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The 21 Day Beach Body Diet: Plan, Recipes, Reviews and Workout Tips

What is the beach body diet?

Do you want to show off a new body for this summer? You have to pack essential six elements. Exercise is a crucial component to lose weight, but only if you combine training with healthy nutrition, you will have the perfect shape that can show off well-worked on six pack. To achieve such results, you must be bringing together these six elements, called 6-pack or six-pack: weight, shape, musculature, resistance, cardio-normality, and normal mentation. These will lead you to your ideal weight-height body. Forget about diet pills like the Ephedrine diet pills.

Is essential only to eat healthy food. But, how do you know which foods should be considered and which ones to avoid?

Most of the times, you hear the word “calories”; but, it’s only useful when you know what a calorie is. Calories are units of energy that our body needs to function properly and perform all the necessary daily functions, including breathing and walking. Not all of us should consume the same amount of calories, since the energy dependence corresponds to height, weight, age, sex, level of physical activity, etc.

The Guidelines of the 21-day beach body diet.

Following this diet, you should alternate days of low carbohydrates, where the carbs intake is lower than the normal; and, days of high carbohydrates which mean you will eat a higher intake of carbohydrates. When you follow this system, you will no onger need any Belviq diet pill.

In low carbs days, carbohydrates constitute about 20% and 30% of calories and will come mainly from complex sources, which will be slowly digested by the body. This method can translate into a constant source of energy that will keep the blood sugar stable. You can choose between:

  • oatmeal,
  • Whole grains,
  • sweet potatoes,
  • vegetables
  • brown rice

The fats will range from 20% to 30%; and, will originate from nuts, seeds, coconut oil, flaxseed oil or even avocado oil.

Proteins will fill the remaining caloric need and will need to originate from high-quality sources such as:

  • poultry,
  • lean dairy products,
  • whey protein,
  • eggs and egg whites
  • lean red meat.


On days with high carbohydrate intake, the quantity will increase up to 45% to 50% of the total amount of calories. Fats will be reduced to 10% to 15%; and, proteins will remain constant at a 40% to 45% range. This change of macronutrients will fill glycogen stores, but will also help to regulate the hormones levels. Leptin,  the hormone of hunger, begins to decrease when the intake of both calories and carbohydrates are reduced. As leptin decreases, the metabolism also gets slower, signal that the body is getting into hunger mode or survival mode. A carbohydrate shock (Up and down of calories) can trick the body and cause an increase in insulin and leptin, thus keeping the metabolism active while avoiding ups and downs. This surely is a comon criteria with the fat loss diet.

Protein is an essential part of our body because it helps build and repair our muscles. Getting the right amount of lean protein is very important for the development of our body, especially after a training session. When you train, the muscles start breaking. Protein helps to repair muscles and restore our strength.

Include these foods in your diet: fish, chicken breast, lean beef, protein shakes, nuts, beans and low-fat dairy products.

People sometimes forget about the importance of fiber, but fiber, just like proteins, are a crucial part of our diet and consuming a good amount of fiber has been shown to help weight loss. Fiber has many health benefits, including easy digestion and a decreased risk of cancer. The fiber helps to feel fuller, so people who have a high fiber diet tend to eat less than those who do not have enough fiber in their diet.

Include these high-fiber foods in your diet: fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice, bananas, beans, and oatmeal. When you follow a good diet properly, you will not longer need to rely on the Garcinia Cambogia diet.

A little hungry in the middle of the day? Eat something – it’s good for everyone! Instead of eating two or three big meals, try eating small snacks during the day instead, it helps to feed the body for the day, which burns more calories and helps you lose more weight! This also prevents hunger.

If you wait for breakfast and lunch, you can get hungry and eat too much at lunch. We never leave our body at the mercy of that hunger. Because after eating too much, it feels very full. Never allow the body to feel fullness and swelling. The key to success is finding the perfect balance between hunger and a feeling of satiety. A small snack will help us achieve this balance.

The advertising for whole grains are full all the televisions and supermarkets recently, and for a good reason of health. But whole grains contain a lot more fiber than refined grains, and therefore better for your diet. Try to swap that white pasta for the whole grain alternative. This is also for rice, switch to brown rice!

Choose only healthy fats! There are many different types of fat, but to get a six pack, you should concentrate on monounsaturated fats. These “healthy” fats help the belly lose fat. The fats to be avoided are saturated and trans fats.

These are the bad fats, and they let us gain weight and are not good for our health. You can include these foods in the diet: olives, avocados, nuts, and seeds. But you have to be careful when you eat them! They tend to be rich in calories; so, even if they contain good fats, eating too many can still make you gain weight. You may learn from the Amanda Cerny diet.

