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Raspberry Ketones Diet Pills For Weight Loss – Reviews, Results And How To Take

It is estimated that only three out of ten people are comfortable with their weight. In recent years, cases of obesity have been on the rise. The increase in people who are obese can be attributed to inactive lifestyles and too much sugar in meals.

People can lose weight through many different methods. Statistics, however, have it that less than 20 percent of dieters will achieve their desired results. The programs can be complicated or expensive, and many people fail.

The remaining option is to try supplements that are said to produce significant weight loss results without requiring you to hit the gym or even modify your diet plans.

One of such products is raspberry ketones. Back in 2012, Dr. Oz brought it to the attention of his viewers. Dr. Oz promoted it as a weight loss supplement. However, his promotions of this and other products led officials to ask how does garcinia cambogia work and does forskolin work? Studies proved his statements regarding these supplements and weight loss were incorrect, but who knows? It might just work. It was not the first time Dr. Oz promoted a weight loss supplement. Currently, some people are even considering including raspberries in their meals.

What are raspberry ketone pills? results and reviews

From their name, you can tell that raspberry ketone pills have something to do with raspberries. The delightful aroma produced by these berries comes from the raspberry ketone. The science behind it has to do with essential oils and how they easily change states from liquid to gas. That’s just the basics of how it works, but we will not go into more details here.

Extracted raspberry ketones are used in products such as ice cream and cosmetics to improve their smell.

To achieve any reasonable weight loss results with this compound, more than $100,000. It is just outrageously expensive in its natural forms. It’d be crazy to spend such a huge amount on an unverified weight loss supplement.

Luckily, science is always finding its way around such dilemmas. In the lab, raspberry ketone can be artificially made in bulk. In fact, this is the main process by which most if not all of the compound is produced.

Pills containing the product are marketed as potential weight loss supplements. Before and after weight loss fine details can help determine the amount of success achieved.

Raspberry ketone reviews: how does it work?

Raspberry ketone has been found to take resemblance with capsaicin and another stimulant. This has attracted researches which aim to explore any benefits that may come with that.

Since the capsaicin and stimulants have been thought to contribute and encourage weight loss, it has been long suspected that raspberry ketone too can do the same.

In the lab, fat cells isolated from rodents were used to test raspberry ketone effectiveness. When the raspberry ketone was introduced to the cells, weight loss related results were observed.

Most notably, the process by which fats are broken down in the cells gained more efficiency. This was later found to have been caused by more sensitivity to a specific body chemical that controls the process.

Another notable effect revolved around the secretion of adiponectin. This is another chemical that plays a key role in cell metabolism and availability of glucose in the body.

It is not known if this is how exactly raspberry ketone works in humans. The environment inside a test tube in the lab differs greatly from the environment inside the human body. This is not to mention that very high dosages are usually used in these lab experiments.

Just like it is with pure garcinia cambogia reviews and such, online reviewers who have used the product are perhaps the best judges of the product so far.

Raspberry ketones reviews: does it work?

A good number of people will be encouraged to try raspberry ketone pills in the hope that they actually are getting the extract from the berry itself. As we saw earlier, a lot of money would be needed in that case. Others are attracted by the appearance of the name ketone. Ketones are low-calorie food compounds that drive the body to naturally burn fats. However, the ketones in the product we are discussing here have nothing to do with that.

In one experiment conducted in rodents, it was observed that raspberry ketones might inhibit the rapid accumulation of fat. In the experiment, rats which were continually fed high-fat diets and with the combination of raspberry ketones, they stored less fat than expected.

In yet another experiment, it was observed that the compound could restore or maintain liver integrity. The liver is the primary organ where heavy duty metabolic activities occur. The liver sometimes suffers inflammation due to the buildup of fats in and on the organ. This inflammation was noted to improve when test subjects were given raspberry ketones.

A more promising study saw raspberry ketone used with vitamin C in test subjects. After four weeks, significant weight and fat loss results were reported. Experiments where this compound has been used with a couple of other remedies usually produce promising results. In a separate experiment, test subjects were given raspberry ketone, vitamin C, ginger, capsaicin, and caffeine. In the eight weeks that the subjects were routinely given this combination, exercises, and a low-calorie diet were also included. These test subjects showed perhaps the best raspberry ketone results ever.

This suggests that you may have to buy garcinia cambogia or other related products for better weight loss benefits. In fact, even garcinia cambogia will still not be effective without strategic plans.

Raspberry ketone diet pill results: do they work for weight loss?

There are quite a few raspberry ketones reviews that will try convincing you that raspberry ketones will help you lose weight. If you are to look for supporting evidence to such a claim, I guarantee you won’t find it.

