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Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss: Her diet, her plan, food choices and Recipes

Who is Tanisha Thomas?

Tanisha Thomas is a young woman born in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York. She is an actress and a reality TV personality. Tomas got married to Muir in 2011 but ended up splitting up after one month of marriage. They ended up divorcing in 2014. In 2017, Tanisha is expected her first child with her new partner.

Tanisha is an entrepreneur. She is planning on launching a new line of clothes, specially made for plus-women. Her line will be called “Plush Diva’s Closet.”

Tanisha entered the Bad Girls Club as she was chosen to be with six other girls on a reality TV show filmed in LA. This young woman was loved by people who were following her every move. They especially loved her catch phrase “pop-off.” Thomas ended up forming, with two other women, the Hyena Sisters. The other four in the house were their enemies and called themselves the Party Girls.

In 2011, Thomas became the host of OxygenLive, an online talk show that was focusing on the many cast members of the Bad Girls reality TV show. Then, Thomas decided to get married; so, her wedding became the focus of the world and the producer. They ended up having a television documentary about how this young woman was planning her wedding. The show was called Tanisha Gets Married. The show was made of seven episodes. Each episode was one hour long. This show was a big success, as it started off with one million viewers.

This woman is surely a magnet for producers who keep including her in different talk shows, and reality TV episodes and series. Throughout her shows, this woman was big and her weight never bothered her at all. She was confident and happy with who she was. She was a great character in the show and gained the love of millions of viewers.

Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss

Loud mouth Tanisha has proven to the entire world that she can go from a noisy fat woman into a much slimmer version of herself. This woman has lost so much weight and is looking better than she ever did. She wowed her fans with her new astonishing body. When she decided to lose weight, she was placed on a high protein liquid diet.  For her, the system was somewhat simple, but she did cheat a little bit, especially when it came to the alcohol part that was under a restriction. This woman did not have to resort to any pill, like the ephedrine diet pills.

According to this young woman, it takes three main things to succeed in the weight loss mission. First, you need to be disciplined. Whatever you are supposed to follow, you need to do. Second, you have to be motivated. Look at the final goal and forget about the bumpy road leading to this result. Finally, stay on track. This woman believes that when you have a useful purpose and the perfect weight loss plan, you should no longer think about your food cravings but instead focus on what you need to eat next. These should be the basis of any weight loss diet plan.

When you are on TV or a movie actor, you live a life stressing out over your weight and appearance. Many celebrities have fallen off the wagon, but ended up finding the right track once again. The key to being known is to stop caring about haters and focus on living healthy. That was one commitment taken by Catelynn Lowell weight loss journey.

On the other hand, John Goodman’s weight loss journey led him to a full 100 pounds weight loss. This man was ready to be healthy again. He was eating clean, watching his portions and exercising. His commitment was surely noticed by his fans. He now looks simply amazing. Many stars had undergone such drastic changes when they started to feel worried about their health.

Adam Richman weight loss was a must after this young man gained much weight from being a competitive eater. When this young man gained weight, he was depressed. So, he decided to change his work and started on Zantac. He ended up losing 60 pounds and now is the spokesperson for Zantac.

Tanisha did not have to resort to any pill or any weight loss surgery, like the gastric bypass, she just followed her prescribed liquid diet that is high in proteins. When you follow a high protein diet, you no longer feel hungry.

Tanisha Tomas Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tanisha’s doctors decided to put her on a high protein liquid diet for three months. When she was done with her first week, she had already lost twelve pounds. The reality TV celebrity decided that it was enough motivation to keep her on track. Whether you are a man or a woman, losing this much weight can boost up your morale. You may want to check weight loss tips for men.

Tanisha’s diet, just like any high-protein liquid diet, consists of having six tiny meals per day where the food has to have a smooth texture and be liquefied. You are supposed to sip the drink slowly as every one of your meals has to last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to be finished. You will need about six to eight cups of fluid per day. In between, you can sip on any drink that is sugar-free, non-carbonated, and caffeine free.

From another angle, you are not allowed to use straws to take in your drink. Gum is also forbidden along with sugar-free candies. Even though Tanisha was drinking some sangria and wine every once in a while, alcohol is not allowed on this weight loss system.

The diet consists of six meals:

  • Three meals should be either a fat-free condensed cream soup and well strained, one scoop of protein powder, fat-free milk, fat-free Lactaid milk, plain soya milk, blended low-fat sweetened yogurt, plain low-fat Greek yogurt, or low fat and no-sugar pudding.
  • Three meals should be a protein supplement. Your serving size has to be eight ounces of liquid.
  • Throughout the day, you can sip on fluids like water, broth, fruit propel, tea, decaf coffee, and sugar-free gelatin.

Protein Shake Recipes

The diet that Tanisha was following consisted of high protein liquids. That’s all she was allowed to have for three months. When you are following this system for this long, you need to have some recipes handy.

Yogurt shake: This recipe includes ½ a cup of light yogurt with two ounces of low-fat soy milk or yogurt, one scoop of protein powder, and one big spoon of sugar-free jelly. You just have to mix them all and blend until smooth.

Crystal Light Shake: This drink is made by blending one packet of crystal light, with come ice cubes, two ounces of water and one and a half scoop of protein powder.

Strawberry Protein Shake: This drink contains half a cup of soy milk or low-fat yogurt, with one scoop of protein powder, a little bit of vanilla extract and some ice. You just need to blend the whole until it is smooth.

Hazelnut cinnamon smoothie: this tasty drink is made of one scoop of protein powder (you can pick the flavor of your choices like chocolate or vanilla), with one big spoon of hazelnut coffee creamer (it has to be sugar-free). Then, you add one small spoon of ground cinnamon, half a cup of low-fat milk with 1/4th a cup of Greek yogurt and some ice.

Chocolate Mocha shake: This delicious drink is made of low-fat milk or soy milk with some protein powder, artificial sweeteners, a cocoa powder that is unsweetened, and instant decaf coffee.