is the moment you decide to go on a quick seven day cabbage diet. Of course, there are some drawbacks about losing weight quickly. When you follow a rigorous food system over a short period and end up losing some weight, you most probably have lost water mass and some muscle mass. Rapid weight loss could lead to the yo-yo effect where you keep losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.

Usually, the best rate for losing weight is to shake off 1 to 2 pounds per week. You can reach this goal by lowering your average daily calories by 500 to 1000 calories. This type of weight loss will result from a steady dieting plan.

Now, going back to the quick fix diet, here is what you need to know about the seven day cabbage soup diet. This fast system can let you lose up to 10 pounds in one week. This could also be a transition phase within a stable diet. The system consists of soups. Every time you feel hungry, you need to fix yourself a soup.

This system used to be called the “model diet’ due to its advantages and quick results. As a matter of fact, it is also cheap, healthy and tasty. Why is this system so popular? Because of one superfood: the cabbage! Cabbage is a fantastic ingredient for what it offers the body. It is high in fibers and makes you feel full for a more extended period. Also, cabbage is a highly nutritious food. It contains proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and copper.

The seven day cabbage diet is probably the cheapest and most convenient diet ever. You can buy the ingredients at a minimal cost and prepare a big batch of soup that you can refrigerate or even freeze. All you need is the original recipe and the right ingredients and you are set for the entire week.

Please be careful: the system should not be used for a period longer than seven days. One can say that it is not a diet per se, but rather a detox.

The seven day cabbage diet is a system that works, and the before and after results are here to prove it. The internet displays many experiences with this super quick and efficient diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Now that you understand the system of this seven day cabbage diet, all that is left is to explore the ingredients of this fantastic soup. Watch out; there should not be any recipe variations.

The original cabbage soup recipe is made of the following ingredients: 1 green pepper, one large tomato, celery, onions, cabbage (1 full head), water, one teaspoon of olive oil, small spoon of hot sauce and some V-8 juice.

Now that the soup is ready, here is how you need to carry on with the diet plan for the week. Do not get any weird ideas of substituting anything in the soup. This is the only and best recipe.

The first day, you are allowed to have a lot of fruits. Any fruit is permitted but bananas. The consistent meal of the day will be this soup. So, the first day will only let you have the cabbage soup and fruits.

The second day is a little more different. You need to eat vegetables. The quantity is not limited, and you can have them uncooked or steamed. The only veggies you should avoid are peas, corn, and beans. Throughout the day, and as long as you are hungry, your only two options are the soup and vegetables. In case you are still hungry at night, you can have one medium baked potato with a drizzle of olive oil.

The third day is a combination of the first two days, so you are allowed to have fruits, vegetables, and the soup. The restrictions still apply, and you are not allowed to have the potato this time.

The fourth day is a banana day! This is when you are finally allowed to eat a banana, in an unlimited amount. You are also allowed to have non-fat milk, as much as you want. Other than these two food options, you can still have the cabbage soup!

The fifth day is when your diet adds a piece of beef or chicken with a maximum of six tomatoes. During this day, you need to have up to eight glasses of water. And of course, do not forget to have your share of the cabbage soup.

The sixth day is when you are finally allowed some good proteins. This day offers you unlimited amounts of meats, veggies, and soup. If you can, it will be great to have some green salads.

The seventh day is when you are allowed to have fruit juices with no added sugar, a lot of veggies, and brown rice. All these can be taken in addition to the cabbage soup. Bananas and potatoes are still not an option for this day.

Other Kinds of Weight Loss Regimens

The seven day cabbage weight loss system is an amazing one for what it offers as benefits. While cleansing your digestive tract and intestines, it helps you lose up to ten pounds in weight. This can be a significant change in someone’s body and life. So, if you think you can follow such a rigid system, this diet is the right one for you.

Many somewhat similar diets exist that can lead to quick weight loss. While very fast regimens are not frequently endorsed, many people are amazed by the results they obtain from such systems. For example, the juice detox diet is a system that can be embraced from a few days to a couple of weeks. This method consists of drinking exclusively juices made from fruits and vegetables throughout the day. It is high in nutrients and helps flush your digestive tract from all toxins. A lot of positive feedback reports that when following the juice detox diet, health, mood, and appearance improve. Being rich in vitamins and nutrients, it will make your skin glow!

Another quick method is the apple cider vinegar detox diet. The basics of this diet are that you get to drink a cup of water mixed with one big spoon of apple cider vinegar before eating anything. This method will help you feel full and will prevent you from having snacks in between meals. As for the meals, they have to be reasonable not-too-heavy foods and in moderate proportions.

The low carbs diet foods, on the other hand, doesn’t deal much with drinking soups or juicing your fruits and veggies. On the contrary, it wants you to minimize your intake of carbs by skipping fruits and sugar-packed food choices. You are required to have proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. This system has been proven to improve the health of the heart and the entire body.

The grapefruit diet menu is one that is based on the idea that this fruit contains enzymes that interact with some food and burn off your body fat. This diet, just like the seven day cabbage diet, is expected to let you lose up to ten pounds over a period of 10 to 12 days. Some of the basics of this system are to stay away from carbs like pasta, rice, and potatoes, as well as avoiding onions and celery. From another angle, you can eat a lot of proteins and fat. Whatever you end up having during the day has to be complemented with either grapefruit juice or the grapefruit itself.

Finally, if you are the kind of person who does not want to mess up his days thinking about how to plan his diet, you might resort to weight loss supplements such as the phentermine diet pills.