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Meri Brown Weight Loss: Her diet, Recipes and Before and After Pictures.

Meri Brown: who is she?

Meri Brown is a well-known figure in the world of reality TV. She began her fame journey when she decided to be a polygamist and get married to one of the most famous polygamists on TV, Kody Brown. This woman had to live for a period of seven years in Las Vegas before she was allowed to be married to a man who has other wives.

Being a polygamist is still considered strange and not acceptable in the eyes of many. While on TV, this woman’s life seems to be a happy and perfect one. In reality, it is a big mess dominated by a multitude of scandals. Meri tried to keep these hidden from the public, but many managed to escape and see the light.

Meri is very different from the other wives. She is a business-oriented woman with goals and aspirations. Despite the fact that she does share her husband with other women, she is still dreaming and is looking to have a good career. What you do not know about Meri is that her daughter became a lesbian. This woman was embarrassed on TV when she divorced her husband so she can marry another man. Her husband also needed to marry another woman, so they made a deal. What Meri did not know was that the man she has been texting and romancing with turned out to be a woman who is an online scammer and ended up exposing the R-rated texts she received from Meri.

Now, Meri has opened a bed and breakfast.

Meri Brown weight loss

Being a TLC celebrity means that you might have a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. This is what the network is all about. Meri has been living a life that we do not see every day. She married Kody in 1990 and is the first and only legal spouse of this man. After her, he ended up marrying other women and all together the exes and current wives constitute a TV show called “Sister Wives.”

While one of the other wives, Janelle, has been all over the news for her weight loss results, Meri has also dramatically lost about a hundred pounds. Shifting from a BMI of 35.4 to a 28.3, this woman looks great. Meri shifted from being an obese woman to being simply overweight.

While many lose that much weight by following a strict diet and workout regimen, others pick a gastric surgery that will help them shake off those extra pounds. Meri was in a different situation. When she lost about 30 pounds of weight in as little as six weeks, this woman was scared and ended up checking her doctor regarding this sudden unexplained weight loss. The results were a scare to her as the doctor assumed she had cancer. These results left the world in shock and everyone who was following the show was saddened by such bad news. Luckily for Meri, the results were negative for this disease and she is healthy and living her same life. It is amazing how your life can change when you start a wellness route. Not only do you look your best, but you will feel your best physically and psychologically. Your organs and hormones will be in optimal health.

This scare was a wakeup call to Meri who decided to live a healthy lifestyle by losing her unwanted weight, adjusting her eating habits and exercising.

Now that she is divorced from Kody and is no longer part of the “Sister Wives” show, Meri is living the best life she could ever wish for. She is healthy, eating well, and has some time to get to the gym. She is doing meal prep every week to keep her on track for her healthy new path.  You may want to check the yes you can diet plan reviews. These will explain to you about the benefits and difficulties faced when following this system.

Meri Brown Diet

While Janelle’s diet and workout regimen has been taking over the headlines all over the news, Meri has been under the radar as to how she lost her weight. What is known is that she is trying to cook healthy and pick the right choices, staying away from junk food and extra sugars. When Meri got the scare of her life thinking that she might be facing a disease, she was relieved when she got her test results back and found she was healthy. So, she decided to turn her life upside down. She started following a diet low in calories. She opted out of taking weight loss pills like the body detox weight loss pills. Many celebrities have resorted to having some supplements to boost their weight loss efforts. While some resorted to natural sources, others picked more invasive pills that will prevent fat absorption.

While many studies have explained that a diet low in calories does promote longevity, the conclusion still needs more studying. However, when you are on a low calorie diet, this means that you are eating a well-balanced diet while lowering your caloric intake by about 25% than you normally eat. The purpose of such a system is to help you be healthy and as a side effect, you might end up losing weight.

Unlike the bodybuilding diet plan, a calorie restricted diet need a lot of focus and a discipline for you to understand how to put your food together in such a way to provide to your body with its needed nutrients. It takes some time to get used to doing the right mix and you need to look for many good, healthy recipes. You may want to check the atkins diet recipes.

Here is what a low-calorie day looks like:

  • Breakfast: you can have avocado egg toast with 1 slice of whole grain toast, 1/4th an avocado and 1 cooked egg. On the side, you can have a clementine.
  • For your morning snack, you may want to have a 1/4th a cup of yogurt and ½ a cup of blueberries.
  • You lunch will be two cups of ravioli and veggie soup with some raw cucumbers on the side.
  • In the afternoon, you may want to have three big spoons of hummus with cucumbers.
  • The dinner will include four ounces of grilled salmon with a side of broccoli and ½ a cup of rice.

Meri Brown Diet Recipes

Meri did start a healthy lifestyle and opted for a low calorie diet regimen. If you want to follow the same path as this celebrity, you may want to consider some of these recipes.

Ravioli and Veggie soup:  this is an amazing recipe that is made of one big spoon of olive oil, two cups of bell-pepper and onions, two cloves of garlic, some red peppers, 28 ounces of crushed tomatoes, some veggies broth, nine ounces of fresh cheese ravioli, two cups of zucchini and some ground peppers. This meal is easy to prepare and takes only 25 minutes. In every two cups, there is 260 calories, seven grams of fibers and eight grams of fat. The soup is very rich in Vitamin A, Iron and Vitamin C.

Squash and Tofu Curry: This is a spicy recipe that has been highly ranked. You need to add two big spoons of curry powder, ½ a small spoon of salt, 1/4th small spoon of pepper, 14 ounces of tofu, four big spoons of canola oil, one diced onion, some grated ginger, 14 ounces of coconut milk, one small spoon of brown sugar, eight cups of parsley and some lime juice.  To cook this dinner, you need 40 minutes. It is high Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron and calcium. Your meal should be a portion of one and a half cups of the recipe. This amount will provide you with 316 calories, 18g of fat and eight grams of fiber.

Many celebrities follow a strict diet. Let’s take for example, the Melissa McCarthy celebrity system, which consists of a very low caloric diet, and the food has to be all vegan.  While some restrict their calories, others go for a certain system. For example, the ketosis diet foods are restricted to a low carbs and high proteins regimen; however, the quantity is never restricted.