The best Beach body diet plan

Here it is a simple menu with some recipes for both, low and high carbohydrates days! Start it for ten days then increase a little the calorie intake to build new muscles. Take also a look at the Abs diet food list.

Low carbohydrates day: Diet based on 1500 calories, provides 180g of protein, 85g of carbohydrates, 55g of fat.

Breakfast: Sweet potato pancakes: 150 ml of egg white or egg whites, ½ tablespoon of vanilla powdered protein, ½ cup of sweet potato mashed, a pinch of cinnamon. Blend and cook like a pancake in a non-stick pan.

Snack: Simple salad: 120 grams of a cooked chicken breast, 2 cups of spinach, one tablespoon of linseed oil, one tablespoon of lemon juice

Lunch: Bowl of Protein: 170 grams of minced ground turkey (breast), 1 cup of chopped cabbage, sliced red pepper, mushrooms, green onion, one tablespoon of sauce. Sauté the chopped cabbage, peppers, onions and mushrooms and serve with the ground cooked a turkey, all with a little sauce to your liking.

Dinner: 120 gr cooked chicken breast, ten asparagus sprouts, one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Post-Workout: 110 gr of extra lean sirloin, ½ cup of sweet potato

Snack: Chocolate shake and peanut butter: 1 scoop of whey protein powder chocolate taste, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Mix with 250 ml of water and ice cubes

A diet based on 1500 calories, provides 180g of protein, 145g carbohydrates, and 20g of fat. For another type of diet that can have similar results, you can check the Engine 2 diet grocery list. Another example is the following:

Breakfast: Blueberries pancake: 150 ml of egg white, ½ tablespoon of protein powder, vanilla flavor, ½ cup of oatmeal, ½ cup of berries, A pinch of cinnamon. Blend everything and cook like a pancake in a non-stick pan!

Lunch: 50 gr of grilled turkey breast, ½ cup of brown rice, 200 gr of steamed broccoli

Snack: One scoop of chocolate flavored protein powder, 1.5 tablespoons of natural almond butter, one banana, two rice cakes

Dinner: 120 grams of grilled turkey breast, 300 grams of spinach, seasoning cream without fat to taste

Or 180 grams of bluefish, 90 gr of brown rice, 150 gr of green beans

Snack: 50 g of low-fat Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of vanilla-flavored protein powder, one tablespoon of natural peanut butter, one teaspoon of cocoa powder

After the first ten days of the diet, you will see excellent results, then you can keep the diet for other two weeks or increase the calories if your abs are already visible. With that balanced diet, you should also follow an exercise plan with cardio and weight training workouts. Crossfit is an excellent example of that type of training. You might even include it in a boot camp diet.

The best Beach body diet and workout

The proper consumption of calories after training is essential to be healthy. The muscles need to rebuild after a workout. Otherwise, they will never recover properly. It is important to eat within thirty minutes of exercising with something high in protein for the best results and faster muscle recovery. Another effective weigth loss diet is the Dissociated diet.

Seven tips for a six pack:

Now that you know the right way to eat, you are one step closer to achieving this six-pack! There are mussels of diets, tips, and tricks to help you on your way to a six-pack, but you have to be smart. These diets do nothing for our goal. They will only make us so hungry and feeling disappointed. All you have to do is eat properly and exercise. Simple. Nothing more than this simpe equation.

As for training, be sure to include a high-intensity exercise in your cardio workout is always better to get rid of belly fat. Only by doing three sets of twenty crunches will probably not do much for you.

During cardio training, be sure to keep your tummy engaged. Standing! Standing directly helps the heart without much pain.

Learn some abdominal exercises and try them out! It is also essential to focus on your whole core, which includes the lower back as well.

If you follow all these tips, you are on the right path for a six-pack in no time!

Exercise plan for three days, this plan is perfect for men who want to increase muscles and get shredded for the summer. While the F-Factor diet reviews can encourage you to follow the F-factor diet, the beach body regimen can be more effective.


  • 10 minutes run
  • 4×13 Peck Deck, pause 1 minute (medium-high weight)
  • 6×20  sit-up abs, pause 30 seconds
  • 4×10 Pectoral Machine, break 1 minute (high weight)


  • 20 minutes run
  • 6×20 oblique abs
  • 6×20 twist abs
  • 4×8 knees to the chest at the bar, pause 40 seconds
  • stretching


  • 15-minute run
  • alternate front handlebars, pause 1 minute (heavyweight)
  • 4×10 parallel dip, pause one-armed
  • 4×10 bends, pause 30 seconds
  • stretching