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Queen Latifa Weight Loss: Her Diet, Workout with Before and After Results.

Queen Latifa Weight Loss

Queen Latifa is a multitalented woman who excelled in the world. She is a well-known American rapper, a songwriter, a singer, an actress, and a producer. The 47-year old New Jersey woman has been active since 1988. In 2017, she was announced, for the third year in a row, as the executive producer for the TV series “Scream.” Latifa is the daughter of a teacher and a police officer who attended a Catholic school and was raised in a Baptist faith.

Ever since she was a young girl, the actress always considered herself as being chubby. At first, her body image made her very bothered and stressed. She always knew she is not and will never be a size two kind of woman. As the years passed by, the young 18-year-old Latifa started thinking to herself that she was either going to keep stressing and feeling sad about her body image, or she was going to accept it and live happy and satisfied with her life. She even reached a point in her life where she was despising herself and how she looked. So that is what she did. She embraced who she was and decided to start a healthy lifestyle with no expectation or goal. Many celebrities have adopted this way of thinking and ended up getting their lives and bodies together. You may also want to check about the yes you can diet plan reviews.

Now Latifa looks better than she ever did! From getting the help of the famous Jeanette Jenkins to fixing her eating habits, she was moving forward and excited about the health gains of her journey. Everyone knows that having excess weight, especially around the abdominals, will increase your risks for chronic diseases like diabetes type 2. Many celebrities have faced diabetes and ended up following a healthy diet to put their lives in a better perspective. The 2018 Queen Latifa version is simply breathtaking.

Latifa also underwent breast surgery. Her pictures inevitably show this added effect. This added to her fabulous, great look. Latifa still explains that all her transformations were merely for the sake of her health and well-being. She understands the health benefits of even a slight weight change, and she wants to make it happen. For her, the process of aging depends on how you set your mind to think. When you feel good inside, you think younger and become younger. So, if you work on getting that mood going, you will head towards an amazing transformation. You may also want to check the burn fat diet. Many resources claim that Latifa took the pure Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills. These are derived from a sweet fruit originating from Indonesia. It looks like a yellow greenish pumpkin and helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite.

Queen Latifa Weight Loss Diet Tips

Latifa has reached dramatic results on her health journey. Along with a good workout regimen, she made many adjustments to her food. By looking at her before and after pictures, you will be more than encouraged to follow her footsteps. Here are some:

  • You need to drink a lot of water. From the theory that water makes up 65% of our body mass, Latifa believes that one should drink what is equivalent to half the amount in water and fluids. By taking in this amount, you will help your body lose weight and be healthy.
  • Green tea. This tasty Japanese tea will help you curb your cravings while keeping you healthy and clear of chronic diseases.
  • Probiotics are a necessity for the body. These are good kinds of bacteria that normally live in our gut. They help keep your digestive system in good shape and assist in the elimination process.
  • Citrus fruits. These include grapefruits, lemons, and oranges. They all contain a flavonoid that is responsible for fighting off your sugar cravings. They also help your body absorb less sugar and burn more fat. So, by replacing your favorite dessert by an orange, you are not only eating fewer calories, but you are improving your entire daily intake of healthy food.
  • Green veggies. These include cucumbers, green leaves, green peppers, and others. These are high in fiber and have a minimal amount of calories. They help keeping you feel full throughout the day. Try to take more than three servings per day, every day.
  • Yerba Mate. This is one magical drink that contains chocolate, tea and coffee. All three ingredients are found in one drink. It has a diuretic effect and can help relieve constipation. Many use it as a weight loss aid to keep the elimination process flowing and reducing the absorption of fat and sugar. You may also want to check about the detox tea.
  • Go for eggs. Eggs are excellent choices of proteins when you are trying to be healthy and lose weight. They are high in fiber and can fill you up for a longer period of time. They will help you get rid of those nasty diet-wrecking snacks.

Sometimes, eating the right food choices but cooked in a wrong way can wreck your heathy diet. You may want to check extreme weight loss recipes for more information.

Queen Latifa workout

When it came to her workout, Latifa picked a famous trainer in Hollywood. Jeanette Jenkins was training her clients in Pilates, yoga, hiking, and cross training. For her, the best results are achieved by alternating the workout regimen. You should not feel bored with you work out. In addition to her trainer’s system, Latifa was hitting the gym five times a week. At the gym, she was also alternating between boogie-boarding, biking, and jogging.

For those looking for weight loss apps, you might want to try the 21-day workout plan that was developed by Jeanette. The regimen will get you more energy and help you reach the perfect fitness level. The program will help you burn up to 350 calories in about 35 minutes. It consists of a cardio routine, accompanied by three strength circuits. The circuits will work on many muscles areas, and the cardio will help you improve the aerobic function of your body and burn the calories. The only things you will need are light and medium dumbbells.

So, the 21-day circuit will look something like this:

  • Day 1: Cardio and stretching
  • Day 2: Circuits A and C
  • Day 3: Cardio and stretching
  • Day 4: Circuits B and C
  • Day 5: Circuit A and stretching
  • Day 6: Circuits B and C
  • Day 7 is simply a resting day that will help relax and rejuvenate the muscles.

Circuit A consists of many exercises and has to be repeated four times. If you feel more powerful than before, you can end up repeating it six times. The activities are a push-up and plank combo, chest fly, reverse lunge, as well as squat and chair pose. This circuit targets the chest, rear, and triceps.

Circuit B consists of plie squats, keeping your feet wider than shoulders apart and toes turned outwards, biceps curl, Inner, outer leg lift, and back fly. This circuit targets the back, triceps, and thighs.

Circuit C consists of roll-ups that target your six packs, side reach that targets your obliques and deep abdominals and the boat pose that targets the six packs.

The cardio workout is also a mix of several exercises. You can choose from many levels. Here are the most basic ones:

Level 1 is when you start with 5 minutes of warm-up at 3.5 mph, then two minutes of speed-walk at 4 mph speed, followed by two minutes of a jog at 6.0 mph. Then, you need to keep repeating the entire workout around five to six times. Before you stop the workout, let your muscles cool down with a walk of 3.5mph for five minutes. This system is among the best and yields excellent results.

By following the perfect diet and a great workout, Queen Latifa has shown the world that she is one great woman who can do it all. From acting to teaching the world about scleroderma, this woman is one healthy living individual. If you are looking to embrace healthy eating habits, you may want to check some healthy green smoothies recipes and a good weight loss calculator. These two will get you started.