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Running for Weight Loss for Beginners: Plans schedules, Programs and Reviews

Why do we need to lose weight?

Your weight is one of the most critical factors that can affect your health. At least, it is one visible sign that you are not making the right choices and picking up a not-so-healthy lifestyle. When you gain weight, it can be due to several reasons. For example, you might be eating too much food. You might be eating the wrong kinds of food that might be high in fat. Sometimes, your sedentary lifestyle plays a significant role in your weight as you are not burning as many calories as you are putting in.

For some people, obesity can be due to health problems like a hormonal imbalance, insulin sensitivity, or even a thyroid problem. Whatever the reason for your weight, you need to address it.

Having the perfect body is one of the thoughts crossing the mind of men and women who aspire to look their best. They explore the different diet systems, like fat loss methods, or the hmr diet recipes. They might even try some pills that are intended to treat chronic diseases, putting themselves at high risks for the sake of looking good.

But whatever your reason is to lose weight, picking the right plan for you is the most important first step. If you decide to follow one of the well-known regimens, then you will be expecting results similar to the ones presented in most success stories.

Running for weight loss: beginners guide

One of the most well regarded methods for losing weight is running. When you decide to adopt this method, you may have heard it from a certain celebrity who announced that this is the fastest way he lost his weight before an audition or a movie. But how much running is good for you? When you run, it is a little bit tough to follow a weight loss calculator. You might be building some muscles which will hinder the true amount of pounds you shed as fat.

Keep in mind that, roughly, you lose 100 calories for every one mile you run. If you are listening to music or have a running buddy then the miles will fly by and you will end up with a good amount of calories burnt.

To start running, it takes many steps and stages. You have to start by walking. Try to walk for a period of 30 minutes every time. Once you get into the walking habit, you start adding some running as per your comfort. You can add one minute of running at first; and then, when you are ready, you increase the amount until you reach 30 minutes of running instead of walking. User reviews have been very helpful as to what works and what doesn’t.

Running for weight loss: schedule and program

Your beginner’s guide is divided into six steps where you alternate between walking vs. running.

Step one: Walking for 30 minutes at least four times a week. When you feel like you have done your four a week, then you are ready to move to the next stage.

Step two:  This stage lets you work out for 29 minutes including running for five minutes. You alternate your run such that you walk for 4-5 minutes and you run for one minute.  You need to be able to do this workout at least three to four times a week.

Step three: That’s when you start walking for four minutes and running for two minutes. You have to keep repeating this sequence for 33 minutes. This workout also has to spread over a period of three to four times a week.

Step four: This is when you start walking for three minutes and running for three.   When you can follow this routine three to four time a week then you can move to the next step.

Step five: This level is when you walk for two and a half minutes and run for five. You need to repeat the sequence three times. Your workout will be over a period of 33 minutes.

Step six: When you walk for three minutes and run for seven. Your total workout will be spread over a period of 33 minutes. When you can follow this system for four times a week then you are ready to take off to the final step where you start running your butt off!

This schedule for weight loss running can help you lose a lot of pounds in a short period. You need to keep listening to your body and its limits. Give it time and you will get great results!

How to back up your running

Running is an excellent way to losing weight. The best way to succeed is with doing it as cycling running; you just do it gradually and let your body adapt to this new healthy habit you are adding. Yes, it does turn into a pattern. Once a runner, always a runner! When you start with this routine, you are preventing the yo-yo effect of dieting.  Most people who end up following a calorie-restricted regimen end up gaining all the weight back when they resume their regular lifestyles. So, if you want to get results that last and forget once and for all about having to diet then you need to find the perfect workout and regimen. Running for weight loss is one of the best and most convenient workout systems.

When you begin walking, it is a great idea to match it with a proper way of eating. Pick the right types of food that are low in fat, consume a lot of fruits and veggies, and add a lot of lean proteins.

The secret is to create a calorie deficit while walking. You need to eat a lot of the high-quality foods like legumes, fruits, dairy, fish, poultry, unprocessed meats, and nuts. You need to eat less of the low-quality food like refined grains, sweets, processed meats, and fried foods.

You may want to quench your thirst by using fat burning detox water. These are the kind of infused water that taste good and satisfy your taste buds. You can soak your water with some lemon slices, fruits, watermelon and any other options.

Some might even pick a detox smoothie diet where you cleanse and detox your system by using gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free smoothies. You may want to add some almond milk, veggies, flax seeds, honey, and even fruits.  You can pick a kale and apples detox drink or one with a spinach and berries.

The most important thing is that when you pick running for weight loss routine and couple it with a limited intake of the wrong food choices and indulge in low healthy fat and low calorie ones, you will find surprising results and end up earning yourself a healthy lifestyle. This will keep you in the right range of body weight and the safe side of wellness. Plan to run in a gradual way, eat what you need to have, and trust in yourself and in the results you will be achieving! Just like everything, perseverance is the key!