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Paleo Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Recipes, Foods List, Reviews And Real Results

The paleo diet plan helps you change your eating habits. Some of those habits to incorporate into the paleo diet include eating coconut flour and using coconut oil for some of your recipes. You can also drink coconut water. Aside from that, there are many health benefits from using coconut with the paleo diet. You should also eat eggs, nuts, and meats. With the ideal paleo diet, you must avoid gluten, refined flour, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. You can replace sweeteners and sugar with natural sweeteners like honey or agave. You must also stop eating legumes like peas, and beans, and eliminate alcohol. This is why your shopping list should not have anything related to these items, especially alcohol. Following these guidelines is for your health. Even with the garcinia cambogia diet does not allow alcohol.

Find paleo diet recipes today

You can download free versions of paleo diet recipes from the internet to your phone. You can choose to print them out and hang them in your kitchen. Preparing your space with healthy recipes helps you because you would not have to worry if your phone is not available to be used at the moment. There are so many different recipes you can use while following the paleo diet that can last you for weeks. With so many options, you get the opportunity to vary your menu and recipes. Because there are many ways of creating your paleo diet plan,  you can make many servings and eat the leftovers within the next few days. A lot of weight loss plans include a natural detox diet method that helps to make it the best.

Paleo diet foods list to always have in recipe

  1. Sausage
  2. Smoked fish
  3. Scrambled eggs
  4. Vegetables
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Bacon
  7. Chicken
  8. Beef

There are many other meal plans that you should consider. You need to remember that every decision you make is one that you should never take as a joke. Remember, if you want to have the right dieting results, you must follow the correct foods list and also the proper paleo diet shopping list to help you. Most people have no idea what their menu should be. That is what makes their weight loss experience challenging. If you want to lose weight the right way, make sure you waste no time at all. Trusting that Dukan diet reviews can help you choose the right program.

Menus to consider


  1. For breakfast:

Monday- Casserole with sausage

Tuesday- Casserole (leftover)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wednesday- Smoked fish with scrambled eggs

Thursday- Ham with scrambled squash

Friday- Eggs with muffins (filled with vegetables)

Saturday- Eggs and vegetable muffins (Leftover)

Sunday- Bacon with fried (Onion, mushroom, and spinach)


  1. For lunch


Monday- Salad mix with flaked tuna, salad greens, avocado, oil, and vinegar

Tuesday- Salad with roasted chicken, cranberries, and apple slices

Wednesday- Lettuce wrap filled with roasted chicken, mayonnaise, and mustard

Thursday- Greek-method (meatballs) on salad greens with almond slices and salad dressing

Friday- Chicken

Saturday- Cubes of beef with carrots, mushrooms, and other preferred vegetables

Sunday- Salad with mustard dressing and canned salmon


  1. Dinner


Monday- Roasted butterflied chicken with mushroom soup (use chicken bones for stock)

Tuesday- Oven-roasted tomatoes with ham and pineapple skewers

Wednesday- Roasted cauliflower with Greek-method (meatballs)

Thursday- Chicken

Friday- Cubed beef with roasted mushroom and carrots

Saturday- Roasted cod with garlic seasoning (half of the recipe) and green beans

Sunday- Maple braised chuck roast with roasted zucchini


  1. Snacks for paleo diet menu to follow


Monday- A piece of a favorite fruit

Tuesday- Carrot sticks with mustard

Wednesday- Ham with pineapple skewers (best eaten cold)

Thursday- Banana mixed with almond butter.

Friday- A handful of nuts

Saturday- A handful of olives

Sunday- A piece of fruit

Knowing the basics will help you make better decisions, and you should follow the right menu to have the ideal before and after information or details. The bulletproof coffee diet works for most people alongside paleo diets too. You can decide to try it only if coffee works well for your system.

Why the paleo diet plan is the most preferred

Before you check paleo diet food list, you need to be sure of what you are getting into. Knowing what a paleo diet it helps you make sound decisions. It is always a life-changing moment when you decide to go on a new path. Changing your lifestyle can include altering your wardrobe, location, friends, and business. Aside from those things, when you take the step to go on a paleo diet plan, you take a step toward a new path for your life. Changing your eating habits has to do with eating specific foods. Many paleo diet recipes and food list have become widely used because of its popularity and availability on the internet. Among all the free diet plans made available to you, it would also be good to know more about its benefits. There are some side effects of dieting that are dangerous, so make sure you know the guidelines and possible side effects. Always talks to your doctor before starting any diet plan. By doing that, you will see positive results as others have. The contrave diet pill can also be considered to help you reach your goals. Like all medicines, make sure you take it as intended and talk to your doctor.

Check out before and after results online

Before you even decide to stick with the paleo diet, you need to know the meal plan. Reading online reviews is also important. You need to have some motivation to go through with the diet to lose weight. One way to do that is by making sure you look at before and after results and reviews. They will help to motivate you to achieve your goals and so much more. Being healthy and achieving your goals is what matters the most. Adding fast metabolism diet recipes will always be a plus. Paleo diets on its own help with fast metabolism within the body.

TIPS for beginners

As a beginner, you may ask what is a paleo diet and how do you start? It is a diet based on how our ancestors that were hunters and gatherers ate. You are only allowed to eat only whole natural foods. The foods you stay away from are gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol. Some reasons you should avoid these foods include:


  1. Alcohols increase wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, making your skin look flushed and giving you puffy eyelids.
  2. Diary gives you dark spots and blackheads on your face.
  3. Sugar also produces wrinkles on the forehead, pale skin, and thin skin. Sugar also increases acne and spots on your face.
  4. Finally, gluten promotes acne and dark spots. It also gives your face a puffy look with red puffy cheeks.


All these foods tend to harm your body. This is why you need the ideal paleo diet to make things different. You do not need to worry about weight loss alone when going on a paleo diet. Your health should be taken into consideration. You can join a cooking or diet and nutrition website online where you get to subscribe to weekly newsletters. Plus there are meal plans to aid you in successfully planning your diet. However, you might find a hard time keeping to the diet process. You can try and get help from your friend, your family or even better an experienced cook.

Including plant-based diets to your paleo diet

There is one fascinating thing about the plant-based diet and paleo diet meal plans. You will not have a hard time finding the foods you need. They are the regular foods that most people eat at home. The difference between the paleo diet and plant-based diet is that some of the plant-based foods are not allowed on the paleo diet. Some foods on the plant-based diet include beans and grains. These are non-perishable food items, so you can buy them in large quantities. If you store them at home, so you do not have to go to the supermarket as often. This will help you all the time.

Reading various reviews of recipes will help you decide and determine if they are right for you. Some people love to cook on their own. Preparing food for yourself is very good if you know how to go about the recipes. If you do not know your way around the kitchen, you can get assistance. It is most necessary to prevent accidents in the kitchen. Having help in the kitchen will help you balance your work and home schedule easily. You could hire a professional and experienced cook to help you.  You can have him or her around for some time till you get the hang of eating a whole food plant based diet or paleo diet. You could also allow him or her to work for you for a longer time. Hiring a chef will mean you spend more money than if you could cook for yourself. If you already have enough knowledge and skills around the kitchen, you would not need to shell out the money and stress about finances.

Why the paleo diet meal plan is gaining respect

Every individual has a reason for wanting to have a well-planned eating habit. Studies have shown the importance of what we eat and what it does to our bodies. You tend to see many celebrities from actors to singers going on different diet plans. One of the main reasons people follow a paleo diet plan is to lose weight. Choosing to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle is what makes a difference and matters. Choose the right menu, and that will help you a lot to reach your goals. Find out what is a low cholesterol diet and include it in your diets as well.