As you can see from the brief details about experiments conducted so far, not one of them suggests that raspberry ketone can be used to shave a couple of pounds off someone’s weight.

The first ones suggest that the compound can be used to inhibit the further buildup of fats in the body, especially in the liver. Mind you, the experiments were only successful in rodents in a lab. Who says the results can be replicated in humans?

In the other experiments, raspberry ketone had to be used in combination with other remedies thought to have weight loss benefits. It is only then that the compound was seen to produce reasonable results.

Another problem is encountered in this case. How is it that we can confirm that it is not vitamin C or capsaicin that produced the effects?

To cut a long story short, there is not one study on humans that confirms effectiveness of raspberry ketone in regards to weight loss. If you are using or considering using the supplement, better results will be achieved in regards to curbing fat accumulation. It is more or less like garcinia cambogia for weight loss.

Raspberry ketones weight loss dosage

Supplements are not developed to cure a disease or medical condition medically. For this reason, a correct dosage is usually hard to agree on. In regards to how to take garcinia cambogia for example, follow the instructions on the bottle.

In studies, extremely high doses of raspberry ketones are used. Just to give you the idea, a person weighing 50 kg would require 4,000 mg of the supplement. That’s a high dose, bearing in mind that someone in need of weight loss would weigh twice as much if they weighed more than 50 kg. Forskolin for weight loss dosage, for example, is set at 250 mg. You can see the large difference between the two dosages.

Most manufacturers set the dosage at 100 mg to 500 mg. If you can remember, we concluded that raspberry ketone would not work significantly well when used on its own. Remedies like caffeine and capsaicin or even fat burning drinks can be used to better the results.

Due to high costs and restrictions for buying highly concentrated raspberry ketone, 100 mg dosage is most commonly available. Pills coming in this measurement contain about four percent of the extract. Most notably in garcinia cambogia reviews, you will realize that the concentration of the main ingredient is associated with a lot of importance or the effectiveness of the supplement.

Other benefits and side effects of raspberry ketone pills

Aside from weight loss, raspberry ketone has several different uses and also one or two possible complications.

The extract is very sweet smelling. You can compare it with the pleasure you get when smelling lavender oil or aromatic essential oils. The scent is why it is added to some cosmetics to keep them smelling sweet. You can also find it some ice creams brands and colas.

Some people use raspberry ketone to promote a better facial appearance. People use it for healthy skin and hair, and to prevent hair loss.

Side effects
Taking raspberry ketone in berries is very safe. In its extract and artificial forms, no significant complications or side effects have been reported. This is the main reason why people prefer this extract compared to pure forskolin, which is associated with low blood pressure or garcinia which is associated with liver damage.

Earlier, we saw that a correlation had been identified in the composition of raspberry ketone and a stimulant. For this reason, it is thought that too much or long-term use of the raspberry ketone can produce stimulant-like side effects. Such include muscle jitters, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure.

Avoid large doses and long-term use. Also, ensure that your products have been bought reputable form sources. As it happens, raspberry ketone is very expensive. For this reason, scammers use foreign, cheaper ingredients and sell them as the original product. This will waste your money and could also land you in a hospital.

Raspberry ketone cleanse diet plan

Some manufacturers have suggested using raspberry ketone for a cleansing diet plan to achieve the best results.

A cleanse diet plan focuses on cleaning out the colon. This is the lower part of the intestine that holds food materials that are in their final stage of the digestive process. Accumulation of toxins in this region causes constipation and weight gain.

A cleanse diet plan makes use of a lot of fluids, mostly water, and a high fiber diet. Raspberry ketone is added to the mix to promote the production of the energy needed for the detox process. The compound has also been noted to have anti-toxins properties.

Since there are many diet cleansing products on Amazon and eBay, a lot of detective work should be done to find the best product to use. Rather than going through hundreds of biased reviews promoting different products, just see what users are saying about one or two products on Amazon. Cleanse diet supplements are relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging from $3 to $75.

Be very cautious when buying from websites. There have been cases where users were promised a free trial service. After providing their credit card details for shipment fees, there were charges to their credit cards. As it happened, the manufactures had mischievously bonded the users to paid subscriptions. Always use a prepaid card if you are having doubts.

Final thoughts
Raspberry ketone is a great supplement which can aid in fat loss and also toxin removal when used with a cleanse diet.

However, the extract will most likely not work for individuals aiming to achieve reasonable weight loss results. Promotions like the 2012 garcinia cambogia Dr. Oz  TV episode, which was associated with exaggeration of expected results, should never confuse you. Make sure you do your own research.

For better weight loss results, try modifications in diet, exercise, and one or two fat burning supplement. Such a combination will definitely work.