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Lena Dunham weight loss: Diet plan, food choices and secrets with before and after results.

Who is Lena Dunham?

Lena Dunham is an American actress who was born in 1986. She is also a producer, writer, and director. This young woman performed many roles in the HBO series “Girls,” which landed her many nominations for an Emmy award. She ended up receiving two Golden Globe awards. This young woman was mentioned in Time magazine among the top 100 most influential people in the world. Lena is a symbol of success in her field. She was born to a painter father and an artist mother. Coming from a Protestant and Jewish mix, Lena considers herself to be culturally Jewish. Lena’s family is well known, as they are the cousins of the Tiffany family who owns the famous jewelry store.

Lena Dunham Weight loss before and after

Lena was for too long attacked by haters who used to call her fat. Even now that she took it upon herself to lose weight, this slim celebrity is still attacked by the same haters. How frustrating can this be for a young woman who is doing her best to stay healthy and look her best?  Lena can never win with her fans. Being a star has its drawbacks. One of them is that your life belongs to the screen and expectations of your fans and enemies. These can be very frustrating, and stars could end up depressed and unhappy. For men who want to look like their favorite stars, you may want to check weight loss tips for men.

According to Dunham, when you are in show business, you can never win. When she was a heavy girl, people were calling her “baby cow” and “bag of milk.” She spent six years of life enduring this craziness. Now that she lost weight, she is being attacked for not endorsing heavy women. They are calling her “hypocrite” and saying, “We thought you were body positive.” The actress is still body positive; but, life takes you to different corners, and your body changes through time. You cannot stick to one image your entire life! Many have been on numerous diets; some opt for a low carb system, while others might try a clear liquid diet. The primary goal of this diet is to relax your gastrointestinal tract. The menu consists of drinking clear liquids or food that turn into its liquid form at room temperature. You are to eat some plain gelatin, juices, and water. You are even allowed to have some broths.

Throughout her life, she was the role model of very curvy women. She had so many extra pounds on her and was not ashamed of how she looked. She was not the first celebrity to be satisfied with her look.  But, for most of them, their weight loss motivation turned out to be a health event for the development of a specific sickness or illness.

Some celebrities have been checking what is a low cholesterol diet. When you are overweight or even obese, you are putting your health at risk. You heart, specifically, might be at risk of having high LDL levels and high blood pressure. So, they start losing the high fat junk food, and replacing them with low fat proteins while consuming a lot of good fat like olive oil and avocado oil.

Lena Dunham Diet Plan and its Mistakes

Dunham’s weight loss diet plan was based on three factors; and from these, we can derive better options:

  • No more dieting. Lena’s diaries show that her most significant struggle was to put herself together on a daily basis. The truth is more straightforward than this. You do not need to shock your system to lose weight. All you need is a sustainable habit. While Lena did a great job losing weight, she could have done easier.
  • Stop counting your calories. When you eat balanced food that is high in fibers and whole, you no longer need to count calories. Lena was counting every single calorie in every single meal. When you are aiming to lose weight, you should not focus on a single food item; instead, you need to focus on food groups. Don’t get yourself caught up in details and numbers.
  • Forget about details. In her diaries, Lena was concentrating on details like brands and types of food. She did leave out the basics. The best option is when you get yourself into a routine. Your routine should consist of healthy eating divided into three main meals. You are allowed to get yourself a snack when you are still hungry. The snack has to be well-balanced. When you take your three meals, you will find yourself on a healthy track without any dysfunctional relationship with food. Once your routine is there, you can start looking for possible healthier or lighter versions of your meals and food choices.

Lena believes that reflecting helps you notice self-defeating patterns. She believes that the weight-loss industry is creating an unhealthy relationship between people and food. So, her diary led her to understand the weakness of her eating habits that put her where she was with her weight. This is an example of one day where she was struggling with her food.

  • At 2 am she has a mousse for 250 calories
  • At 12 pm she has an apple pie for 450 calories, a bio-K for 45 calories and maple syrup for 25 calories.
  • At 1:30 pm she had an apple Waldorf salad for 350 calories, with 1/4th a roasted chicken breast for 150 calories and a bite of cornbread
  • At 4 pm, she had a small piece of chocolate for 50 calories and a cup of juice for 120 calories
  • At 5 pm, she has about 220 calories worth of snack
  • At 6 pm, she has some lemon cake for 300 calories
  • At 7 pm, a glass of white wine
  • At 8 pm, steak and veggies for 300 calories
  • At 10 pm is where it all got messed up and she has lemon cake, cereal and milk, a banana, an apple and peanut butter

This girl did go nuts with overeating. She ended up getting more than 4000 calories that day. But, when you keep recording your intake, you end up changing it, and at the end, you will be more than satisfied with the changes you have made. The problem is when you scare yourself and do limited options like counting the number of pecans; you end up becoming frustrated at the end of the week. If you need to feel full and want to lose weight while working out, you may want to check out the ideal protein diet phases.

Lena Dunham workout regimen

Lena understands the meaning of working out. She knows that when you exercise, it helps you manage her anxiety. So, she began doing yoga and exercising with Tracy Anderson.  When Lena decided to start on her workout routine, she told her coach that she wanted to feel stronger and have a stronger core. She wants to be energetic and healthy. This is not too much to ask from a person who has chronic physical pain and is stuck with endometriosis. And that was the aim of Tracy. Tracy Anderson is a fitness entrepreneur who has helped many celebrities to look their best. She developed what is called the “Tracy Anderson Method.”

With Lena, she used her same old method. She finds you the weak area of the body that is creating imbalance, and tries to put it in perspective. Tracy thinks that wanting to look like a celebrity can be toxic to your mind. Every single body is different from the other and needs a different kind of workout.

Tracy’s ways have helped many people who were suffering from OCD, anxiety, and depression. This woman believes that when you work out, you bring forward your inner strength. This is precisely what happened with Lena. When you are strengthening your weaknesses and internal body, you will be undefeatable. Lena was working out on loud music and with high heat. Also, her movements involved the brain to be able to coordinate them. This way, Lena never thought of anything other than her workout when she was exercising. The loud music will bring out your emotions, and you will no longer think about where you are or if a specific exercise is uncomfortable.

Lena Durham Slimdown Tips

As much as this young actress and model was exotic, it cannot get better than this. Lena shared with her fans and followers a very strange list of diet tips that led her to her weight loss. These include the following:

  • Having anxiety disorder
  • Having constant nausea because of anxiety
  • Political elections
  • Having intensive dreams of dystopian future
  • Endometriosis
  • Watching a lot of villains on TV during your PBS shows
  • Understanding that superheroes do not exist in real life
  • An intense rage that replaces emotional eating by an urge for revenge
  • Bladder spasms
  • Receiving very violent images by phone and realizing that your phone number has been leaked
  • Sleeping 19 hours per day
  • Marching

How more crazy can it get! This is one funny actress that is in for a healthy lifestyle. While she is taking her new ways with some humor, others are trying to find out how to have Garcinia Cambogia that is a weight loss pill. This pill originates from a sweet fruit that looks like a small yellow pumpkin. It originates from Indonesia and is expected to boost your metabolic rate and burn your fat stores.