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Lemon Diet for Weight Loss: Recipes, Plan, Cleanse, Detox and Effects

We are living in an era where burn fat diets are more than just a fading trend, but rather a system that is everlasting. People are looking everywhere for regimens that can help them look their best and feel their best. Some go for low carb diet foods where they induce ketosis. You can quickly check the numerous sugar-free diet results that are found everywhere on the net. Some others want to live healthily; so, they start checking into what a Paleo diet is. This system has been a craze lately, and people who are following it are swearing by its results. Some start digging to find successful diets that have been followed by famous people, for example, the Adele weight loss diet. This amazing woman decided to put her body and health together for the sake of her new family and child. She did a great job, and all her fans are shocked by her amazing transformation.

All these systems are great options to lose weight and shake off the extra weight that has been bothering you. For those who are looking to build up strong muscles, they ought to try the Rock diet supplements.

Lemon detox diet?

The lemon detox diet is a new trend that has been refined throughout the years. The system is to be followed for ten days, and you are expected to lose up to 20 pounds during these days. These results were shared by the many people who followed the diet. The diet is not a simple system and should not be followed by every single person who wishes to lose weight. If you have a specific health or medical condition, you need to check with your doctor first if this is the right choice for you. In most cases, you will not be advised to follow the lemon detox diet.

The system goes as follows: you are allowed to have one single drink among many others. You are not allowed to eat anything at all! Despite the fact that it sounds a little scary, this diet can be simpler than one might think. While you might imagine that this diet is going o leave your drained and starving throughout the ten days, people who followed it said that they never faced such issues.

The system is a diet that is developed by Stanley Burroughs, who put together the Master Cleanse system. This man developed this detox diet a long time ago. Ever since then, it has been refined to become the diet we now know as the lemon diet detox. When you decide to cleanse your system, you start reading about the many ways to achieve this goal. Several detox systems can help you achieve your goal.

Lemon diet recipe weight loss

The lemon detox diet is very simple and straightforward. Throughout a period of ten days, you are only allowed to drink the following:

  • Lemons: you can actually have up to 40 pieces for the full ten days
  • Maple syrup that has to be organic: you can have up to two liters of this syrup.
  • Sea salt that is iodized
  • Cayenne pepper powder
  • Herbal teas that act as laxatives
  • Water

Lemon cleanse diet guidelines

For those who pick to follow the lemon detox diet, there are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind:

  • When you decide to follow this detox diet, you need to initiate it the night before by taking in a cup of herbal tea.
  • The first day of the diet has to start with one liter of water that is mixed with sea salt. This salty drink will be followed after half an hour by lemonade. You will need anywhere between six to twelve cups of lemonade per day. You are allowed to have water in between the different lemonades.
  • You are allowed to have mint and herbal tea throughout the day. The quantity is not specified.
  • The last meal of every day of these ten detox diet has to be a cup of the laxative tea.

lemon water diet recipe

The lemonade you will be sipping all day throughout ten days of detox is a special kind of drink that is prepared by mixing one cup of water with half a lemon squeezed, two spoons of maple syrup and one fourth a small spoon of cayenne pepper. This is a one of a kind type of lemon drink.

This diet can be demanding; so, if you have a few days off from work, you are advised to follow it during this period. You are also advised to prepare your drinks fresh. Do not prepare a big batch of lemonade that will last you few days. Also, understand the benefits of having the salty water and herbal drinks for your bowels. These two drinks will play a major role in stimulating your intestines and cleansing them.

When you finish the ten days of detox, you will need to be careful when going back to your normal eating habits. Here are a few steps that will help you facilitate the transition and make your body more flexible to re-adapt to your old habits.

  • The first few days following a lemon detox diet have to be simple and well separated. You will need to drink your juices and veggies, but in such a way that you never mix the two groups together.
  • Two days after the detox, you can allow yourself a bowl of veggie soup. Make sure you blend the soup very well.
  • Three days after the detox diet, you can have a bowl of salad with some lemon dressing. You are free to add some salt on your salad, but make sure you do not add any kind of fat or oil. The same day, in the afternoon, you can have some cooked cereals to your vegetables.
  • Four days after the detox diet, you can add some oil to your salad.

The key factor to have a good transition is to add the food gradually, one at a time, to make sure you get your system used to having it after a period of ten days of lemonade and water. You need to keep in mind that it is advisable to take a side salad on a daily basis. You did work hard to detox your body with the special lemon drink, so you ‘d better keep the results by eating a lot of fruits and veggies to your meals. During this diet, you still need to follow your body’s signals. For example, one reviewer explained that the herbal tea made her have stomach pains, so she ended up stopping this tea. Despite this minor change, she succeeded in her goals and ended up losing a lot of weight. This detox diet is accompanies by several books and e-books. It is true that when you have some kinds of support, you will end up succeeding in your goals and reaching the desirable effects.

Lemon diet plan: pros and cons

There are several versions of this detox diet. There is what is called the full body cleanse where you follow the steps mentioned above. From another angle, there is the relaxed version where you drink up to three glasses of lemonade for breakfast and dinner and end up having a free but healthy lunch. So, you will be allowed to have some food in this second version. The third version is the 50/50 system where you start your diet with two liters of lemon drink for the first and last three days. In between, you get to drink the lemonade in the morning and at night while enjoying a healthy meal for lunch.

The key factor if this diet is to drink as much as possible of fluids that will help clean the body from toxins accumulated and fabricated by your body. The lemonade is formulated in such a way to provide your body with the needed energy. You will not feel hungry. But, thinking of all the fluids that you will be taking in, you will need to keep in mind that you will have to urinate constantly throughout the day. This is another reason to follow the diet on your days off.

There are so many healthy and unhealthy systems that claim to help you lose weight or detoxify your body. For example, one can take a look at the Beyond diet recipes that can be varied and helpful in your weight loss journey. From another angle, the ABC diet results is a very strict diet; and, despite the positive reviews, a lot of issues remain surrounding this type of dieting. When you want to lose weight, you need to stay away from diets that deprive you of food and nourishment. For example, there are some diets that provide you with as little at 400 calories on a daily basis. Such a low intake of food will lead to several health problems. You will be drained from nutrients and will end up facing psychological issues. Yes, it is true that the internet is full of different systems that claim to be the best weight loss regimen, but you need to follow up the details that are surrounding very system such as the pros and cons, the side effects, the difficulties faced when following the diet and all the reviews possible, especially the negative ones. Some people might try to look up what is the military diet that has been praised by many.