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Missy Elliott Weight Loss: her diet, food choices and workout with before and after results

Who is Missy Elliott?

Melissa Elliot, also known as Missy Elliot, is an American rapper and producer. She was born on July 1st, 1971, as an only child to Patricia Elliot, a power-company dispatcher, and Ronnie, a former US Marine. Missy grew up in a church choir which she called her family. She was good at singing, and at the age of 4, she aspired to be a performer. During her school years, she lived with her family in Jacksonville, North Carolina in a small community. She was happy at school, having a lot of friends, but little interest in her school work, although having good grades. She was so good, they had to advance her two years ahead of her friends. She felt “isolated” and lonely. She started getting bad grades on purpose and because of that, they dropped her class. When her father got back from the Marines, they moved back to Virginia.

Missy’s childhood was rough, having an abusive father that she and her mother always feared. At that time, her father was still in the US Marines. One time he got back home and, after an argument, dislocated her mother’s shoulder. Melissa also claimed that her dad threatened her once with a gun. She also said that one of her cousins molested her. One day, she and her mother decided to leave her father, so they ended up living with their other family members.

Elliot graduated from Woodrow High School in 1990. In the late 1980s, she had already formed an all-female R&B Group called Fayze, with her friends, La’Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott. Their first demo track was “First Move”, after that they moved to New York City where they signed to Elektra Records through their producer Devante Swing. There, they changed their group named to “Sista.” Their debut single “That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of,” they also did their first album with Devante and Timbaland called “4 All Sistas Around Da World” in 1994.

After she left Devante, she continued working with Timbaland and made tracks for Aaliyah. They also produced Aaliyah’s second album called “One in a Million” in 1996. During the years, Missy Elliot had many songs that went on the top 100 Billboard hits. “Trippin” in 1999 peaked at number 7. “Hot Boyz” with Eve and Qtip peaked at number 5 in 2000. One of her best hits, “Work it” in 2002, got to number 2. She also performed at the Super Bowl in 2015 alongside Katy Perry.

Currently, Missy is not looking to have a baby, saying, “I don’t know if I can endure the pain of labor.” She is, however, thinking of adopting one. She is also rarely talking with her father, but not quite forgiven him for the abusive ways he treated her and her mother.

Missy Elliott weight loss

Who can imagine that the famous overweight rapper would end up losing up to 100 pounds of her weight? Yes, she did it and her new image is way better than ever. This woman was always shining. She has it all: the talent, the voice, the confidence and whatever she does or says, everyone loves her. But now she has perfected her perception. She looks simply breathtaking! She looks healthy and feels healthy.

In 2008, the rapper was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. This condition is an auto immune issue, that leads to the overproduction of the thyroid hormones. When you think auto immune, you have to understand its meaning. This is when the body does not differentiate between the body’s cells and foreign invaders. So, as a result, the body will end up attacking its own cells. She was suffering from it, so she decided to become as healthy as she can. She ended up losing 100 pounds and is following her rigorous regimen. She was okay until her autoimmune disease started affecting her motor skills. That’s why the rapper disappeared from 2008 until 2011. She was ready to focus on her health. She had her radiation treatment along with an intensive medication. It was not until 2011 that Missy started feeling good again. She stopped her medication and is now monitoring her condition by diet and working out.

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Missy Elliott Diet Regimen

When Missy wowed the world with her new figure, it was after a couple of years of personal effort to be healthy. By combining a good diet with the proper workout, the rapper succeeded. Elliott did not pick the thrive weight loss. She decided to follow the low carb regimen. That was not the first time the rapper was embracing this system. You can also check detox vegetable soup, that is also a low carb meal.

Previously, the rapper was indulging in fried food, sugary food and bread. Now, she believes that her health is far more important than her cravings. So, she opted out of these unhealthy options and decided to go low carbs. If this is the system you are interested in following, then you have to forget about the special K diet plan.

While many rumors were circulating that Missy might have done bariatric surgery, the singer denies all these statements. She truthfully explains that her healthy eating patterns, along with her exercising regimen, made her look the way she does now. With a low carb diet, one still has to count how many calories should I eat to lose weight. The most important factor is to forget about anything that could provide your body with any type of sugar.

Missy Elliott Workout

The rapper’s diet wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for the Beach Body workout for weight loss. Her workout is a system developed by Shaun T who is a famous celebrity personal trainer. The purpose of this workout regimen is to help people who do not have a lot of time to spare for working out. Is it called Focus T25. So, within 25 minutes you can finish your intensive workout. This system is also embraced by several celebrities like Skylar Astin. When you work out with this trainer, you will never check is Garcinia Cambogia safe. You will not find yourself in a position to go after weight loss helpers. For another diet system that can work with this intensive workout, you can check the dolce diet review.

What is special about this workout is that it is not repetitive and it focuses on many exercises that are done in many different ways. Some days, you might be focusing on cardio exercising, while others you might be targeting your lower body muscles. The workout regimen deals with the speed of exercising. So, some exercises might be done fast, while others can be very slow.

When you pick the Focus T25 workout, you should know that it targets the entire body and improves core stability, cardio and toning. It can be followed by anyone who wants to lose weight. You do not have to be an advanced fitness enthusiast to be able to follow up with the exercises of this regimen. You will not feel too tired because every day you are focusing on a different part of the body. So, he starts with one part of the body and works it until it is exhausted and you can no longer do not even one rep; then, he moves to the second part and does the same.

There are three levels for this workout:

  • The Alpha
  • The Beta
  • The Gamma

To reach your optimal weight, you need to pass every one of these levels, and in order. For the rapper, this is an amazing workout as you have the results you are seeking by working out in as little as 25 minutes. Many studies have shown that when you do the proper workout, 30 minutes of well-done exercising can be as good as a 60 minutes workout. You will not even ask about what are the best weight loss pills for women.  The idea of the Focus T25 is that you can work out smart and you will not have to work out hard. You will only do the exercises five times a week and you can do some modifications according to your preferences.