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Lexapro and Weight Loss: What is it, Benefits, Safety and Risks

What is Lexapro?

Lexapro is a medicine used to treat depression and anxiety. It works by balancing the normal serotonin levels in the brain. As a result, it helps you restore your energy levels and feel good about life. You will feel less nervous. The medication is taken by mouth with or without food; it all depends on your doctor’s recommendation. You are normally ordered to take one pill either at night or in the morning. The dosage depends on how advanced is your condition. It also depends on your age and whether or not you are taking other medications.

Whatever pills you are taking, you need to share it with your doctor so he will know if Lexapro is the right medicine for you and how much you would need to take. In case you are prescribed to take the liquid form of the medicine, you need to measure the dose carefully using the given cup. Just like any anti-depressant, your doctor will start you at a low dose and gradually increase the dosage according to your needs. You have to follow your doctor’s instructions all the time.

If you used to drink as a result of your depression, you may want to check the alcohol detox symptoms. Depression and anxiety do affect a vast majority worldwide, and especially in the USA. So you do not need to go through this alone. There are a lot of professionals, healthcare providers, centers and individuals who can land you a helping hand and help you overcome your problem. You just need to be willing to change your life into a better one. Many before you have done it and they cannot be happier about the results.  Your life is far too valuable to spend it in fear and agony.

Lexapro and health benefits

With more than 40 million people suffering from depression in the United States of America, Lexapro can sometimes be their solution. These pills can help control the country’s mental illness. Lexapro does not just control your anxiety problems but also helps prevent migraines. Migraines are one problem originating from depression and anxiety. It is not the regular headache but only affects one side of the face. Make sure you are not taking another drug to treat migraines when on Lexapro. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes or alterations to your pill intake.

Lexapro also helps in improving your quality of sleep and energy levels. It has been shown to improve your mood and your appetite as well. You may also experience other benefits as well. For start, this medicine is not affected by food, except alcohol. Many studies tried to find any interaction between this antidepressant and certain types of food, but none was found. Some people who are on Lexapro claimed to eat less when starting this medication. It could be that when you feel happier, you might want to start looking your best; so, as a result, you will start taking care of the way you look and how much you weigh.

Lexapro Side Effects

Lexapro, just like any other medicine, has many side effects. These include being nauseated and having a dry mouth. From another angle, you might have trouble sleeping, feeling tired and drowsy. Constipation is another side effect of these pills. You might also experience increased sweating.

Always remember that medications can interact with each other. So, if you decide to go on Lexapro, you might want to tell your doctor about all the details and every single pill you are taking along with it. When you are taking more than one kind of pills, the effect of every one can differ and you might end up experiencing unwanted side effects. Aspirin, for example, is not a good option to be used at the same time as Lexapro. Keep your doctor informed.

If you started taking Lexapro, you need to follow your doctor’s recommendations. First of all, you will be give the dose gradually until the doctor decided that you have reached the dose you need. You cannot increase the dose on your own. Also, you cannot stop taking an antidepressant on your own. The same way you start these pills is how you will have to stop them: gradually. Make sure you explain your wish to your doctor about discontinuing the pills. He will guide you through the process. Antidepressants are not natural pills derived from food. They are chemicals that can cause negative side effects when used the wrong way.

Lexapro and weight loss

Lexapro has been linked to weight loss by many. They have reported that they lose weight when they first start on this medicine. As a result, the BMI and weight were reduced. Some studies talk about a direct link between this antidepressant and weight loss. Others link Lexapro to a decreased obsessive compulsive behaviors and binge eating. When you stop these two, you will end up losing weight. A lot of research is still needed to link the effect of this antidepressant to weight loss.

Others might be happy about having nausea as one of the side effects of taking Lexapro.. When you are feeling nauseous, you will eat less and as a result, you will end up losing weight. This factor is not a positive side effect and you should not start taking an antidepressant to lose weight. Your health comes first, so be wise in your decisions. If you need extra help to lose weight, you can look for weight loss supplements. There are a lot of pills that help you lose weight. Some are natural and derived from fruits like the Garcina Cambogia that looks like a pumpkin. Others are formulated in labs and are not natural, like the phentermine before and after. While some of these pills work by curbing your appetite or helping you feel full, others work by preventing the absorption of fat in your gut. As a result, you will not absorb fat and gain weight. Such pills should be accompanied by a diet very low in fat to prevent stool leakage. There are also detox pills to lose weight. These rely on cleansing your system and flushing away the toxins.

If you are looking to lose weight, picking an antidepressant is not your answer. There are several diets and weight loss regimens that can help you shake off the extra weight that has been bothering you. For example, the abc diet meal plan is not a very healthy system. This system has been called as the diet of anorexic people. According to its developers, anorexia is not a condition that needs to be treated. It is more of a lifestyle. Of course, the entire world and media have been attacking this system. When you pick the ABC diet, you are eating a very minimal amount of food going as low as 100-200 calories per day. At this rate, your body is not receiving its needed nutrients. Your health might be paying the price with nutritional deficiencies and loss of wellness.

To pick a healthier diet, you need to look around. You may be influenced by celebrities around you like Parineeti Chopra weight loss plan. Many others pick a low carbs diet that is high in proteins. This is the choice of a lot of celebrities, especially the ones who work-out and want to gain a bigger muscle mass. In this case, you may want to check the ideal protein diet recipes.