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Parineeti Chopra weight loss diet: the plan, recipes, food lists and pictures.

Who is Parineeti Chopra?

Parineeti Chopra is an Indian actress and singer who was born in India in 1988. She appeared in many Indian movies. This young woman was not aspiring to an acting career. She studied at Manchester Business School where she got a triple honor degree in business, finance, and economics. When she graduated, she came back to her country to work as a public relations consultant, and was offered an acting role. That’s how her career as an actress began. Her skills made her one of the most well-known figures in the world of acting in India.

Parineeti Chopra Weight: before and after

This young genius was always considered overweight. But before Chopra went on with acting, she decided to get rid of her bubbly look and lost 28 kg. Her before and after weight loss pictures were impressive! This woman loved food and had a big appetite. She was far from the glamorous life of celebrities. She did a study in business and never imagined she would end up winning the hearts of millions. When Chopra was approached, she thought she could make it by using her acting skills. The truth is that Bollywood is all about looks and figures. That’s what led her to start losing her extra weight. She is young, and there is no reason for her not to look just fantastic.

This young woman shifted from a size 38 to a size 30 by having a very intense workout regimen and a strict diet. She wanted to reach her dream looks. She was tired and sick of feeling down every time she was about to get dressed. She never dared to show her tummy. She never even wore short sleeves. So she gave it her best to make it work, and it was not easy. But, now that she worked so hard to lose her extra weight, her pictures looked better than ever!

Parineeti Chopra weight loss exercising plan

So, now that Chopra decided to shake off those extra pounds, she started her lifestyle changes. She stated in many interviews that she hated gyms and working out. She believes that working out in a gym is very dull and can disrupt the positivity mode that she is in. So, instead, she went for a different kind of weight loss physical regimen. Here is what she aimed for:

  • Jogging: This is how this young actress started her days. When you jog for 30 minutes, you tend to lose up to 300 calories. It is a kind of a cardio workout that is a golden ticket to your weight loss program as well as your healthy lifestyle. Jogging helps in boosting the immune system and cleansing or flushing your lymphatic system.
  • Meditation: That was a very important part of her new wellness path. Meditating helped her focus on positivity. Meditation has been linked to many health benefits. These can be improving creative thinking, taming down our stress levels, promoting success. By regulating stress, it regulates leptin that can be responsible for abdominal weight gain. Meditation also helps maintaining your blood pressure levels, anxiety and depression.
  • Yoga: Chopra was doing yoga once a day. Choosing this holistic approach is no secret to Indians who valued this discipline. This is by far the best exercise for weight loss. Many studies revealed the amazing benefits of yoga poses on losing weight and toning the body. Yoga is not aerobics and it does not require any equipment. All you need is your mat and you are set for a life changing experience.
  • Working out while enjoying the activities: Chopra loves swimming and horseback riding, so she picked these two activities to shake off her extra weight. Swimming has been proven to work most muscles of the body. It is one of the best exercises to burn a lot of calories.
  • Running indoor: Aside from the morning jogging, this Indian sweetheart was also running on the treadmill.
  • Dancing: And this is not a big surprise for Indians. They love dancing and shaking off their extra weight while being happy and having fun!
  • Cardio and exercising.
  • Kerala Martial arts that she does every day for a period of one hour. This type of training makes her more flexible, stronger and boosts her stamina.

Parineeti Chopra weight loss diet

Chopra had a very slow metabolism. She was a binge eater for junk food. She loved pizza and pasta. Back then, she never cared about her looks and was fine with simply enjoying the foods she liked. But now that she was about to start her acting career, she was changing her priorities. The first thing she did was give up pizza and burgers! Despite the fact that there are so many weight loss programs for women, Parineeti wanted to personalize her way out of obesity. She never believed in the caveman diet meal plan. This system relies on starvation! It mimics the lifestyle of hunters who used to have a light breakfast, go for the hunt with nothing to eat, and then come back for a dinner feast!

Here is one example of how her day looks.

  • Breakfast: a cup of milk, some brown bread, two eggs whites and juice
  • Lunch: Dal and roti with a side of brown rice, a green salad and some leafy vegetables.
  • Dinner: very simple food options with a cup of milk or a chocolate shake.

She ate her dinner two hours before heading to bed. She had her particular ways with weight loss. She did not even look at the most popular weight loss apps.

However, this young girl did seek a detox program in Austria. This system will test your body to make sure that it can tolerate the treatment. If you are healthy and able to follow the regimen then you have a six month strict system. She decided to move forward with this tough diet because her will to look her best was stronger than any fear of the system

While Chopra believed in her personalized system, other celebrities were following other more structured diet systems. For example, there is the 21 day fix diet plan. This regimen is a fun one that can be challenging for some. You are given a set of containers. Each container will be filled with a certain group of food. Every container has a different size. Every day, you are supposed to eat the contents of all the containers, according to the number allowed, in a way to divide them into different meals. This system relies on veggies and fruits, lean meats and healthy fats.

Now, this gorgeous actress is looking happier than ever with this new healthy body of hers. She has lost weight, adjusted her lifestyle and excelled in her career. What can a person ask for more? While many lose weight to look good, others want to feel better and reduce any possible risk for chronic diseases. Whatever the reason for your weight loss, you are in for a happy journey. So keep going and you will start enjoying the positive effects. Sometimes, women might encounter yeast infections, and in that case, you might want to try the candida diet recipes.