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Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss: His Diet Plan, Food Choices and before and after results.

Who is Matthew McConaughey?

Born November 4th of 1969 in Uvalde, Texas, Matthew McConaughey is an American actor and producer of many famous films like Interstellar, the Wolf of Wall Street, Paperboy and Killer Joe. His mother, Mary Kathleen, is of Irish descent. She is from New Jersey, and worked as a kindergarten teacher; she is also a published author. His father, James Donald McConaughey, who was a former college football player for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Houston Cougars, was born in Louisiana, where he ran an oil supply business.

Matthew’s late father and mother were divorced and remarried three times. He has two older brothers, Patrick and Mikael (who was adopted in 1963) and who stars in the CNBN West Texas Investors Club. The McConaughey family has a very diverse ancestry, including German, Swedish, Scottish, and Irish.

Matthew attended Longview High school in 1980 when he moved to Longview, Texas. He had the opportunity to live in Australia for a year because of the Rotary exchange program in 1988. The young man attended University of Texas in the fall of 1989, where he joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and graduated in spring of 1993 with a bachelor’s degree of Radio-Television-Film. He had wanted to go to law at some point, but he realized that being a lawyer was not his real interest.

Matthew started off his career playing in commercials for the daily newspaper Austin American Statesman. He also played a character named “Joe” in Trisha Yearwood’s music video “Walkway Joe” in 1992. Some of his early small roles in movies were Angels in the Outfield and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He then landed his first significant role as a lawyer named Jake Brigance in the movie Time to Kill in 1996. Other movies that were considered big roles for him are The Newton Boys and EDtv.

He played in different romantic movies that were a significant success in the box office like The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker. In 2005 he was on the covers of the people’s magazine” The Sexiest Man Alive,” the same year that he played in the movie Sahara alongside Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn.

Mathew McConaughey Weight Loss

What strange things do celebrities do to get a role well-played? For Matthew, it was an extreme case of skinny. This young man had to drop 38 pounds off his already healthy weight to play the role of a man who has HIV/AIDS. While weight loss regimens are used to become healthy, this is one crazy exception.

When celebrities go on their weight loss journeys, they will go for a burn fat diet where they get rid of their excess fat. They might even decide on a high protein diet that could help them feel full for a more extended period. In these menus, you are advised to eat lean meats like chicken and fish as well as moderate amounts of good fats like olive oil, avocado oil or sesame oil.

The shooting of the movie took five weeks during which Matthew had to keep dieting to maintain his lower weight. The star explained that this new weight is leaving him drained with way less energy. According to Matthew, diet is 90% of your weight loss. This star swears that with age and experience, he learned that cardio and exercising could not lead to anything if not coupled with the right kind of food. For the movie, this handsome actor was going for two hours of cardio every afternoon. Matthew is an example that one can lose a lot of weight willingly without resorting to weight loss surgery.

After this crazy role, Matthew was just looking for a big fat burger filled with fat and loaded with cheese. He is craving buns with too much butter on them. He even couldn’t wait to get his hands on a good mayonnaise. But, since his crash diet, his appetite was much lower, and he doubted he would be able even to eat a full burger.

Matthew had the help of Tom Hanks who was a pioneer in both his movies Cast Away and Philadelphia. The actor started being 185 pounds at the beginning of the weight loss. He ended up dropping to 135 lbs. Matthew did not worry about his health when he was losing all this weight. He was eating too little calories and good food. The actor was just not eating much of it. He does credit the human body for having too much resilience. If you are following a strict diet, you may want to check about the bee pollen benefits weight loss. This pollen is a superfood that contains most nutrients a body needs. It also helps allergies and asthma.

The good thing is that Matthew wasn’t encouraged to take weight loss pills along his low calorie diet. There are many pills like l-carnitine for weight loss.

Mathew McConaughey Weight Loss Diet Plan

Many stars and celebrities embrace a weight loss regimen to gain health and a healthy body figure. Some even decide to change their dietary habits due to some wake-up call such as being diagnosed with diabetes type 2. The truth is that there is a vast range of diets circulating, especially in Hollywood. One of them is the Mediterranean diet menu. This latter is based on eating healthy. One will be having a lot of fruits and veggies. From another angle, you should eat good oils, especially olive oil. Wine is an extra feature for any Mediterranean diet.

For Matthew, losing all this weight meant that he had to be on a rigorous diet. He was eating a lot of fish; but, when it came to portions, it was never more than five ounces. Aside from the fish, he had some cooked veggies that did not exceed a cup. His days started with a minimal amount of breakfast. And sometimes, he was having a very minimum amount of red wine at night. As for his exercising regimen, he was making sure to burn 1800 calories. He needed to go into this routine for two weeks where he lost eight pounds only. Following this period, he got injured and was no longer able to do exercises. Nevertheless, he stayed on the same diet regimen. But, he noticed that he still lost the same amount of weight. That’s when it occurred to him that maybe he can lose the weight without exercising.

Matthew gives a lot of credit to his wife who ended up preparing his minute fat-free meals. By having his food ready for him all the time, he never found himself obliged to head to eat out where all the temptations are.

Matthew McConaughey Regular Weight Loss Diet

When Matthew was trying to get in shape for a certain good role where he had to look his best, he would be on a strict diet, but not like the restrictive low calorie system he followed to look like an HIV positive man. The actor used to have a clean eating diet consisting of clean food with a low glycemic index. So, his food would include spinach, broccoli, beans, cabbage, peas, cucumbers, plums, peppers, and high fiber, low carb cereals.

Matthew never stops indulging in a good wine; he drinks a glass of red wine every night to increase his muscle shape and size. This drink has been linked to improving muscle vascularity. So, this one glass will build up more air and water in your muscles. Be careful; do not drink more than the recommended amount as it could reverse the effect. That’s some good news for those following the Mediterranean diet.

According to Matthew, when you have a clean eating kitchen, you are more likely to be healthy. The star was fueling on antioxidants, and his diet was 50 percent carbs, 30 percent proteins, and 20 percent fat. His menu also included a whey protein shake every couple of hours. He would have one in the early morning and between meals. From another angle, his nutritionist started Matthew on many supplements like Multi-vitamins, green tea formula, forskolin for vascularity and some pre and post workout combo. While supplements do not cause any possible weight gain, some medicines do. Many have long wondered: “does Zoloft cause weight gain?”