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Nikki Bella Weight Loss: The Diet, Food Choices, and Before and After Results.

Who is Nikki Bella

Stephanie Nicole Garcia (Nikkie Bella), was born on the 21st of November of 1983, to Jon and Kathy Garcia in San Diego, California. She has a twin sister called Brianna. She is of Mexican and Italian descent; she was raised on a farm in Arizona where she and her sister played soccer during their elementary school at Scottsdale Soccer Club. Nicole graduated Chaparral High School in 2002, then she moved to San Diego and attended Grossmont College. After one year, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked as a waitress and was searching for an agent to represent her. She was trying to promote her work by modeling and landing some small acting jobs. She made her first appearance on live TV on the Fox reality show, “Meet the Folks.” The plot of that show was that three bachelors spent three days with their man or woman of their dreams, and the winner got a free vacation to Hawaii with their loved ones.

Nicole, also known as Nikki, and Brianna (Bri) where hired to be the World Cup Twins with a partnership with Budweiser. They were chosen to get photographed holding the World Cup trophy. In 2006, the Twins participated in the WWE DIVA Search but did not make the cut that year. The following year, they signed a contract with WWE and made their in-ring debut in September of 2007. They were known as the Bella Twins. That night they defeated Nattie and Krissy Kaine.

Nikkie also competed in the mix matches, teaming up with male wrestlers such as John Cena, Kofi Kingston, and Robert Anthony. In 2014 she appeared in the music video “Na Na” by Treyz Songs.

Nikkie also participated in the reality TV show “Total Divas” that showed the personal life of wrestlers, and in that show, she revealed that she was a qualified real estate agent. Nikki has had many accomplishments throughout her career. She won Teen Choice Award for Best Female Athlete along with her sister Brie in 2016. She also won WWE Divas Championship 2 times, as well as the Slammy Award and Diva of the year in 2013, and 2015.

In the past, she dated wrestler Nick Nemeth, known as Dolph Zigger, but that relationship didn’t go too far. She also said that she married her high school sweetheart at the age of 20, but that marriage was later voided or annulled three years after. In 2012 she started dating wrestler John Cena, and during Wrestle Mania 33, in 2017, they were in a mixed match, and Cena proposed to her. Recently she appeared on Season 25 of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2017.

Nikki Bella weight loss

When the WWE star joined “Dancing with the Stars,” her mission was to keep in shape for her job. During the first few weeks of rehearsal, she actually shed five pounds. She jokes about it in interviews by saying that her mission is now to keep that weight off and add some more. She does want to lose more weight, but wants to keep her butt as big as it is. Her diet changed by adding more carbs than before. She needed the extra energy to keep up with the rehearsal.  Nikki explains that when she was preparing for her dances, she felt like she was exercising or flexing the entire time. And that was a lot of time to keep doing it. The star has toned up a great deal ever since she started on her dancing. She believes that this activity can make you burn a lot of calories while shaping up your body.

Despite being in good shape, Nikki wanted to lose the weight before her wedding with John Cena. The couple is simply one hot husband and wife.  Nikki’s competitor actually ended up losing up to 27 pounds during the rehearsal. This is one dramatic weight loss. One of the secrets was the pre-show training. For other celebrities success stories, you may want to check Gina Neely weight loss before and after.

Nikki Bella weight loss diet

Nikki was watching her diet while dancing. This young woman believes in counting calories. She stated during an interview that a person’s diet is the major reason for having a healthy and nice shape. Once you start counting the calories in the food you normally eat, you will be amazed by the amount of calories these might contain. You may want to check about the 1500 calorie diet for men.

So, according to their caloric content, you will end up fixing the list of food you allow yourself to eat. She even confesses that sometimes she used to take a specific snack and would be shocked by the amount of calories it has. It does not make sense to her that such a small snack could contain that many calories in it. She preferred to count calories, instead of being on ephedrine diet pills. That was not what she was looking for.

Nikki knows that she is not and will never be a size zero kind of woman; but she does believe in the need to be fit and look her best.  Before her dancing days, Nikki was following a no-sugar, no-starch and no-dairy diet. So, for a period of six days, she would go with a high protein diet made up of fish, poultry, and meat. If you want to go healthy and high protein, you can check the macrobiotic diet definition. She was also indulging herself in vegetables. However, on the seventh day, she would go crazy over anything that came to her mind. From another angle, Nikki started cutting down on wine. She explains that she stopped having red wine after her wrestling, which made it every single night. Bella did not believe in coconut weight loss.

Nikki is not the first celebrity to succeed in losing weight and shifting her life to a healthier version. Catelynn Lowell weight loss journey, for example, involved cutting down drug use and shifting into a healthier diet plan along with a good work out routine. From another angle, Gucci Mane’s weight loss was impressive. After going to jail, the young rapper had a real reality check. He no longer wanted to keep his unhealthy habits and heavy weight; he was ready to be healthy and fit. He wanted to wear the designer clothes that he always fancied but was never able to wear.

While many celebrities had a well-structured diet and workout plan, only a few have been trying the abc diet meal plan. This system will cause a severe weight loss in a short period of time. The system does encourage anorexia and has been criticized by many health professionals. The diet explains that anorexia is not a disease, but a lifestyle.  There might be days on this ABC diet where you can only take in 100 calories! That can be shocking and surely very unhealthy! Most people stay away from such a plan and opt for the forskolin for weight loss dosage. After all, your body can shut down its organs and proper functioning for the sake of losing weight. The human body needs energy and food to survive. Cutting down your food intake to minimal can lead to many diseases and health risks. That’s what Nikki was staying away from. This woman believes in the power of food and the right choices too.

Nikki Bella Workout

Nikki is obsessed with pure bar. She used to lift weights before she had a neck injury; ever since then, because it became too painful for her to lift and put weights around her neck, she shifted into pure bar. She has been enjoying this type of workout, especially that you feel disconnected from the entire world.

Bella has also been finding herself alternative ways of working out. She is actually in love with yoga. Many studies have shown the health benefits of yoga poses and so many celebrities have found themselves adding this routine to their lifestyle. While it can be rejuvenating and will help detox the body, yoga does help you lose weight and get toned!

Nikki has always been the kind of girl that works out. Aside from her time in the arena, the young woman was doing elliptical around four times a week and weight lifting three days a week. She confesses that she used to lift weight very easily but when it comes to lifting her own body weight, it was very hard for her. That was, of course, before the injury.