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Rob Kardashian Weight Loss: The diet, Food choices and before and after photos

Who is Rob Kardashian?

The past few years have been dominating by what is called the “Kardashian watch.” This eccentric family has been all over the news, especially when they started their reality television show. Their success began with the one and only gorgeous Kim, who was a model. After her victory, this young woman dragged her entire family to fame with her. This family is built on reputation and whoever is part of it has to be sucked in. They have several million followers for their show and their social media accounts. Rob is the son of Robert and Kris Kardashian. His father, who was also the father of his three sisters, divorced his mom who ended up with Bruce Jenner. Bruce had two daughters from his new wife. That’s how Rob got to be related to Kendall and Kylie. In 2003, his father passed away after suffering for a while.

Robert is an American television personality that was born in 1987 in Los Angeles, California. He is the brother of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and the half-brother of Kendall and Kylie. This family has the top hottest women in the world of fame. This young man studied at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and graduated in 2009. Throughout his life, Kardashian was dating beautiful women like Adrienne Bailon, Rita Ora, and Blac Chyna. He ended up getting engaged to the latter, and they had together a beautiful young girl. They split up after a month after the birth of their daughter. Rob claims that she has been cheating on him.

In 2011, Rob entered a competition in Dancing with the Stars, and he won second place. He opened many businesses like PerfectSkin, Rival Spot, and his line of socks. He participated as a judge in Miss USA 2012. Rob appears in the reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, along with all his family. He also started his show with the woman he got engaged to. The show was entitled Rob and Chyna and showed how the couple was preparing for the birth of their daughter. Apparently, the show had to stop as the couple split. When Chyna left Rob, she took with her their daughter who was one month old at that time. The split was very devastating on Kardashian who ended up deciding that he wants his life back. He is ready to move on; so, he decided to lose weight and put himself together. That wasn’t the first time Rob tried to be healthy and fit. He was on track when he started dating Chyna, and then everything went down the drain when they split. That’s when he decided that he was never so ready before in his life to look his best!

Rob Kardashian weight loss

When the Kardashian couple split up, Rob went into a deep depression. As a result, he gained weight, a lot of it. He did not need any help from anyone. He hired himself a nutritionist and began a good workout routine. After a fierce battle over his daughter’s custody, Rob got to keep her 50/50. She was enough reason for him to keep looking forward.

This young man has been struggling with look issues and weight problems for a while now. The sock designer was actually diagnosed with diabetes type II. That was enough reason for him to begin his health makeover. His family believes that he can reach his goal and that his young daughter is enough reason for him to lose weight.

Rob started his weight loss journey when he was preparing for his wedding with Chyna. His fiancé put him on a strict diet that is very low in red meat and carbs. The results were awe-inspiring, and he ended up losing up to 40 pounds. Blac was continuously raiding his pantry, checking rigorously what he was eating. Sorbet and pizza crust were not acceptable to her. She kept an eye on his snacks and food choices. When the couple split, Rob gained everything back and some more.

In September 2017, the whole world was worried about Rob, who never knew what phentermine diet pills are for. He was depressed, socially secluded and binge-eating ice cream. For a man who is obese and has diabetes type II, anyone would worry. Everyone thought he was going to die with this very unhealthy lifestyle. This young man was desperate, and he felt that food was his only source of happiness. He had no problem eating 15,000 calories every day. We all know that eating does make you feel good when you eat it; but you will feel remorse after a couple of hours. This was not the case of Rob who was going forward with his massive intake and unhealthy choices. He tried many ways to take off some pounds, he even tried hypnosis therapy, but nothing was enough reason for him to diet.

While all claims focus on how this Kardashian lost his extra weight with personal efforts, Chyna, his ex-wife, exposed him. She stated and showed documents to the court that Rob did a secret weight loss surgery that cost him $100,000. He did not try the 3-day military diet menu or take fish oil supplements. He just went rogue and did it the easy way, under the knife. We are not sure if this is the truth or just some crazy split court claim.

Rob Kardashian Diet

Rob’s impressive weight loss in 2016 was majorly the result of his ex-fiancé’s help. When they were engaged, Chyna was cooking his meals, and pushing him to exercise five times week. He was eating at home without complaining about his fiancé’s healthy choices. Some of the meals he used to take were roasted chicken with asparagus, lamb chops with cooked broccoli, or some eggs, bacon and wheat toast.

So, this young man was actually on a very low carb diet focusing on veggies and lean meats and staying away from red meat and high carb fruits. Broccoli, asparagus, and spinach were his new buddies. His regime was very similar to what the Atkins diet is all about. When you follow a low carb diet, your body starts using energy by decomposing the fat from your reserves. Our body needs the energy to function. When you eat carbs, it uses them to get its energy. In the absence of carbs, our body would use the next best thing, which is fat.

A few ideas about his very personalized diet, which has nothing to do with the DASH diet food list, include:

  • Low in milk and dairy
  • Contains a lot of water. As a matter of fact, he would drink in the morning a cup of water with some drops of lemon. This small routine has helped him get his bowels in perfect shape.
  • High in veggies
  • High in proteins except red meat
  • No fast food

His fiancé was training him as well. His routine included walking and running on the treadmill. After his cardio, he would lift weights. Following everything his fiancé set him to do, the young Kardashian did lose weight, gain muscle and look better than ever. In addition to his fiancé’s workout, he was working out with a personal trainer.

With the Kardashian line of work, it is tough to pinpoint what their real ways to do things is. This family has been known to be paid to represent famous brands; for example, Coca Cola, among many others. They are paid up to $75,000 per post on social media. When Rob decided to lose weight, two companies were claiming to support this weight loss. These are Hydroxycut and Quest Nutrition.

Many sources claim that Rob was using the best Garcinia Cambogia pills. These pills have helped many celebrities lose weight in a short duration of time. These latter come from a sweet fruit originating from Indonesia. It is capable of using stored fat to produce energy for the body, as well as enhancing strength and energy levels. It also increases your metabolic rate, dramatically!

In 2016, Rob looked self-confident, healthy and on the right track for a healthy life. Too bad he got separated from his source of inspiration. In 2017, this young man was laying low due to numerous issues and lawsuits that came with his split-up. Now, he thinks that 2018 will be his year. He no longer aspires to a yo-yo dieting and no more quick fixes. He is ready to start and finish the year while trying to fix his lifestyle. Between a good workout regimen and a healthy diet, he will surely find the results he is seeking.

Life, when you are a celebrity, can have a lot of pressure. When you have a reality TV show, it seems impossible to have things going quietly. This is the kind of life that puts you under a lot of pressure. That was the case with Rob.