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Spirulina for Weight Loss: its Composition, Health Benefits, and Properties

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a kind of algae that has a blue-greenish color. It is gaining its fame, recently, due to its properties and benefits for health and wellness. It is an excellent source of proteins and has vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and carotenoids. It helps protect our cells from any damage.

This alga is consumed by people and animals. It is cultivated everywhere in the world and is used as a supplement to a person’s diet. But does it help?

You can eat it in whole, or you may find it as a powder or flakes, or even as tablets. This alga existed since ancient times. In the sixteen century, the Aztecs and the Mesoamericans were ingesting this food source that was cultivated in Mexico. After the sixteen century, there was no mention of Spirulina until 1964 when botanist Jean Leonard confirmed its presence, and he began studying it. In 1970, the most prominent spirulina production plant was established.

Spirulina health benefits

Despite the fact that Spirulina is not from any magical land, it inevitably grew in many “magical” areas like Hawaii. This plant grows in fresh water and has landed the attention of many scientists worldwide. It has a potent taste and unusual nutritional properties. You can find spirulina in many forms like energy bars, energy drinks, and supplements among many others. When taken on a regular basis it does offer your body many health benefits. Here is what this alga is suitable for:

  • Detoxifying the body from heavy metals like arsenic. This plant can be a part of a heavy metal detox diet.
  • Gets rid of Candida.
  • Lowers blood pressure due to its Phycocyanin.
  • Reduces your cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers your chance of having a stroke.
  • Boosts your energy.
  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Alleviates sinus infections and allergic rhinitis.
  • Boosts your memory.

Spirulina Nutrients

Now that the world’s attention is being directed towards Spirulina, we have to understand what the nutrients it contains are. So here is what it contains per ounce of product:

  • 81 calories
  • It has 39 g of proteins. This is a relatively large amount of proteins.
  • It contains 1 g of fibers
  • It has a minimal amount of carbs that goes to 0.9 g.
  • Spirulina contains 3% of your daily value of fat intake and 4 % of saturated fat.
  • This alga contains 230mg of Omega-3 and 351 mg of Omega-6.
  • As far minerals, here are the percentages per daily values: Copper 85 %, Iron 44 %, Manganese 27 %, Magnesium 14 %, Sodium 12 %, Potassium 11 %, Zinc 4 %, Phosphorus 3 %, Calcium 3 %, and Selenium 3 %.
  •  As far vitamins, here is what to expect regarding percentages per daily value: Riboflavin 60%, Thiamin 44 %, Niacin 18 %, Pantothenic Acid 10 %, Vitamin K 9 %, Vitamin E 7 %, Folate 7 %, Vitamin B6 goes for 5 %, and Vitamin A 3 %.

Spirulina for weight Loss

Many health professionals claim that a diet high in proteins will enhance your ability to lose weight. Many studies explain that when you add ingredients like spirulina to your food, you will lose weight faster and decrease your body composition in fat. You can also check thrive weight loss.

This single-cell small particle of algae is considered a super food due to what it offers from nutrients. You can use it in your weight loss regimen but consult with your doctor first as it does have some side effects. You need to make sure that this super food is good for you.

  • This algae contains a lot of nutrients. When the body warns you that it is hungry, it is normally lacking the nutrients it needs. So, when you eat a kind of food that is low quality, your appetite will be increased. When you take in spirulina, you are providing your body with the nutrients it seeks. This way, you will curb your hunger and have less appetite.
  • Spirulina has a lot of proteins. Whether you are trying to build muscles or are on a high protein diet, this super food is your answer. It contains eight essential amino acids and is very high in proteins. Some claim that the proteins contained in spirulina are four times absorbed better than proteins in beef. So, as a result you will build your muscle mass and end up burning more calories. There are many stories sharing how people weight loss journeys got enhanced by spirulina. Many celebrities followed a high protein diet; think Dwayne the rock Johnson diet.
  • Spirulina is very low in calories. It is always amazing to learn of a food item that has so much nutrients and so little calories. So, by adding spirulina to your food, you will add nutrients, a lot of proteins and a minimal amount of calories.
  • It does contain essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Its content will help you regulate your blood sugar levels and control your insulin. This will lower your intake of carbs and hence help you lose weight faster. Many reviews swear by this super food.

Spirulina Recipes

With all the benefits offered by Spirulina, one has to consider adding it to his diet. If you are looking to lose weight, you might be wondering how you can have the spirulina incorporated in your diet. You can also check Drew Carey weight loss. Here are a few recipes and smoothies.

  • Super Green Spirulina Smoothie: this recipe is bright green, creamy and insanely nutritious. It is easy to prepare and contains only five ingredients. All you need is one ripe banana that you previously froze; ½ a cup of cucumbers; 1 cup of coconut milk; one cup of spinach; one small spoon of spirulina, and some hemp seeds. You may top it with some frozen berries or some granola.
  • Green Spirulina Smoothie: this recipe is an amazing one that contains a cup of unsweetened almond milk, a cup of raw coconut meat, a cup of kale, 1/4th a cup of mint, a small spoon of vanilla extract, a small spoon of wheatgrass, a pinch of sea salt, one frozen banana and some ice. Of course, you need to add 1/4th a spoon of spirulina. You may add some chia seeds to boost the nutritional content of this smoothie.
  • Strawberry spirulina smoothie: this recipe is packed with antioxidants. Here is what you need: one ripe banana, ½ a cup of strawberries, some baby spinach, one big spoon of chia seeds, a small spoon of vanilla extract, a small spoon of spirulina and some water.
  • Avocado spirulina smoothie: this drink is packed with nutrients. It contains a small spoon of spirulina powder, one big spoon of chia seeds, one avocado, one banana, one big spoon of lemon juice, and half a cup of spinach. Add to the mix 250ml of water.

All these detox spirulina drinks are simply amazing and are packed with nutrients while being high protein meals. You can have them for a meal or simply a snack. Either way, they will help you feel full for a longer period of time while keeping you healthy and well nourished. If you are following a low carb diet, you can still take this alga as it is very low in carbohydrates.

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