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Ralphie May Weight Loss: His diet plan, food choices and secrets with before and after results.

Who is Ralphie May

Ralphie is an American stand-up comedian and actor who was born in 1972, in Tennessee. The young celerity passed away at a very young age of 45 following severe pneumonia that led him to have a cardiac arrest. May was married to Lahna Turner and together they had two kids. The couple filed for divorce after ten years of marriage; however, it was never finalized.

His most worked-in genre was observational comedy.

May was raised in Arkansas with his three siblings. When he was just 16 years old, the comedian was in a car accident, in the passenger seat.

Ever since he was 17, May was involved in his comedy and it was Sam Kinison who suggested to this young boy to move to Houston to work on this skill.

In 2011, May was on a cruise ship where he contracted viral pneumonia. A month after, he suffered from a pulmonary embolism, and a blood clot from his leg blocked an artery. In 2017, the young man suffered once again from pneumonia; but this time it led to his death. May is survived by his wife and two kids.

Ralphie May Weight Loss

Ralphie was one very heavy comedian. Aside from his funny jokes, everyone was shocked by the weight he was at. May started gaining weight ever since he was involved in a car accident that broke 42 of his bones. Following this event, he added hundreds of pounds reaching his maximum weight. You can check other celebrities’ success stories like the Adam Richman weight loss.

May’s journey was a very tough one. He started by having gastric bypass surgery in 2004 when he lost 350 pounds. But, despite this massive weight loss, he was still very heavy and did not know how to proceed with living a healthier version of his life. This man never bought clothes at the mall; he was barely able to walk there. When you are this heavy, your physical activity becomes minimal. This could affect your energy expenditure and metabolic rate. And when you do not burn enough, you end up gaining weight no matter how light you are eating. May was surely not eating anything light before his wake up call.

Trying to lose more weight, Ralphie even joined the VH1 celebrity fit club where he lost 27 pounds; but his weight was fluctuating, and he ended up putting it back on. This young man had a lot going on in his life. He was using drugs; however, he stopped this nasty habit. Recently and before his death, he was just using marijuana. As for anxiety, he was on Xanax. It is sad to know that someone, who is trying his best to lose weight and be on track, would die from a cardiac arrest following his pneumonia infection. He left the world a little sadder at the age of 45 years.

Ralphie May Weight Loss Surgery

While trying to lose weight with simple dietary changes, May knew that it was impossible to succeed. His extra weight was not enough to be managed merely by military diet substitutions. He couldn’t just go on a Dukan diet to lose 400 pounds; this would take him too long. He needed a drastic solution; so, he went under the knife. It may seem a little too extreme when you have so much to lose. But where else to start? It is true that surgeries might have their risks; but, for a person who is weighing so many pounds, not undergoing the surgery will present to him much more chances of continuing to suffer from his weight. A person that heavy can have a cardiac arrest at any time. It is sad to know that this young comedian who started telling the world about how happy he is would end up dying from a cause that is not related to his weight. It is sad also to remember that a car accident put him on this scary route. This man evidently suffered from unfortunate events.

A gastric bypass is when you surgically divide the stomach into two pouches. The small pouch is stapled together and made just to hold one cup worth of food. This way, people who undergo this type of surgery feel full much quicker. It is a restrictive procedure because you can no longer eat the amount of food you are used to eating. The operation also connects the small pouch to your intestines while bypassing the duodenum. That’s when your body stops absorbing the nutrients well. So, whatever you eat ends up not being digested properly, and this includes the calories. The operation might lead to some complications but they iare scarce. If you are not a surgery person, you may want to look for Selena Gomez weight loss secrets. This young woman changed her lifestyle to a very healthy and simple one.

When you undergo this surgery, you end up losing 60% of your excess pounds. This weight loss will put you at lower risks of many chronic diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

When May did the surgery, he started the post-surgery. He did not look for the forskolin for sale. The surgery starts its preparations one to two weeks before its time when you need to be on a liquid diet. The diet consists of protein shakes, sugar-free drinks, and soup broths. Neither caffeine nor carbonated drinks are allowed. You can take in some v8 juices. You are also allowed to have some lean meats one a day and some veggies. You are not allowed to drink during your meal and you have to take in the food slowly.

Once the surgery is performed, you need to be on a strict diet. First, you need to know that there is a staple line in your stomach that should heal; so, you need to watch out for what you are eating. The first week consists of clear liquids. These include water, fat-free milk, fat-free broth, and sugar-free jello. You need to take them slowly and in very small portions. The second and third week contains protein shakes and pureed food. Make sure you keep your small portions. During these two weeks, you need to stay away from caffeine, and sodas. You can have some soft cheese, non-fat cottage cheese, and egg whites. You are still not advised to drink anything while eating. This sure seems to be a lot of hard work; you can check the other ways by reading about weight loss programs for women.

The fourth and fifth weeks will be the time when you go on soft food. That’s when your body starts getting used to eating healthy food. This stage has to be gradual, and you should not push yourself into eating if you feel that you are full. During this time, you can eat some lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish. You can also have some tofu and non-fat cheese. You can allow yourself some potatoes, squash, bananas, and avocados. Accompanying the diet, you need to take in some multivitamins as well as calcium supplements. You might even need a vitamin D supplement.

When going back to eating regular food, you may want to introduce the options one at a time just like when you introduce them to a newborn. You have to gain the habit of eating slowly and chewing your food very well.

When you pick to go for surgery for weight loss, it can be a little complicated. Some might not want to go through all this hardship and end up following the Miley Cyrus weight loss regimen.