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Tamela Mann Weight Loss: the diet, food choices and before and after results.

Who is Tamela Mann?

Tamela is an actress and gospel singer that was born in 1966 in Texas. She has been married to David Mann Senior since 1988 and together they are taking care of their amazing Christian family. Tamela’s debut was with Kirk Franklin and the Family. She was the soloist on many tracks. In 2005, she released her third album, entitled Best Days. It received the Gold certification by RIIA. Her music and amazing voice brought her a Grammy Award for best Gospel Christian Music Performance.

Mann was the youngest of 14 kids. They all grew up in a family that is highly spiritual and follows the Church of God in Christ. The family was a very strict Christian family that was following Biblical principles. When the gospel singer turned 12 years old, she started her singing in the choir at church.

In 2013, the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. Two years after, they started their own reality show, It’s a Mann’s World. The series show how a Christian family can still be fun and balanced while immersed in God’s principles.

Tamela was involved in many movies like Sparkle in 2012, Madea’s Big Happy Family in 2011, and Meet the Browns, in 2008. On television, she participated in Mann and Wife for 30 episodes, Meet the Browns for 82 episodes, and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne for four episodes.

Mann was actually discovered by Tyler Perry in 1999 and that is when her acting career began. She started with a role in a play I Can Do Bad All by Myself. Then, she started acting in Meet the Browns and other movies.

With her incredible success, the young woman is preparing a cooking show along with her husband. They have been endorsing healthy lifestyles for a while now and want to help people, especially African-Americans, embrace healthier food choices. The couple has wowed their audience by looking a whole lot slimmer after a long journey of dedication.

Tamela Mann weight loss

While celebrities reward themselves for losing a few pounds, some are making much more significant progress. Tamela wowed everyone when she lost more than 200 pounds. This woman and her husband decided it was about time to change their lifestyles into healthier ones. They both attained terrific results. While being overweight can lead to many chronic conditions, being obese can surely accentuate the problem.

When Tamela’s husband was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, that was her wake up call. Now the couple cannot stop getting compliments on their massive appearance and health changes. Their first difference was in their eating habits, accompanied by a particular workout regimen. Losing that much weight evidently took some time; but they succeeded, and that’s what matters. The couple talks about how difficult it was for them to toss away all the junk food from their home. Their five kids were arguing with them and revolting. Another significant change is getting rid of soda. They stopped drinking any carbonated beverage.

Tamela was a gospel singer that hated the way she looked. According to the 50 year old woman, she was good to hear, but not good to see. This made her appearances somehow tricky as it was difficult for her to look her best while performing. The young woman was a determined one, and she ended up shifting from a size 30/32 to a size 18/20. This massive change along their lifestyle changes made the couple advocates alongside the American Diabetes Association. Together they are trying to promote appropriate healthy lifestyles and eating habits for diabetic patients. Tamela herself is not diabetic, but being obese led her to keep worrying about her future. She does have any blood pressure issues, either, but she is not going to wait for any chronic diseases to develop in her life as a result of her weight.

2008 was the year after the gospel singer decided to initiate her lifestyle change. A year later, the couple gained a little extra weight, but in 2010 Tamela declared that she was changing her eating patterns. From eating three different starch sources at every meal to eating much less, she was ready to embark on her weight loss journey that kept going until she ended up losing 240 pounds.

Tamela Mann weight loss diet

When Tamela’s husband was diagnosed with diabetes, he wanted to understand what could have been the causes that led him to this chronic disease. His doctor told him that he must have been living with diabetes for some time now. So, as a couple, the gospel singers tackled the situation by making drastic changes in their food style. Here are the highlights of these changes:

  • They started ordering salads instead of fries, and chose grilled chicken over fried chicken.
  • They dropped anything that drink that has sugar in it. So, no more sodas and no more sugar at home.
  • She was used to eating up to three kinds of starches at every meal. This habit, along with many other risk factors, has led the high incidence rate of diabetes type-2 among African-Americans. So, as a family, they changed the habit. They still have some potatoes or some rice every once in a while. The family did stick to the diet even though they thought it was tough.
  • Drinks have to be monitored. Nobody really realizes how much sugar is in a cup of soda. So, to cut down on the sugar, you have to watch your juices and your sodas. The attention was administered on the entire family. Even for the grandchildren, they were diluting the juices in water. For example, when they drink lemonade, they add a lot of ice in it to make it diluted. Think of their new drinks as homemade detox cleanse.

The two gospel singers have been overwhelmed with their work between their appearances on television and having a record label to working with many Christian ministers. The couple is always on the run, and they bring their kids along. They want to inspire their future generation into a good Christian life. To keep their health on track, they have adopted a good workout regimen. You can never lose all the weight on a sedentary lifestyle. So, to make it happen, they were working out at home. They made themselves find some time to exercise. They assigned a trainer and started doing cardio and weight-lifting exercises. Their before and after results are astonishing as both have lost so much weight without resorting to any trending diet pill or surgery.

From another angle, the couple has been motivated and their enthusiasm for better health is not diminishing. So, sometimes, when they fall off the wagon, especially during the holidays, they just start all over without punishing themselves for anything. For the couple, their motivation is that they are getting older and they do not want to start facing chronic diseases, especially for Tamela. By living a healthy life, they are inspiring everyone in the ministries to make such a change to their lives and health. They want to help change people’s lives to the better.

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While many people adopt harsh diet regimens like the liquid diet plan, our gospel couple were not among these people. It is true that they are making the necessary changes to their lives, but they were not ready to sip on liquids and disregard food all day long. They want to eat well for their health, so they want to juggle a lot of veggies, some fruits and a good source of lean meat. That would be the perfect meal. Being healthy while losing weight can be a key factor in the success and long term maintenance of the results. While some ask “does Zoloft cause weight gain or loss” others understand the side effects of being on antidepressants and forget about taking it as one method for weight loss. Others could use Adderall weight loss average to determine if these pills are a good option for them. The truth is the gospel singers did not want to mess up their bodies by taking in chemicals to promote weight loss. They are happy and want to have a gradual weight change, naturally.

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