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Pu–erh Tea Weight Loss: What is it? Its Benefit and its Effects.

What is Pu-erh Tea?

This is a very exotic tea made of several fermented tea products originating from China. It is found in the Pu’erh town in Yunnan province. When the tea leaves are picked and dried, they undergo a fermentation process that includes a microbial fermentation and oxidation. This specific pathway is a unique process that Chinese people are famous for and from which is derived a kind of black tea. This tea is different from the regular black tea that we are used to drinking. This is not the English black tea but rather the Chinese black tea. Pu’erh can be sold in its raw form. Or, as a mature product, this tea can be sold pressed or loose.

Tea, in general, has been gaining a lot of popularity in the wellness world. Everyone has memorized by now the health benefits of drinking green tea and its effect on losing weight. Celebrities have tried it in its different forms: as a warm tea infusion or as an iced tea. Wherever you go, you find tea. It has even taken a major place in restaurants where many are using it instead of carbonated beverages. If you are on the path to losing weight, you may want to have unsweetened tea to drink with your food. It will not add any calories, but instead add all the benefits.

Pu-erh Tea Health Benefits

This kind of tea has long been involved in the herbalism of China. Now, it has started to gain the attention of the entire world as a fantastic kind of tea with several health benefits. First, one needs to understand that this tea contains very high levels of polyphenols like flavonoids, catechins, and theaflavin. These components are potent antioxidants. They are powerful and help you manage your high-stress levels and lower your consumption of heavy metals. These teas have amazing properties to repair damaged cells. Also, it helps you in digesting your food while accelerating fat burning.

While there are five kinds of tea including the white, the green, the black and the oolong, the fifth is the pu-erh that is completely different from the other kinds of tea. This tea goes through a natural fermentation before its leaves are dried out. Here are the many health benefits of this kind of tea:

  • Lowers your cholesterol levels: many studies show the definite link between the pu-erh tea and the presence of lovastatin. In pu-erh tea, this component is naturally found in the tea, while in its synthetic form, it is developed as a kind of chemical that is used to lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Many studies also show the link between the long-term use of this tea and higher levels of HDL (good Cholesterol). Before using this tea to regulate your cholesterol levels, you may want to check with your doctor first. You have to keep following his treatment guidelines.
  • Cleansing: this tea was used by the Chinese culture to open meridians. It is supposed to warm up the spleen and stomach. Also, it helps cleanse your blood and aids digestion. The world is filled with free radicals. Even our healthy foods can contain free radicals. This tea prevents the buildup of these free radicals. So, in other words, this tea will help you stay healthy and cleansed.
  • Aids in digestion: our digestive tract breaks down food in the stomach and intestines. The pu-erh tea is linked to a higher production of the good bacteria in our gut. These bacteria will help improve your digestive system. So, when you ingest heavy meals, this tea will help you have the best digestion.
  • Regulating your sleep

Pu-erh Tea and weight loss

Several studies tried to link pu-erh tea to weight loss. The results were amazing and showed a positive effect between this tea and losing weight. Reviews from all over the world have been appraising the amazing effect of this tea on weight loss. Here is why pu-erh tea helps you shake off extra weight:

  • It suppresses the synthesis of fatty acids. So, your body will produce less fat.
  • Lipogenesis is hindered by this tea. This is the process of fat formation in the liver.
  • Caffeine found in this kind of tea is high and triggers the secretion of many hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine. These help dislocate the fat cells that are stored.
  • Enhances the levels of lipase that blocks the formation of visceral fat.

Studies also explain that this tea is not a magical pill. You do not lose weight by simply drinking it and keeping all the bad habits in your daily routines. When you pick the pu-erh tea to shake off the extra weight, you need to have a balanced diet and some working out. Losing weight is a progressive result of determination and hard work. When you lose weight fast using very low calorie diets, you end up gaining the weight back again. How to drink this tea is very simple. You will need a teapot, cups, hot water and the tea. First you have to boil the water; then, break the tea apart and place it into the pot. Next, rinse the tea, and steep it. The rinse should be a quick on and off and should not take longer than ten seconds.

A French study examined the effect of this tea on the weight loss progress of its participants. The results were that when people drank the pu-erh tea, they lost five to ten pounds in a period of two months. Of course, the tea was accompanied by a healthy diet and a light exercising routine.

While this kind of tea has yielded amazing results for people wishing to lose weight, there are many other ways embraced by celebrities. You can take the Gucci Mane weight loss journey that resulted in this man coming out of prison a changed individual. From another angle, Kelly Osbourne weight loss has been an inspirational story as well. For a woman who has been struggling for so long, finding her right image led her to an incredible new version of herself.

Sometimes, you may look for low calorie diets, for example the sample 1500 calorie diet that is not very restricting and will allow you to be able to eat properly and provide the essential nutrients to your body. You can reach this amount of food by studying well the different caloric content of food. Only then will you be able to put together your perfect meal plan. Or you might take a look at ready-made weight loss meal plans. While adjusting your food intake is one way to lose weight, prescription weight loss pills are the answer of many celebrities. But, when resorting to this method, you need to understand the side effects of taking these pills. Sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives. Some people have also tried to take natural weight loss pills like the Garcinia Cambogia that is derived from a pumpkin-like fruit originating from Indonesia. These pills have gained popularity and were featured on Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey’s show. You have to do your research before choosing any of them, and check with your doctor.

Some people have resorted to healthy diet plans that have several health benefits. One can think of the caveman diet menu. This system relies on eating a lot of veggies and fruits. You will have to get rid of pasta and cereals as well as candies to replace them with nuts and healthy fats. The system gained popularity worldwide and everyone wanted to try it and observe its benefits. It also encourages people to take in salmon and other kinds of fatty fish. Some people even use fish oil for weight loss.

Losing weight has preoccupied the mind of everyone in the world. Some want to look their best while others want to live healthy and keep away from diseases. May celebrities decided to cut down their weight fearing for their lives and wanting to live a normal life with their families. Other celebrities lost weight in a very unhealthy way to land a role. Whatever your reason is, you have to explore the many options you have to lose weight. Sometimes, it makes sense to add one small element like the pu-erh tea to your healthy intake to shake things off.