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Mama June Weight Loss: Surgery, Before and After Results with Pictures

Who is Mama June?

Who doesn’t know Mama June! This 38-year-old, size 24 woman was following up her honey darling from one state to another participating in children’s pageants. June Shannon has been identified by and criticized for her prominent figure; however, having her daughters and entire family out there supporting little Alana brought this family to the attention of the media. The whole family is not the conventional one that you expect to see on television. They are not rich, and they cannot care less about how they look and how overweight they can be. This family is not even polite. They are the opposite of what you would want to see on TV when watching an American family. In general, you would expect to watch rich people, or families that are very conservative, or maybe too open. You will never expect to see otherwise on national TV.

June has long been looked at as very weird and was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. That was wrecking her life. Suddenly, out of the blue, she decided to look her best and undergo a massive change. After this shocking transformation, June and her four daughters gained their place in the world of reality television. Now, they have their own show. There are many intriguing factors about this woman that very little people know:

  • She became a grandmother at the age of 32 years old.
  • She comes from a very small town in Georgia that had a population of 650 (in 2010).
  • She suffers from cataracts ever since she was a child
  • She does not drive and doesn’t have a drivers license
  • She has a phobia for mayonnaise and ended up seeing a therapist for it.
  • She has 1 million dollars.
  • She and her daughters are close to each other: they are a team.
  • She and her famous husband ended up splitting, and each has their own romance now.

Mama June weight loss

Mama June shocked the entire American population when she lost 300 pounds in one year. Her weight loss was documented on her show named “From Not to Hot.” The show showed how this transformation happened and what the reaction of her family throughout the process was. This woman used to be a size 24 with a weight of 460 pounds. That was the heaviest she ever got.

In 2016, June decided to go for gastric sleeve surgery. She also began a diet plan and a training system with Kenya Crooks. Her goal was to fit in a red dress, size four! In addition to her gastric surgery, June underwent a breast augmentation surgery, fat removal from her chin and arms, tummy tuck, and got some veneers.

When she started her image workout, her daughter thought that she looked amazing, like Marilyn Monroe. Her entire family was very proud of her and her changes. They even started eating the same way she was, to show her support. The system is not the 1000 calorie diet menu. All they were doing was eating her food options. June’s daughters do not still believe in the need to lose weight and deprive themselves of all the yummy food. They prefer to grab a burger and think there was nothing wrong with their mother, from the beginning. But she wanted to make this change, and they respected her decision.

This woman was determined to lose weight and be healthy again for her kids. She ended up undergoing a $60,000 worth of surgeries. It was not easy for her, but she was all for it. Today June does not have a turkey neck due to skin removal surgery. Her chin that was called a prosthetic chin is no longer the same. Due to skin removal surgeries, her arms look just great! She did her breasts, and now she looks very sexy. All in all, this 37-year-old grandmother looks nothing like her old self. She fitted in size four clothes and ended up exchanging her frizzy black hair filled with white to a platinum blonde straight hair. She is all that a complete makeover can end up being.

What did Mama June to Maintain her weight off

Many months after her massive weight loss, is this young woman is keeping up with her 300 pounds shed? Shannon started her entire journey when she witnessed her husband leaving her and ending wanting to marry someone else. She wants to show him that she can be better and make him jealous. But, throughout her journey, she discovered her new self physically and emotionally. When she did the gastric surgery, she was obliged to go on a full liquid diet. So, every time she was trying to eat something not liquid or pureed, she used to throw it up. Motivation was the key to all this transformation. Mama June did not count how many calories should I eat to lose weight. She has a good coach who followed her up close after her surgery. Here are the major diet highlights for her weight regimen:

  • She used to drink 4 or more Mountain Dews per day. Now, this drink is no longer allowed in her diet. Instead, she takes infused water.
  • She replaced unhealthy sweets with watermelon fruit.
  • She used to binge eat chips. Now she eats grapes and apple chips instead.
  • She indulges in salads, veggies, and fruits.
  • She was eating lean meats.
  • She was reducing her portion sizes

From another angle, this woman had a very useful workout consisting of core movements like elbow crunches, sit ups, and Russian twists. This woman did not follow the ketosis diet that includes a low carbs regimen to burn the fat instead of the carbs. Her weight loss program was very different from Shonda Rhimes weight loss.

Throughout the years, we have seemed many people turn their lives upside down with a proper diet, the appropriate exercising regimen and maybe even some weight loss pills. The thrive for weight loss is existing in most people. This thriving is even more accentuated when these are celebrities. Then, finding their perfect weight will become a must. Mama June was motivated after her husband left her for another woman. She started her journey wanting to show him how amazing she can look and make him jealous. But, while on her mission, she changed emotionally and didn’t care anymore about how he thinks of her. She just wanted to look amazing, fit a size four and maybe go for the pageant!